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STANAG 2290 Overview

UID of Items was first ratified by 15 nations in December 2007, and it provides information on how to develop a standardized structure and content for the Unique Item Identifier to be used by NATO and participating nations. It also provides guidance for the physical marking and content of the machine-readable data matrix symbol applied directly to each item or data plate/label and packaging. In short, Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2290 provides details on both the construction of the UII and the marking of items with a UII.

UID and STANAG 2290 do not replace the NATO Codification System, which is in widespread use throughout all NATO nations and is supported and used by industry. The NATO Codification System will continue to be the basis of stock identification where the same items of supply are given a unique NATO Stock Number (NSN).

STANAG 2290 must be followed by all nations adopting UID. Additionally, these nations are encouraged to identify registry capabilities, and develop national policies that define the level of incorporation of UID marking for new equipment, and within existing legacy inventory. This policy should also identify standard contracting clauses for initial UID marking and registering, as well as for logistics, repair and overhaul services. Nations also must ensure that a plan is executed to modify IS to allow for relation of UII to discrete items, and enable updates to associated data within related registries. Nations should review and re-engineer processes as needed to maximize the value of adopting UID, but at a minimum consider incorporating AIDC within the logistics chain to improve data quality, and support UID enabled functions.

Camcode has worked with various nations as they look to adopt UID and STANAG 2290, we understand the policy and have the experience to assist contractors and nations as they look to comply with this NATO standard. For more information on NATO’s adoption of UID or STANAG 2290, it is helpful to read the Official STANAG 2290 Specification.

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