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Abrasive or High-Traffic Conditions

Asset tags in harsh industrial, desert or high-traffic public environments can be exposed to abrasive conditions that will render most standard asset tags unreadable. Select an asset tracking label that is proven to survive abrasive conditions.

Engineered, Proven Abrasion Resistance

Camcode offers several abrasion resistant asset label technologies.

Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum features a sub-surface image that is certified to resist degradation from 7,000 cycles on a Taber Abraser with a CS17 wheel, a total of 1,000 gram load.

When coupled with the impact resistant SandShield overlaminate, Metalphoto asset tags are used in extremely abrasive operating conditions such as the exterior of military vehicles deployed in the desert.


The Hidden Cost of Inferior Labels

The cost of scan failure due to barcode degradation pales in comparison to the relatively low cost of an asset tag. When tags fade or detach, replacement can cost (both tag and installation labor) will far exceed the initial tag cost. Further, missing or un-readable tags can delay asset-critical maintenance.

Don’t be penny-wise, but dollar foolish. Install the asset tag with a proven technology and track record to last – Metalphoto asset tags are certified to remain scannable and legible during the operating lifespan of your asset.

Dealing with More Than Abrasion?

Camcode has asset tracking options engineered for all extreme operating conditions:

Keep Operations Efficient with Durable Barcode Asset Tags

Share with us your specific environment challenges and we’ll start building the perfect label for your harsh environment application.

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