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Camcode Traffic Sign Asset Tags Help Meet FHWA Requirements

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Traffic Sign Asset Tags from Camcode

Traffic Sign Asset Tags from Camcode

We’ve added new traffic sign asset tags to our line of durable asset tags used for asset tracking and management. These new tags help cities and municipalities identify, control and track traffic signs, as well as assist with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) retroreflectivity compliance requirements found in the revised Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
According to the FHWA requirements, cities and municipalities must implement and continue to use an assessment or management method designed to maintain traffic sign retroreflectivity at or above the minimum levels specified by January 2012.
“As municipalities nationwide struggle to comply with the FHWA retroreflectivity requirements, many are facing a common obstacle – their traffic sign assets are not adequately inventoried and tracked, making it difficult to assess and manage retroreflectivity levels,” says Jon Keserich, Vice President of Sales. “Many of these cities are finding that our Metalphoto® anodized aluminum traffic sign asset tags can help them track their traffic sign assets, create more efficient maintenance programs, and comply with FHWA requirements, all while remaining readable for 20 years, even in the harshest conditions.”
Our Metalphoto traffic sign asset tags will withstand abrasion, intense temperatures and weather conditions, and exposure to UV, chemicals and solvents. Attaching Metalphoto tags to traffic sign and poles allows them to be tracked electronically using the software management systems. This solution is also more efficient and cost effective than blanket replacement methods.
Our traffic sign asset tags include:

  • A durable Metalphoto Label constructed of .012” anodized aluminum face stock with high-performance adhesive.
  • A flexible Metalphoto Foil Label that works well on curved or uneven mating surfaces. This label is constructed of a .003″ (or optional .005″) thick anodized photosensitized aluminum face stock with a high-performance adhesive.

“With the FHWA’s sign retroreflectivity requirements going into effect in January 2012, now is the time to implement traffic sign management solutions,” Keserich says. “Camcode offers a complete solution to get cities in compliance quickly and at lower cost. Our durable traffic sign asset tags, combined with GPS coordinates and easy-to-use software is the key to improving accuracy and efficiency in sign management programs.”
We recently worked with a major U.S. city to help them achieve accurate tracking of approximately 100,000 street sign conditions and locations. Using our Metalphoto traffic sign asset tags, the signs were tracked along with their GPS coordinates in an asset management software package. Maintenance crews were equipped with handheld barcode readers to help them accurately identify the signs on their work orders, and track the time and nature of the work completed, virtually eliminating errors inherent in manual data collection and entry.
“Camcode spent a considerable amount of time with us before we even spent a dime,” the city’s superintendent of traffic operations said. “They helped at every stage in the development of our labeling program … to be sure we would be satisfied with our final product.”
In addition, our traffic sign asset tags can help cities obtain Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursements for signs that are destroyed by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. For example, cities can simply apply traffic sign asset tags to all signs as they are purchased, allowing them to capture the purchase invoice information for each sign as it is placed in inventory.
These new traffic sign asset tag options join our line of durable barcode labels designed for city and municipality asset management for use on items such as computers and office equipment to fire hydrants and parking meters.
ABOUT US: Founded in 1979, Camcode is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-print barcode labels, such as asset tags and UID labels for asset tracking and unique identification (UID) applications. Camcode’s asset tags improve the efficiency of asset tracking systems by eliminating errors caused during manual data collection and increasing data acquisition speed. Camcode’s Metalphoto® anodized aluminum barcode labels, premium plastic label constructions, and proprietary coating technologies satisfy the most demanding applications. For more information, visit www.www.camcode.com or call 800-627-3917.
Metalphoto® is a registered trademark of Horizons Incorporated.

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