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Outdoor Warehouse Signs and Labels

Solutions for harsh, outdoor warehouse environments.

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Labels are essential for an efficient warehouse. In your facility, everything has a place and warehouse location tags and signs help keep track of every pallet, container, and tote.

The right warehouse labeling solutions improve efficiencies across your facility, helping improve traffic flows, reduce human errors, instantly track inventory, warehouse locations and assets — while giving your workers the tools they need to get the right items in the right place.

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custom warehouse labels are the ideal inventory labeling system

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Tag and Track In Outdoor Warehouse Environments

For more challenging outdoor applications where durability and functionality are critical, Camcode developed our Outdoor Warehouse Signs and Labels. If you’re looking for an inventive solution for marking bulk storage areas or tracking inventory in outdoor locations, we can custom design each sign and label for your application.  Our Metalphoto labels are uniquely durable, and are proven to last over 20 years, even in the harshest outdoor environments.

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“We went from virtually one location to 506 locations thanks to Camcode labels.”

“We can delineate where items are stored and have better management and control by location.”

Bing B.
Manager of Logistics and Process Improvement

“We selected the Metalphoto option because it gave us the durability we needed.”

“We selected the Metalphoto option because it gave us the durability we needed in an active area where freight and equipment could come in contact with the barcode. The labels also have great barcode scanner readability.”

Scott T.
IT Product Manager

Upgrade & Evolve with a Scalable Warehouse Labeling System

Find out how a custom warehouse labeling system helps you evolve warehouse management for the digital age.

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