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Ultra-High Temperature Applications

Our heat-resistant labels are designed to withstand temperatures between 650°F – 1,200°F.

heat resistant labels from camcode

Labels With Ultimate Heat-Resistance

Since adhesives are not recommended for high-heat applications, our enhanced heat-resistant labels typically have holes or other design elements to facilitate mechanical attachment.

  • Achieve extreme heat resistance with our high-heat application labels, ideal for manufacturing processes that involve glass, ceramics, metals, or electronics.
  • Meet compliance standards in line with programs like REACH, RoHS, WEE, and POFS.
  • The label image is sealed inside anodized aluminum, making it extremely resistant to degradation from not only extreme temperatures, but also abrasion, chemicals, corrosion and weather.

Handle Extreme Heat with our High Temp Labels


When it comes to heat-resistant labels, you need anodized aluminum tags capable of withstanding the heat of your operating environment. With our anodized aluminum high-temperature labels, your labels will remain readable continue to perform for an expected lifespan of 20+ years.

Metalphoto Labels Can Handle All Temp Extremes

In some manufacturing processes, your asset labels may be exposed to extreme heating and cooling — often in immediate succession.

Handle low and high-temperature manufacturing processes, which may include asset molding, with our industrial-strength heat-resistant labels built for durability.

Labels That Last in Any Harsh Environment

Heat is only one challenging environment. Make sure your asset labels can handle whatever environment you throw at them.

Learn More About Harsh Environment Asset Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Resistant Labels

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Find Your Extreme Heat-Resistant Labels

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