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25 Best IT Asset Management Software Systems and Tools (2024)

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Key Takeaway

  • Implementing an IT asset management software solution can help businesses track, manage, and optimize their hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle, leading to cost savings, improved compliance, theft prevention, and greater efficiency.
  • From laptops to software licenses, your company relies on technology to run efficiently. However, even small businesses often find themselves overrun with a dizzying number of devices, subscriptions, and platforms. Losing track of these assets leads to tech bloat that costs your organization time, money, and efficiency.

    Your organization invests in its IT infrastructure, and you can track everything with IT asset management (ITAM) software tools. This is the best way to keep tabs on your assets for cost-savings, compliance, theft prevention, and more.

    However, the quality of your ITAM system matters, too. In this guide, we’ll share the top 25 best ITAM tools on the market, including:

    • Asset Panda
    • Ivanti
    • Reftab
    • Tractian

    … and more.

    25 Top IT Asset Management Software Solutions

    Check out the leading IT asset management software solutions below and compare their key features to find the best IT asset management software for your organization’s needs.

    1. Asset Panda


    Asset Panda

    Asset Panda can track just about any business asset, but it offers IT-specific features. Trust Asset Panda’s robust integrations to centralize your tech stack and monitor all physical and software assets in a single platform.

    Key features:

    • Integrations for Okta, Microsoft Active Directory, and more
    • Asset use reports
    • Automatically attach equipment data to each support ticket

    2. SysAid



    SysAid offers a range of solutions that integrate IT asset management with your service desk communications and data. Use its inventory management features for a complete picture of your hardware and software in one view, or use monitoring to see real-time device usage.

    Key features:

    • Customized alerts
    • Software license management
    • Network discovery

    3. Freshservice



    If you have a lot of existing assets, go with Freshservice to quickly identify and manage all devices currently on your network. The solution is designed for IT service providers but works great for tracking both on-premise and cloud infrastructure at large organizations.

    Key features:

    • CMDB
    • Asset lifecycle management
    • Automation and analytics

    4. UpKeep



    UpKeep is a popular asset and maintenance management solution. You can use it for a lot more than IT, but its maintenance-first approach is ideal for IT teams that need to conduct frequent hardware repairs.

    Key features:

    • Mobile-first access
    • Minimum inventory threshold notifications
    • Work order management

    5. ManageEngine AssetExplorer


    ManageEngine AssetExplorer

    AssetExplorer is a helpful tool for identifying and managing all the assets within your organization. Not only that, but it manages every aspect of the asset lifecycle, from licensing to contracts to compliance.

    Key features:

    • Purchase order management
    • Inventory management
    • CMDB

    6. ServiceNow



    ServiceNow arms you with advanced analytics to help you make informed decisions about your IT assets. Easily track employee hardware and software allocations via a structured onboarding process. ServiceNow also logs device servicing and supports asset audits.

    Key features:

    • Asset governance
    • Total cost of ownership tracking
    • Contract management

    7. GoCodes



    GoCodes specializes in tracking all types of office equipment through an IoT-enabled system. Its efficient check-in/check-out process makes GoCodes ideal for teams that frequently check out IT equipment.

    Key features:

    • Included scanner apps
    • Real-time reporting
    • Bluetooth beacons

    8. Pulseway



    Pulseway’s IT asset management software gives you total control over your IT assets. The platform tracks all assets in real time through physical scanning, network device monitoring, and server modules. Rely on its autodiscovery feature to spot any overlooked endpoints.

    Key features:

    • Real-time monitoring and instant alerts
    • Network discovery and deployment
    • Drag-and-drop automations

    9. Itarian


    Itarian is primarily a remote monitoring company, but it also has some pretty robust tools for IT asset management. Designed for small businesses, Itarian’s solution manages alerts, allows you to build custom checklists, and generates mobile-friendly reports in real-time.

    Key features:

    • Multi-user functionality
    • Mobile-first platform
    • Custom reports

    10. Snipe-IT



    Snipe-IT is an open-source IT asset management platform designed for security. If you work in a heavily regulated industry, this ITAM tool could be a good fit, but always make sure it meets your particular industry requirements. Use Snipe-IT to track all assets and speed up the check-in/check-out process for less hassle.

    Key features:

    • Slack notification integration
    • Robust API
    • Pre-defined checkout kits

    11. IBM Maximo Asset Management


    IBM Maximo Asset Management

    Do you already use tools within the IBM ecosystem? If so, Maximo is a shoo-in for IT asset management. Designed for enterprises, Maximo provides role-based dashboards, performance analytics, and customized asset management workflows to maximize asset lifespan.

    Key features:

    • Mobile access
    • Connect to SAP or Oracle systems
    • Geospatial asset data

    12. Device42



    Device42 is ideal if you want an ITAM with plenty of value-added features. Device42 manages IT assets as well as IT operations, audits, digital transformation, AWS migrations, and even corporate sustainability.

    Key features:

    • Continuous auto-discovery
    • Pre-defined and custom asset types
    • QR and barcode generation

    13. BMC Helix Discovery


    BMC Helix Discovery

    Helix Discovery automatically discovers assets and maps their relationships to one another in a dynamic dependency graph. It even allows IT teams to use AI to detect anomalies, conduct root-cause analyses, and optimize costs.

    Key features:

    • Discovery across Oracle, Google, and AWS
    • REST APIs available
    • Tracks hardware, software, and service dependencies in multiple environments

    14. InvGate Assets


    InvGate Assets

    InvGate focuses on optimizing IT costs through asset lifecycle management. Use this system to see asset usage data automatically, remotely distribute software, and optimize software licenses.

    Key features:

    • CMDB
    • Remote access
    • Trigger-based automation

    15. Ivanti IT Asset Management


    Ivanti IT Asset Management

    Ivanti has solutions for network security, endpoint management, and even supply chain optimization. As an ITAM, Ivanti helps organizations gain total visibility of their assets through tracking hardware, software, servers, client-side, cloud, and other assets.

    Key features:

    • Real-time discovery
    • Automatic reconciliation
    • Service management integration

    16. Sapphire


    Sapphire serves regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and IT. Their enterprise asset management (EAM) software works well for large IT departments that need a secure solution for discovering, inventorying, managing, and optimizing IT assets.

    Key features:

    • CMDB
    • Discovery and dependency mapping
    • Patch management

    17. N-Able



    Get asset visibility, manage tickets, and proactively optimize IT assets with N-Able. This specialized platform is designed for managed services providers (MSPs) that offer IT services to clients. Whether for your business or a client, N-Able tracks full asset histories and configurations to streamline asset management.

    Key features:

    • Help desk ticket management
    • Remote access
    • Passportal layered security tool

    18. Reftab



    Reftab is a favorite IT asset management software tool that automates IT workflows via customizable dashboards and automation. Rely on Reftab to track laptops, audio-visual gear, or other physical assets. They also offer maintenance management, asset tagging, and role-based permissions.

    Key features:

    • Drag-and-drop interface
    • DIY automation
    • Physical asset tracking

    19. IFS



    The IFS enterprise asset management (EAM) has the power to manage assets for multiple industries, including IT. If you need a solution tailored to managing a complex enterprise, this could be the right platform for your team.

    Key features:

    • IFS Ultimo for maintenance
    • IFS Cloud EAM for lifecycle management
    • EAM, ERP, and FSM integration

    20. EZOfficeInventory



    EZOfficeInventory is perfect for tracking both physical and digital IT assets and everyday office supplies. It simplifies check-in/check-out procedures, streamlines equipment bookings, and even allows for RFID and GPS tracking.

    Key features:

    • Label scanner and designer tool
    • Extended API service available
    • Depreciation management

    21. eMaint



    eMaint is a trusted computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that works well for IT asset management, especially for physical assets. eMaint manages all assets and their maintenance histories and connects to SAP, Oracle, Power BI, and other tools via API.

    Key features:

    • Analytics and reporting
    • Asset hierarchies
    • Total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations

    22. Tractian



    TracOS is Tractian’s CMMS that combines asset management and maintenance in one platform. It serves various industries, so the platform has several helpful features, including asset compatibility tracking, AI-powered procedures, and inventory control.

    Key features:

    • Customized dashboards and reports
    • Work order management
    • AI and automation

    23. Fiix



    Fiix is ideal if your organization needs a tool for managing IT hardware maintenance. It also includes a module for asset management that tracks repair histories, costs, parts consumption, and asset hierarchies.

    Key features:

    • QR and barcode integration
    • Asset-based SOPs
    • Drag-and-drop asset hierarchies

    24. Limble CMMS


    Limble CMMS

    Need more uptime for your assets? Go with Limble. This IT asset management software streamlines check-in/check-out, organizes physical asset records in a digital database, and integrates with ERP tools to bring your data into one platform.

    Key features:

    • Track KPIs like downtime, time spent, and parts usage
    • Forecast future costs based on historical data
    • Visualize asset data via real-time dashboards

    25. Fracttal



    IoT devices save time and improve accuracy but aren’t without their challenges. Rely on Fracttal to manage these internet-connected devices across your organization. It leverages AI to predict hardware maintenance, automate workflows, and make more accurate IT asset forecasts.

    Key features:

    • Remote asset monitoring and diagnosis
    • Mobile-friendly maintenance requests
    • Quickly tag and register assets

    The Importance of Durable IT Asset Labels for Effective ITAM

    When it comes to IT asset management software, IT asset tags and barcode labels are the cornerstone of your IT asset management system. Camcode offers a range of durable asset tag and barcode label solutions suitable for tracking all your IT assets. Security labels and tags, for example, are ideal for high-value assets that require an added layer of security.

    Label your high-value IT property with Tamper-Evident Barcode Labels, which leave clear evidence behind when someone attempts to remove the label, or Destructible Vinyl Asset Tags, which are designed to break apart when removed from the surface. Both of these options deter unauthorized transfer and theft while providing a durable barcode label that integrates seamlessly with your ITAM software for comprehensive IT asset management.

    Contact Camcode today to learn more or request free sample labels to evaluate your options.

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