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How to Build The Ultimate Preventive Maintenance Checklist (with PDF)

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preventive maintenance checklist for facility managers

As of 2023, preventive maintenance remains the most common maintenance strategy used in just over 75% of facilities worldwide. Other forms of maintenance, such as reactive and predictive maintenance, are also used in many operations to create an optimized asset management plan.

Preventive maintenance work is most commonly defined through the use of preventive maintenance checklists to guide personnel through the required routine checks.

In this post, we’re going to review the most common preventive maintenance checklist categories to help you create an expert-level program. Maintenance and repair (M&R) budgets can account for a large portion of an overall facility budget, and it is important to optimize equipment lifetime whenever possible.

Facility management (FM) software and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) allow facility managers to digitize maintenance workflows when paired with a comprehensive asset tracking system. By tagging assets and equipment with durable barcode labels and asset tags (such as ID tags for equipment and facilities management asset tags, you can streamline documentation and maintain an accurate maintenance history for every asset, which helps to further optimize both short and long-term maintenance planning.

Our expert preventive maintenance checklist focuses on the major facility systems present at most locations and can be customized as needed. All equipment systems are not created equal, and the typical facility will require a mix of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checks.

Facility Exterior Checklist Tasks

Facility manager working through a facility maintenance checklist

The exterior structure of a facility may be exposed to many potential hazards including storms, sunlight, and other weather conditions. When designing a checklist for facility maintenance, it is important to incorporate routine checks for critical equipment and designated areas that lie outside of the building. This not only helps protect the overall facility but also improves security and makes it easier for employees and visitors to access building resources.


  • Remove debris from gutters
  • Identify any damage, corrosion, or cracks on the roof
  • Inspect exterior vents and drains for damage or blocks

Parking Lots and Garages

  • Review and test the function of gates
  • Inspect light fixtures for any lighting deficiencies
  • Clean and inspect any tire deflation devices
  • Fire and safety lanes are clear of debris
  • Pavement cracks and potholes are repaired
  • Ensure all pedestrian walkways and safety signs are visible and well-maintained
  • Handrails and wheelchair accessible paths are functioning well

Windows and Doors

  • Clean windows and sills
  • Replaced damaged windows and doors
  • Test locks and repair or replace faulty hardware

Lawns and Facility Grounds

  • Review mowing and weeding practices
  • Test sprinkler systems
  • Add mulch where needed

Facility Interior Checklist Tasks

Technicians performing facility maintenance tasks with a facility maintenance checklist

The interior design and maintenance of a building can be complex and should be well organized and easy to understand. It can be helpful to assign owners for specific areas of the building and/or subsystems that require regular monitoring. Each facility is unique and these preventive maintenance checklists are basic recommendations that should be customized with input from your local experts.

Electrical & Energy Utilization

  • Review energy consumption reports
  • Test surge suppression hardware
  • Check wiring for any signs of damage or corrosion


  • Inspect system piping and couplings for leaks
  • Check water heater systems
  • Replace refrigerant and oil as needed
  • Inspect sewage pumps
  • Replace damaged equipment in restrooms


  • Inspect blower motors for noise and vibration
  • Replace air filters according to your preventive maintenance schedule
  • Clean and inspect ductwork
  • Clean and inspect exhaust fans
  • Inspect compressed air lines
  • Properly secure any loose access panels
  • Check if the condensate drain pan is working


  • Ensure machinery is free of debris
  • Replace worn or damaged tools
  • Review and perform calibration procedures
  • Check for proper spacing between equipment
  • Ensure wires and facility lines are properly secured


  • Inspect inside of cars for signs of damage
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs
  • Check oil levels and lubrication in the machine room
  • Test elevator brake system and cables for signs of wear
  • Inspect the pit for necessary clearance


Fire Safety

  • Replace smoke detector batteries
  • Review building-wide fire suppression systems
  • Replace expired fire extinguishers
  • Ensure safety signs are well maintained and visible
  • Check local emergency response equipment
  • Check that fire escapes are accessible and clear of debris

Seasonal Facility Checklist Tasks

In addition to a preventive maintenance checklist defined by your facility infrastructure, it can also be helpful to define seasonal maintenance inspection items that need to be performed at a certain time of year. The ideas presented below can help you get started with your seasonal planning. You can incorporate these ideas into existing monthly, quarterly, or annual checklists as needed.


  • Care for outdoor greenery and landscaping
  • Remove any sources of standing water
  • Schedule for proper pest care and removal solutions


  • Shovel snow and clear pathways
  • Review exterior pipes and hardware for signs of freezing
  • Repair cracks or errors with insulation
  • Calibrate HVAC thermostats and run a temperature check
  • Seasonal pruning for trees and shrubs

Facility maintenance planning is a challenging effort that requires the coordination of several resources within a building. Using a custom preventive maintenance checklist to define periodic maintenance checks can have a dramatic impact on your ability to prevent safety hazards and minimize equipment downtime.

One of the best ways to improve your local maintenance planning is to use our expert checklist ideas as a starting point for discussions with your local team. The best checklists will be thorough and define necessary activities for every core component of the facility.

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