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25 Best Maintenance Scheduling Software Solutions (2024)

Maintenance Management / CMMS

Maintenance scheduling software solutions are technologies designed to facilitate the scheduling of equipment upkeep and streamline the process of industrial machinery servicing.

These technologies ensure that businesses never miss a maintenance deadline, which helps them keep their equipment in tip-top shape, decreasing their chances of experiencing a major disruption due to unexpected equipment failure.

As our list of the 25 best maintenance scheduling software details, most modern maintenance scheduling software solutions are not standalone. Instead, many are components of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). With that in mind, our list includes a good mix of lean maintenance scheduling software and more dynamic CMMSs with scheduling capabilities.

The following list is meant to serve as a starting point as you begin searching for maintenance scheduling software that can modernize your business’s maintenance processes. As such, the software solutions described below are listed randomly and not ranked in any particular order.

With that being said, our top 25 software solutions include:

1. MaintiMizer



MaintiMizer is a cloud-based CMMS and scheduling software solution developed by Ashcom Technologies. It includes dynamic tools for inventory tracking, equipment status monitoring, and of course, creating and managing maintenance schedules. The platform easily integrates with numerous enterprise resource planning systems, making it a great choice for many businesses.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Full CMMS capabilities
  • Cloud-based architecture


MaintiMizer pricing starts at $450/year and increases based on the number of users.

2. Aptean EAM


Aptean EAM

Aptean EAM is an all-in-one solution that facilitates comprehensive asset management. With Aptean EAM, your team will gain real-time insights into equipment performance and lifespans alongside other important data. The EAM platform can replace multiple asset management and scheduling tools, allowing you to oversee all upkeep-related tasks through a single interface.

Key Features:

  • Robust scheduling tools
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Cost:

Contact Aptean for a quote.

3. AkitaBox



Akitabox is another all-in-one solution known for its advanced reporting tools and intuitive interface. Thanks to its versatile apps, your team can access up-to-the-minute maintenance scheduling data from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Akitabox also allows you to replace paper-based maintenance scheduling with waste-free digital alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Mobile app
  • Digital scheduling tools
  • Reporting software


Contact AkitaBox for a quote.

4. TheWorxHub


The WorxHub

TheWorxHub, developed by Brightly Software (Formerly Dude Solutions), features a broad array of modules, each designed to address industry-specific challenges. Its industrial modules have tools focused on improving maintenance scheduling processes, thus preventing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Full suite of CMMS tools
  • Dynamic scheduling software
  • Exceptional user experience


Prices for TheWorxHub start as low as $1.00/year.




MAPCON was purpose-built for businesses operating in both the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The platform allows users to customize its interface to create a truly tailored experience. It includes automated email notifications, label printing, and maintenance scheduling tools, among other things.

Key Features:

  • Purchase order requesting
  • Label printing
  • Automated email reminders about maintenance


Contact MAPCON for a quote.

6. MaintainX



MaintainX is one of the most popular cloud-based CMMS and maintenance scheduling software solutions on the market. It is highly related, dynamic, and user-friendly. MaintainX is totally scalable, meaning it can be a good fit for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional scalability
  • Complete CMMS solutions
  • Automated alerts and maintenance reminders


Pricing for MaintainX starts at just $10.00/month.

7. Limble CMMS


Limble CMMS

Like our last entry, Limble CMMS is more than just maintenance scheduling software. It is a comprehensive solution that can make a measurable impact on your business’s operational efficiency and productivity. It includes excellent maintenance scheduling tools that can extend the lifespan of key assets and equipment.

Key Features:

  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Email and app alerts
  • A customizable interface


Limble CMMS’s starting price is $40/year.

8. ManagerPlus



ManagerPlus is a solution designed to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop regarding maintenance. The platform can send push notifications via its mobile app and features a customizable interface that business leaders can use to prioritize any information that is relevant to them.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based CMMS tools
  • Customizable menus
  • App-based push notifications and scheduling reminders


ManagerPlus costs $85/month.

9. Asset Essentials


Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials is the latest creation from Brightly Software, the creators of the previously-mentioned TheWorxHub. It is jam-packed with dynamic features, all of which are designed to add value to your business. Alongside other Brightly Software solutions, Asset Essentials is used by over 12,000 businesses, making it one of the most widely used and popular programs on the market.

Key Features:

  • A suite of complementary solutions
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Effortless scheduling capabilities


Contact Brightly Software for a quote.

10. eMaint CMMS


eMaint CMMS

eMaint CMMS facilitates maintenance scheduling and sends automated alerts to maintenance personnel if equipment performance suddenly drops, enabling them to address performance issues proactively before they severely impact business productivity. eMaint includes numerous other maintenance and equipment management tools as well.

Key Features:

  • Automated performance updates
  • Detailed reporting tools
  • User-friendly desktop and mobile apps


Costs for eMaint range from as little as $69/user/month to as much as $120/user/month.

11. FSI’s CMMS



FSI’s CMMS is a maintenance scheduling software solution designed specifically for businesses operating in the healthcare space. The performance of healthcare equipment has a profound impact on patient outcomes, and with FSI CMMS, care providers can ensure their equipment is properly maintained for consistently reliable results.

Key Features:

  • Automation tools that streamline maintenance
  • Purpose-built for healthcare
  • Customizable dashboards


Contact FSI Software for a quote.

12. KloudGin



KloudGin can significantly improve an organization’s asset visibility. The all-in-one solution eliminates data blindspots while enabling maintenance personnel to create preventive schedules, track asset status, and increase the lifecycle of costly, mission-critical equipment.

Key Features:

  • A simple interface
  • Detailed performance history reports
  • Condition assessment tools


Contact KloudGin for a quote.

13. Maintenance Care



Maintenance Care is a totally scalable, cloud-based solution that can meet the needs of small and large businesses alike. The platform simplifies both maintenance scheduling and asset lifecycle management and can send automated reminders about upkeep, update management, when maintenance requests have been completed, and extensions of asset life cycles.

Key Features:

  • Work order management tools
  • Maintenance request status tracking
  • Customizable interface


Maintenance Care has a starting price of $100/month.

14. Redlist



Redlist is a software-as-a-service solution available via the cloud. This subscription-based maintenance scheduling software solution includes a dynamic desktop application alongside a user-friendly mobile app. Together, they enable maintenance personnel to create, track, and complete necessary upkeep on the go.

Key Features:

  • Simple subscription model
  • Robust mobile app
  • Maintenance status tracking tools


Contact Redlist Software for a quote.

15. FMX


FMX is a completely configurable and customizable CMMS and maintenance scheduling solution. While this can make implementation more complex and difficult, the end result is a highly customized solution that will help your business be far more productive.

Key Features:

  • Total configurability
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Push notifications via emails and text messages


The basic plan for FMX is free, but you must contact FMX for a quote if you plan to upgrade to a premium plan.

16. Coast



Coast’s core purpose is to facilitate the scheduling of preventive maintenance, but it also allows you to track the status of work orders, monitor part inventories, manage assets, and assign orders to specific staff members. Coast is highly rated and is gaining quite a bit of traction in the maintenance scheduling software space.

Key Features:

  • Work order creation tools
  • An easy-to-use workflow
  • Inventory tracking capabilities


Coast has an introductory price of just $2/month.

17. FTMaintenance Select


FTMaintenance Select

FTMaintenance Select is another top-rated CMMS solution that includes user-friendly maintenance scheduling software. FTMaintenance makes managing facilities, assets, and equipment easy and seamless.

Key Features:

  • Highly scalable
  • Comprehensive facility management tools
  • Schedule creation and order tracking capabilities


Contact FTMaintenance for a quote.

18. Fiix



Developed by Rockwell Automation, Fiix is a cloud-based maintenance scheduling and tracking solution that streamlines every facet of maintenance management. With Fiix, your organization can improve its oversight of all equipment maintenance and protect business continuity. While Fiix is a dynamic maintenance scheduling software, it is not a comprehensive CMMS but rather a standalone scheduling solution.

Key Features:

  • Organizational tools to increase business-wide oversight and transparency
  • Record-keeping tools
  • Push notifications and email-based alerts


Fiix is available for $45/month. Premium plans are available at an additional cost.

19. UpKeep



UpKeep is undoubtedly one of the best maintenance scheduling software solutions on the market. It is a scalable, user-friendly, and powerful CMMS and maintenance scheduling platform, including everything your business needs to simplify its maintenance scheduling and asset upkeep.

Key Features:

  • A complete set of asset management tools
  • Reporting tools that provide actionable insights
  • Seamless maintenance scheduling capabilities


UpKeep offers a free trial and cost-free version, but its paid version has a starting price of $45/month.

20. WebTMA



For over three decades, TMA Systems has provided business solutions to clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. WebTMA is TMA’s cloud-based maintenance scheduling and CMMS solution. It is scalable, configurable, and easy to implement.

Key Features:

  • Configurable infrastructure
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Extensive lineup of maintenance management tools


Contact TMA Systems for a quote.

21. Axxerion



Axxerion can be used to schedule, track, and monitor the status of all types of maintenance requests. Axxerion will enable your company to leverage predictive and preventive maintenance in order to preserve business continuity. Axxerion is a total enterprise access management (EAM) solution, making it one of the most dynamic options on our list.

Key Features:

  • Project management tools
  • Work order creation and management capabilities
  • Maintenance scheduling tools


Contact Axxerion for a quote.

22. Azzier


Azzier (developed by Tero Consulting, Ltd.) is both a maintenance scheduling software and a CMMS solution that can support any computer, tablet, mobile device, or smartphone as long as the device has reliable internet connectivity. With Azzier, your team can create new requests, manage existing ones, monitor equipment performance, and proactively work to extend asset life cycles.

Key Features:

  • Vendor management tools
  • Mobile app
  • Maintenance request tracking


Contact Tero Consulting for a quote.

23. eWorkOrders



As a CMMS, eWorkOrders (a product of Information Professionals, Inc.) can modernize your maintenance scheduling processes and replace numerous other asset and maintenance management processes, allowing you to extend asset life cycles and decrease upkeep costs.

Key Features:

  • Data importing tools
  • Work order creation capabilities
  • Asset performance monitoring


Contact Information Professionals for a quote.

24. FaciliWorks



FaciliWorks was developed by CyberMetrics, a staple in the CMMS industry, and features tools you can use to optimize every aspect of asset maintenance, including scheduling. The FaciliWorks platform is an excellent choice if you need to improve productivity and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking capabilities
  • Work order creation tools
  • Scalable software


Pricing for FaciliWorks starts at $70/month/user.

25. Hippo CMMS


Hippo CMMS

Developed by iOFFICE, Hippo CMMS is one of the simplest and most user-friendly options on our list. Hippo CMMS facilitates inventory tracking, work order creation, barcode creation, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance reporting tools
  • Parts tracking
  • Mobile app scheduling capabilities


Hippo has three per-user subscription plans, which include Hippo Starter, Hippo Plus, and Hippo Pro. These plans cost $39, $69, and $99/month/user, respectively.

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