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    Companies of nearly every size, from warehouses to small retail businesses, have a lot of money tied up in their inventory. Because inventory is an investment, these companies need to know where their inventory is, and they want an accurate count in real time. That’s where inventory tracking software systems come in.
    Companies utilize software systems to monitor and track inventory because manual tracking is outdated, error-prone, and time-consuming. Software solutions that automate inventory monitoring and tracking save companies time and money and give them the visibility they need. Companies that still have some manual processes involved in inventory tracking, such as manually recording transactions in a spreadsheet program, are not gaining a competitive edge. On the other hand, companies that have automated inventory tracking processes and make use of barcode labels and RFID tag technology eliminate nearly all of the human errors associated with manually tracking inventory.
    To help you automate your processes and save your company time and money, we have rounded up 51 of the top inventory tracking software solutions available today. Our top picks cover retail, warehouses, eCommerce, and supply chains and are recommended by industry experts and software and technology leaders. We also considered reviews and ratings by current users, and we have listed our top 51 inventory tracking software systems here to simplify your search. Note that the inventory tracking software tools below are not ranked or rated in any way.

    1. AssetPanda
    AssetPanda strives to help companies organize and manage everything you own. Their inventory management module is an easy-to-use tracking solution with a centralized asset database that is hosted in the cloud and does not require expensive scanners.
    Key Features:

    • Access the intuitive interface online or through the free mobile app to track inventory and get information about your assets from anywhere, any time
    • Unlimited fields and configurability
    • Quickly integrate with legacy systems
    • Easily import data from existing spreadsheets
    • World-class U.S.-based customer service
    • Unlimited users

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote

    2. Reftab


    Reftab is a comprehensive asset management software solution designed with simplicity in mind. It’s suitable for companies of all sizes and offers customizable asset tracking to cater to unique needs and asset types for any organization. Reftab offers several pricing plans with sliding scale fees based on the number of assets you need to track, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

    Key Features: 

    • Customizable categories and fields
    • Checkout & reserve
    • Changelog history per asset/per user
    • Bundle assets & accessories for loan into “Track Kits”
    • Asset depreciation tracking


    • Standard: $30/month billed annually (500 assets)
    • Pro: $45/month billed annually (500 assets)
    • Business: $120/month billed annually (500 assets)

    3. 3PL Warehouse Manager
    3PL Warehouse Manager
    From 3PL Central, a provider of easy to use, cloud-based warehouse management software for 3PLs and warehouses of all types, 3PL Warehouse Manager is an affordable, scalable inventory tracking solution. The software includes powerful reporting and status updates with real-time global inventory visibility for all users.
    Key Features:

    • Multi-warehouse support for facilities of all sizes
    • View inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking information, and more
    • Manage inventory by lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date
    • Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
    4. Acctivate Inventory Software
    Acctivate Inventory Software
    Acctivate is a QuickBooks inventory management software that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable. An all-in-one system designed for distributors and online retailers, Acctivate Inventory Software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, leading shopping cart providers, EDI translation software, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Scalable
    • Tailor features to your business
    • Company-wide, real-time visibility
    • Track inventory history from purchase order to sale
    • Real-time inventory monitoring from one screen

    Cost: FREE trial available
    5. Acumatica Cloud ERP – Inventory Management
    Acumatica Cloud ERP Inventory Management
    Acumatica offers a next-generation cloud ERP solution with integrated accounting, CRM, and business management software. The Acumatica Cloud ERP Inventory Management solution provides real-time visibility into inventory and empowers you to track inventory and costs.
    Key Features:

    • Control company-wide inventory to efficiently manage distribution processes
    • Drill down to change item default lot or serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more
    • Select different valuation methods for each inventory item
    • Redistribute inventory from a central warehouse to other warehouses automatically upon receipt
    • Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using report and inquiry screens
    • Track inventory by lot or serial number and assign or enter lot/serial numbers on receive, issue, or assembly

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    6. AdvancePro
    AdvancePro is a big business inventory management software without the big cost. Small and mid-sized companies in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution seamlessly integrate this inventory tracking software with QuickBooks and other accounting software. Users enjoy automating operations with AdvancePro, including inventory and order management.
    Key Features:

    • Track inventory in multiple picking locations
    • Inventory replenishment intelligence with re-order alerts
    • Easily and efficiently manage inventory and transfer between locations
    • Automated sync to QuickBooks
    • Intuitive picking, packing, and shipping processes

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    7. Almyta Systems Inventory Management
    Almyta Systems Inventory Management
    Offering a 3PL inventory management software solution, Alymyta Systems empowers users to handle multiple clients, warehouses, and company locations. Create independent databases for each client and import and export data between databases to simplify your inventory tracking processes.
    Key Features:

    • Includes logistics billing and storage fee billing reports
    • Integrated barcode scanning
    • Unlimited tracking of all items’ back history
    • Inventory item master list with filters
    • Inventory unit detail with unit detail filters
    • First and second serial/lot numbers with full barcode support
    • Auto-assign serial and lot numbers
    • Inventory categories

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
    8ArbiMed Inventory
    ArbiMed Inventory
    ArbiMed provides medical software and technologies that provide innovative solutions for medical supply procurement. Their inventory management software is designed specifically for the clinical world and is based in the cloud with realtime inventory tracking features.
    Key Features:

    • Designed for medical facilities, dentist offices, and veterinary hospitals
    • Track inventory and optimize spend
    • Scan barcodes to track supply usage and know exactly where inventory is, how much you have on hand, and how much it costs with one click
    • Cloud-based software allows users to access and track inventory from any device with an internet connection and works seamlessly on tablets, computers, and phones
    • Mobile app turns phone cameras into barcode scanners for easier inventory tracking

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
    9. Boxstorm
    From Fishbowl, the number one inventory management system for Quickbooks users, Boxstorm is a new cloud-based inventory solution that is part of their business automation platform. Designed for SMBs, Boxstorm is a solution for streamlining inventory management and giving business owners greater flexibility in managing and tracking inventory from any location on any device.
    Key Features:

    • Track inventory at multiple locations and across multiple warehouses
    • Manage inventory from the cloud using any device
    • Assign customized tracking values to the quantities of each item in your inventory
    • Type or scan customized tracking values into the system with two main forms of inventory tracking: text-based with lot number and revision number, or date-based with expiration date and best-by date
    • Manage access rights and roles within the system
    • Customize multiple units of measure

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    10. Brightpearl
    Brightpearl is a leading omni channel retail management platform that helps retailers and wholesalers automate and streamline inventory management and tracking, orders, accounting, and more in a single cloud platform. With real-time updates across all channels, Brightpearl helps users save time and reduce errors.
    Key Features:

    • Control, track, and manage inventory easily and efficiently
    • Cloud-based platform so you can access inventory data anywhere without needing to update your systems
    • Wide range of integrations
    • Have as many warehouses as you need
    • Flexible inventory management software for tracking and managing inventory levels

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    11. CentralBOS
    CentralBOS is a cloud business operating system that provides an efficient solution for inventory management. The system is a centralized solution for accounting, eCommerce, POS, multiple warehouses, and shipping that is built and priced for SMBs.
    Key Features:

    • Real-time inventory control to optimize space, track inventory to exact locations, and keep inventory organized
    • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
    • Automate asset and inventory tracking, warehouse, and manufacturing operations in a central database
    • Barcode confirmation for improved inventory tracking and shipment verification
    • Knitting feature for group, package, and supply order components as one unit
    • Track inventory across multiple warehouses anytime, anywhere, and on any device

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    12. Chemical Safety Software
    Chemical Safety Software
    Companies dealing with chemicals need an inventory tracking solution designed especially for the hazards and regulations associated with potentially dangerous substances. Chemical Safety Software is that software solution; in fact, it is a comprehensive system for chemical inventory, hazardous waste, MSDS, isotope, and facility tracking, management, and reporting.
    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive chemical inventory tracking to track and manage chemicals from purchase through disposal
    • Track hazardous materials from creation through disposal
    • Print waste manifests, create waste profiles, and monitor accumulation areas
    • A complete environmental health and safety software solution ideal for corporations, government agencies, and institutions of higher education


    • EMS Subscription Plans
      • Starter – Safety Data and GHS Management: $29/user/month
      • Basic – Chemical Inventory Management: $79/user/month
      • Standard – Hazardous Waste Management: $149/user/month
      • Advanced – Facility Management and Compliance: $299/user/month
    • Enterprise Edition: Contact for a quote

    13. Cin7
    Cin7 is a cloud inventory, POS, EDI, and 3PL software for retail, wholesale, and B2B. If you want to reduce data entry and get a single, complete view of your supply chain, Cin7 is a solution for you that includes real-time inventory tracking features.
    Key Features:

    • Centralized cloud inventory management software based on the stock’s exact landed cost for accurate cost of goods sold and gross profit reporting
    • Track inventory, sell stock that is still in transit, and know what you have committed and what is due to arrive in real time
    • Track by serial and batch number
    • Manage inventory across multiple locations and gain instant inventory visibility

    Cost: FREE trial available

    • Starter: From $299/month – Includes 1 regular user with extra regular users billed $45/user/month
    • Business: From $499/month – Includes 5 regular users with extra regular users billed $45/user/month
    • Professional: From $999/month – Includes 5 regular users with extra regular users billed $45/month
    • Enterprise: From $2,999/month – Contact for more information

    14. Clear Spider
    Clear Spider
    A leader in collaborative inventory management software in the cloud, Clear Spider enables users to track inventory, identify shortages, and optimize inventory in one place. Increase inventory planning accuracy and optimize inventory levels by tracking current and historical orders in one place.
    Key Features:

    • Streamline inventory processes with automatic replenishment
    • Efficiently track trends with built-in reports and analytics
    • Inventory Summary Report includes a one-line summary of each item’s inventory status and may be filtered by part number, serial number, item description, and more
    • Track consumption, adjustments, cycle counts, transfers, inbound orders, and outbound orders or capture movement of items to different locations
    • Gain complete visibility into inventory levels

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    15. Clearly Inventory
    Clearly Inventory
    An online inventory management app, Clearly Inventory is fast, secure, and easy to use. Users enjoy having the ability to choose which features are displayed so they have an interface that is tailored to their specific inventory tracking needs.
    Key Features:

    • Includes a wide range of standard views for both current inventory levels and transaction history, but you can make your own custom views
    • Specify relative or absolute time periods for transaction reports
    • Track data in real time and gain peace of mind knowing all users see the latest information because updates occur instantly
    • Reports with search and filter capabilities
    • Create as many locations as you need, and create special locations, too
    • Track lots, batches, and serial numbers easily with the Unique Tag feature

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

    • $39.99/month – Includes 2 users and 5,000 items’ SKUs, add users for $4.99/user/month and add items for $9.99/5,000 additional items’ SKUs/month

    16. Contalog Inventory Management System
    Contalog Inventory Management System
    Contalog is a cloud-based omni-channel digital commerce platform that makes it easier for B2B and B2C businesses to sell using all possible digital selling channels. Their inventory management system is an ideal solution for eCommerce, retailers, and wholesalers who want to manage and track inventory with more transparency.
    Key Features:

    • Centralizes inventory tracking processes
    • Seamless integrations
    • Automated warehouse-specific inventory management allows users to exclusively allocate inventory for each warehouse to gain control over the ways in which inventory is maintained per warehouse based on demands
    • Bin Location feature for saving inventory location down to the warehouse name and shelf number
    • Distribute inventory between warehouses on a demand basis and avoid stock-outs

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
    17. Daxko Spectrum Inventory
    Daxko Spectrum Inventory
    Daxko is an inventory tracking solution that increases efficiency. Users gain more control of inventory with greater visibility, faster tracking, and smarter management across departments and sites.
    Key Features:

    • View, adjust, and track on an itemized basis
    • Track inventory from multiple sites
    • Get instant, detailed views of your complete inventory
    • Track inventory with pinpoint precision
    • Manage inventory, move more items, and perfect execution

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    18. Dynamic Inventory
    Dynamic Inventory
    Dynamic Inventory is a solution for companies looking to simplify inventory management and tracking. Manage inventory across multiple locations with barcodes and have more visibility into your inventory with dynamic reports.
    Key Features:

    • Track inventory anytime, anywhere using a mobile device
    • Integrated barcode scanning software for improved accuracy
    • Multiple Location Management feature for determining in-stock quantity and exact location of products for each individual site
    • Transfer and track inventory between locations

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    19. Ecomdash
    Ecomdash is a solution for eCommerce inventory management. This award-winning solution empowers users to easily track and sync inventory across all channels in real time. Ecomdash strives to save companies time and eventually eliminate overselling.
    Key Features:

    • Improved control and visibility into your supply chain
    • Multichannel eCommerce integration across marketplaces, shopping carts, and more
    • Automatically track inventory throughout the supply chain
    • Set custom alerts for low inventory levels
    • Use the eCommerce API to build custom integrations for real-time communication about inventory to other tools you use throughout your business
    • Unique mapping ID system for tracking items that may have different SKUs, listing IDs, or UPCs an recognizing various identifiers as one product

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    20. Ecount ERP
    Ecount ERP
    Ecount ERP’s online inventory management software is a robust solution that takes into account barcodes, warehouses, serial and lot numbers, inventory reports, and more. Users can take inventory tracking to the next level with real-time inventory updates, an included mobile app, and internal communications control with Ecount ERP.
    Key Features:

    • Manage and track inventory with barcodes, SKUs, or QR codes
    • Real-time inventory management for factories and warehouses
    • Manage serial and lot numbers by item and track movements
    • Customizable, advanced reporting
    • Track minimums and reorders points to allow for less waste and fewer shortages
    • Cloud-based with real-time inventory updates

    Cost: FREE trial available

    • ERP Service – All functions, unlimited user IDs, unlimited departments/warehouses/stores, and groupware access for 10 users
      • Monthly Subscription: $55/month
      • Annual Subscription: $600/year
    • Additional Services: FREE – Mobile ERP, barcode app, multilingual support, and eCommerce

    21. ERPAG
    ERPAG is an all-in-one business solution that includes some of the most powerful and effective cloud inventory management and tracking features available. Track inventory with serialized tracking, lot number tracking, expiration date tracking, and more while managing multiple warehouses at different locations.
    Key Features:

    • Barcode scanning
    • Serial and lot numbers tracking
    • Track items with variable products; you can track quantity, colors, or sizes for each variation, and ERPGG will count each inventory move
    • Centralized inventory solution that enables users to sync and update inventory on different platforms from one place

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    22. eTurns Remote Inventory Solutions
    eTurns Remote Inventory Solutions
    A cloud-based inventory management software, eTurns provides real-time visibility into remote inventories and then automates replenishment. Users gain real-time visibility into inventory while eTurns integrates with existing ERP and warehouse systems to make managing remote inventory easier.
    Key Features:

    • Manage and track inventory in one of four ways: iPhones, barcode scanners, eVMI sensor-managed replenishment, or RFID asset tracking
    • Provides analytics on a dashboard as transactions are captured
    • Actionable red alerts for stockouts or items that move too quickly or too slowly
    • Solutions for distributors, manufacturers, contractors, healthcare, EMS, and tool cribs

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    23. EZOffice Inventory
    EZOffice Inventory
    EZOffice Inventory is an asset tracking software that empowers companies to better utilize equipment and inventory. Users can opt to track inventory from anywhere, using any device with the mobile app for Android or iTunes devices.
    Key Features:

    • Use the mobile app or handheld scanners to scan QR codes or barcodes and track and manage inventory quickly and easily
    • Track inventory across locations, sub-locations, and teams
    • Analyze reports and identify which items create a bottleneck to gain insights to reduce costs and improve productivity
    • Real-time inventory database
    • Customized low stock alerts
    • Make use of history tracking by seeing inventory consumption patterns through history trails

    Cost: FREE trial available

    • Silver: $320/year – 50 users and 200 items
    • Gold: $49.99/month or $540/year – 100 users and 500 items
    • Platinum: $95/month or $1,026/year – 200 users and 2,000 items
    • Diamond: $155/month or $1,674/year – 200 users and 3,500 items
    • Corporate: Contact for a quote – 200+ users and 3,500+ items

    24. Finale Inventory
    Finale Inventory
    Finale Inventory is a cloud inventory and order management solution with built-in barcode scanning capability for SMBs. A popular online inventory software for warehouse management and high volume multi-channel eCommerce applications, Finale Inventory empowers users by giving them a centralized inventory solution that takes the work out of tracking inventory.
    Key Features:

    • Get up-to-date counts for all inventory in one place and easily control inventory in multiple locations
    • Set reordering thresholds for each item to prevent stockouts
    • Wireless barcode scanning designed as a turnkey solution to be installed without requiring integration consultants
    • Centralize inventory across multiple channels and warehouses
    • Training and consulting included at no extra cost


    • Bronze: $149/month – 2 users, 2,000 orders/month, 2 integrations, single location, 1,000 items
    • Silver: $225/month – 6 users, 8,000 orders/month, 4 integrations, multi-location, 100,000 items
    • Gold: $299/month – 8 users, 20,000 orders/month, 8 integrations, multi-location, 100,000 items
    • Platinum: $449/month – 12 users, 35,000 orders/month, unlimited integrations, multi-location, 100,000 items

    25. FinancialForce Inventory Management
    FinancialForce Inventory Management
    The number one ERP on Salesforce, FinancialForce delivers supply chain management software on the Salesforce platform. Manage inventory with warranty, RMA, inspection, receiving, and shipping modules.
    Key Features:

    • Gain complete inventory visibility from procurement to delivery
    • Track on-condition inventory for aftermarket support
    • Analyze procurement, sales, and margin history down to the serial number
    • Manage inventory with physical and aging controls
    • Track on-condition inventory for aftermarket support

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    26. Fishbowl Warehouse
    Fishbowl Warehouse
    Fishbowl Warehouse, a business automation platform specifically for SMBs, is the top-selling warehouse management solution for QuickBooks users. With Fishbowl, you can manage and track inventory in multiple warehouses and quickly transfer items between them while setting up automatic order points so you don’t run out of products.
    Key Features:

    • Integrate with QuickBooks, Salesforce, UPS, Ready, and many others
    • Scan barcodes to speed up inventory tracking and ensure accuracy
    • Tracks parts in your warehouse so you know when to reorder them, and track part costs to know a product’s total cost
    • Track inventory across multiple locations and check up-to-date inventory levels by location

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
    27. Goods Order Inventory
    Goods Order Inventory System
    Goods Order Inventory is a state-of-the-art inventory management application for mobile devices, desktop computers, and the web that connects users to their businesses around the clock. Easily track your inventory for any business unit and location from anywhere, anytime thanks go Good Order Inventory’s mobility feature.
    Key Features:

    • Quickly scan barcodes to check inventory and make adjustments as needed
    • Track items in real time and assess stock levels across multiple warehouses and bins
    • Online and offline working modes
    • Track historical information
    • Advanced barcode scanning function for using mobile rear camera or external Bluetooth scanners for quickly checking items in and out, making inventory adjustments, transferring stock, and creating purchase and sales orders

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
    28. inFlow
    inFlow Inventory is powerful inventory software that is easy to use. This solution serves as a live, central database for detailed listings of products, vendors, customers, and transactions while allowing users to have unlimited orders, customers, and products.
    Key Features:

    • Easily set up a barcode system to improve accuracy and efficiency
    • Multi-user mode for real-time collaboration
    • Track inventory for up-to-date cost information
    • Run custom or built-in reports to make better decisions
    • Organize inventory by locations or sub-locations and track by aisle or bin number

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

    • Regular: $399 one time/license
    • Premium: $799 one time/license
    • inFlow Cloud: $39/month/essential team member and $79/month/advanced team member

    29. Infoplus
    Infoplus is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management software solution for streamlining warehouse, orders, inventory, and shipments from one platform. This system empowers users to manage and track inventory accurately in real time with a slew of inventory management features like product recall tracking, inbound scheduled receipts, item cost allocation, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Track inventory across multiple warehouse locations, buildings, and lines of business with centralized inventory control
    • View items and SKUs at a glance and change their status and manage item details easily
    • Use preferred mixing, storage, and allocation rules to leverage lot control
    • Get alerts when inventory levels are high or low and know which items are in demand or are sitting; predict lead time using order history and seasonality

    Cost: FREE trial available

    • Startup: $379/month + $1,200 initial setup fee – 1 line of business, 1 warehouse, 1 building, 1 user, 100 SKUs, 500 orders/month, and 1 cart integration
    • Growth: $879/month + $2,700 initial setup fee – 1 line of business, 1 warehouse, 1 building, 3 users, 250 SKUs, 1,500 orders/month, and 3 cart integrations
    • Professional: $1,979/month + $6,000 initial setup fee – 1 line of business, 1 warehouse, 1 building, up to 10 users, unlimited SKUs, unlimited orders/month, and unlimited integrations
    • 3PL: $3,979/month + $15,000 initial setup fee – 1 line of business, multi-warehouse, multi-building, unlimited users, unlimited SKUs, unlimited orders/month, and unlimited integrations
    • Enterprise: $9,979/month + $15,000 initial setup fee – multi-lines of business, multi-warehouse, multi-building, unlimited users, unlimited SKUs, unlimited orders/month, and unlimited integrations

    30. IntelliTrack Inventory Software
    IntelliTrack Inventory Software
    Known as being “the simplest way to manage your inventory,” IntelliTrack is an innovative and effective inventory software solution. Intuitive and easy to use, the software is an ideal solution for tracking inventory with barcode scanning.
    Key Features:

    • Intelligent tracking provides deep insights into stock levels and supply usage
    • Track items easily regardless of the type of inventory you manage
    • Includes asset tracking to track exact locations, assigns, and maintenance schedules in real time
    • Reliable barcode technology for tracking inventory and locations
    • Choose between real-time and batch data synching for meeting in-house and off-site needs
    • Advanced inventory control including storing critical data such as serial numbers, lots, expiration dates, warranties, and more

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
    31. Inventoria Inventory Software
    Inventoria Inventory Software
    Inventoria is a business inventory management and stock control solution for Mac OS X or Windows. Monitor, track, and report inventory levels, costs, and averages while ensuring you never run out of stock thanks to Inventoria’s warnings and reports.
    Key Features:

    • Intuitive for ease of use
    • View inventory levels by location, category, or overall
    • Inventory reporting with product history
    • Scan barcodes to easily add new items
    • Add notes, URLs, and photos to item descriptions
    • Transfer inventory between locations
    • Mobile access with iOS and Android devices


    • Inventoria Corporate Edition: $159 – Fully featured, single installation license
    • Inventory Business Edition: $139 – All Corporate Edition features without multiple user or web access support

    32. Inventory Track
    Inventory Track
    Inventory Track from Jolly Technologies helps users easily track inventory across locations. Scan barcodes to manage and track inventory and receive alerts when items run low.
    Key Features:

    • Track inventory levels
    • Manage inventory information records
    • Generate reports on added, removed, or adjusted inventory for a given time period
    • Automatically adjust inventory levels on check in or out
    • Connect to an existing inventory or accounting database or export records for use with a third-party application
    • Maintain detailed inventory records and track critical inventory information such as type, serial number, part number, supplier, or cost

    Cost: FREE Edition available; Contact for a quote
    33. MarginPoint Mobile Inventory
    MarginPoint Mobile Inventory
    MarginPoint is a leading software solution for managing contractors’ inventory regardless of storage location. Designed for the mobile workforce, MarginPoint enables you to track all inventory after it leaves the warehouse, from consumption to requisition and replenishment.
    Key Features:

    • Single integrated mobile solution for the full inventory management workflow for all materials
    • Real-time visibility into an unlimited number of stocking locations and an unlimited number of supplier catalogs for optimizing replenishment and inventory control processes
    • Track inventory in real time across all stocking locations with an iOS or Android device
    • Maintain optimal inventory levels and minimize stockouts and shortages

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    34. Megaventory
    Megaventory makes managing and tracking inventory and orders simple. Supporting multiple locations and users, Megaventory is web-based and affordable.
    Key Features:

    • Multiple inventory locations
    • Track inventory changes over time
    • Stock alert levels
    • Supports full serial numbers
    • Track supplier availability and lead times
    • Gross profit and inventory value reports

    Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days

    • Starter: $9.90/month – 1 location, 1 user, 300 products
    • Business: $49.90/month – 5 locations, 5 users, 5,000 products
    • Corporate: $99.90/month – 10 locations, 10 users, 20,000 products

    35. NetSuite Warehouse and Fulfillment
    NetSuite Warehouse and Fulfillment
    The number one Cloud ERP software suite, NetSuite offers its warehouse and fulfillment solution for inventory management. Users automatically manage inventory while tracking inventory in multiple locations and pursuing demand planning and distribution requirements planning.
    Key Features:

    • Track products through their entire lifecycle through receipt
    • Define inventory and assembly items for tracking by lot or serial number
    • Enforce the capture and identification of all related information on each transaction to provide full tracking of each item
    • Lot tracking with multiple quantities and serial tracking with a quantity of one
    • Multi-location tracking and bin tracking
    • Hierarchical location definitions
    • Gain a holistic view of inventory levels across all physical locations by defining locations and bins and storing any item in any location

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    36. Odoo Warehouse Management Software
    Odoo Warehouse Management Software
    Odoo is an all-in-one business software that is easy to use for modern online warehouse management. Track each inventory item move, from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order, with the unique double-entry inventory system. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from any point in your supply chain.
    Key Features:

    • Real-time dynamic reports are savable and shareable
    • Get the most efficient stocking method and improve internal operations with the double-entry inventory method that does not require stock input, output, or transformation; rather, handle all operations as stock moves between locations
    • Fully automated replenishment for less stock and no stockouts
    • Cutting-edge automation and advanced routes for drop-shipping, cross-docking, and multi-warehouse

    Cost: FREE trial available

    • FREE Plan – Free for one app, fewer than 50 users
    • Online Plan: Starts at $25/user/month – Pay as you grow, fewer than 50 users
    • Enterprise Plan: $30/user/month – Includes all apps, for more than 50 users

    37. OfficeWise
    OfficeWise online inventory software is an easy-to-use solution for tracking your inventory. OfficeWise is suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes and helps users track inventory across multiple locations.
    Key Features:

    • Set up multiple inventory locations and track inventory by location
    • More than 50 reports for keeping tabs of inventory
    • Create purchase orders and track receipts
    • Create sales and orders and track shipments
    • Update inventory quantities, unit cost, and sales price
    • Set up roles and define user access to features and functions

    Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

    • FREE – Includes 1 user, add unlimited additional users free of charge, 3 transactions/month, and 3 standard user roles
    • Basic: $8.95/month – Includes 1 user, add unlimited additional users at $7.95/month/user, 10 transactions/month, 3 standard user roles, custom dashboard, reports and exports
    • Standard: $24.95/month – Includes 3 users, add unlimited additional users at $7.95/month/user, unlimited transactions, 3 standard user roles, custom dashboard, reports and exports, search and filter, and groups
    • Professional: $39.95/month – Includes 5 users, add unlimited additional users at $7.95/month/user, unlimited transactions, custom user roles, auto approvals, custom dashboard, reports and exports, search and filter, groups, tags, and budgets and planning

    38. Orderhive
    Orderhive delivers smart inventory management software for online sellers. With Orderhive, you can automatically control and track inventory across channels, warehouses, and integrated systems.
    Key Features:

    • Manage multi-warehousing easily, even with different stock policies for various channels based on product availability in warehouse and storage locations
    • Integrated inventory tracking system tracks inter-warehouse stock transfers and provides users with quick access to accurate physical stock levels
    • Use barcodes to search inventory, create orders and purchase orders, and ensure accurate shipments to customers
    • Sync product details across channels with the click of a button

    Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days

    • Starter: $50/month – 2 integrations, unlimited number of orders, unlimited number of SKUs, unlimited number of warehouses, unlimited number of users
    • Professional: $100/month – 4 integrations, unlimited number of orders, unlimited number of SKUs, unlimited number of warehouses, unlimited number of users
    • Growth: $150/month – 6 integrations, unlimited number of orders, unlimited number of SKUs, unlimited number of warehouses, unlimited number of users, and API access

    39. Paragon ERP
    Paragon ERP
    Paragon ERP is a full-featured cloud-bases system with features that help you run every aspect of your business. Manage inventory, customers, finances, and more from one place with this affordable ERP system while having all the functionality you want to accurately track inventory.
    Key Features:

    • Manage unlimited independent warehouse facilities with independent inventory lists and processes
    • Combine inventory quantities for reporting purposes
    • Virtual, static, and dynamic bin locations for tracking inventory in warehouses and indicating when they are in motion
    • Track inventory and locations using barcodes or RFID tags and smartphones or other scanning devices
    • Count and maintain material, tool, and product inventories independently
    • Use product specifications to match shelving locations based on availability, frequency of need, or size requirements


    • Up to 2 users: $250/month – Up to 2 concurrent users, includes all features, cloud-based, add-ons available
    • Up to 5 users: $470/month – Up to 5 concurrent users, includes all features, cloud-based, add-ons available
    • Up to 10 users: $680/month – Up to 10 concurrent users, includes all features, cloud-based, add-ons available
    • More than 10 users: Contact for a quote

    40. Passport Inventory
    Passport Inventory
    ASAP Systems offers Passport Inventory, a comprehensive inventory and asset tracking system enabled by barcode, RFID, and smartphone technology. This complete, scalable system gives users visibility into the locations and quantities of inventory and assets around the clock to save your organization time and money.
    Key Features:

    • Appropriate for businesses, organizations, and enterprises of any size
    • On-premises or cloud-based solution
    • Track beyond quantity-based stock and manage serialized, batch, or lot inventory types
    • Prevent stockouts, overstocks, and improve inventory turnover to improve your bottom line
    • Use mobile scanners to track inventory and perform transactions while eliminating data entry errors
    • Set inventory level triggers on specific locations for stock transfers and purchase orders

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    41. Radley Inventory Control
    Radley Inventory Control
    Radley Software Solutions has been providing software for eCommerce, manufacturing, and warehouses for more than 40 years. Their inventory control solution provides real-time visibility and granular tracking to help you track inventory at remote locations without ERP.
    Key Features:

    • Create detailed inventory reports
    • Gain real-time visibility to inventory levels through built-in data collection technology
    • Accurately track inventory
    • Streamline tasks
    • Ensure error-proof data with barcode scanning from the desktop application or mobile handheld devices
    • Automate inventory transactions and validate information
    • Manage unlimited items

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    42. RedBeam Inventory Management
    RedBeam Inventory Management
    RedBeam strives to make asset tracking and inventory management easy. That’s why their inventory management software solution is simple to set up and use to efficiently and accurately track items with barcode labels.
    Key Features:

    • Easily track item movements
    • Take cycle counts or conduct physical inventory
    • Run useful inventory reports
    • Track inventory by location
    • Easily receive, move, or issue items or physical inventories and cycle counts easily
    • Increased visibility to available inventory with useful searching and reordering functionality
    • Track lot and serial numbers, expiration dates, and reference numbers as needed
    • Stamps all transactions with the date, time, and user for complete visibility

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    43. SalesWarp Inventory Management System
    SalesWarp Inventory Management System
    SalesWarp provides centralized inventory management with their cloud-based inventory management system. Accurately track inventory in real time across your entire supply chain and sync inventory across multiple channels with this inventory software solution.
    Key Features:

    • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes
    • Real-time inventory visibility across channels, warehouses, suppliers, and dropshippers
    • Multi-channel, real time inventory management and tracking so you don’t oversell or experience stockouts, no matter where your inventory is located
    • Easily view inventory by channel

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    44. Solid Commerce
    Solid Commerce
    SolidCommerce enables multi-channel inventory management, shipping, and more for online retailers. This single  platform syncs inventory across all web stores and online sales channels so you can track inventory quickly and easily.
    Key Features:

    • Centralized inventory management software
    • Monitor and track inventory changes
    • Set up multiple warehouses and view total inventory levels across all locations
    • Assign specific quantity levels to each marketplace
    • Automatically update inventory from multiple vendors, and item quantity and cost will instantly update within your select warehouse and list to marketplaces
    • Track order numbers, Excel uploads, and manual updates with Inventory History

    Cost: Starts at $399/month
    45. Stitch Labs
    Stitch Labs
    Stitch Labs is a top inventory management software that gives users a complete inventory control system. Gain total inventory visibility and control and automate multichannel inventory management with Stitch.
    Key Features:

    • Seamlessly sync sales channels, warehouses, purchase orders, and more to gain real-time insight and control
    • Accurately forecast and take action as demand changes
    • Easily track and manage stock across warehouses, 3PLs, and stores
    • Mobile-friendly workflows and barcode scanners improve efficiency and reduce errors


    • Basic: Starts at $499/month billed annually – Multichannel inventory control with unlimited sales channels, 2 partner integrations, up to 2,000 orders/month, and unlimited users
    • High-Growth: Starts at $799/month billed annually – Unlimited sales channels, unlimited partner integrations, up to 2,000 orders/month, and unlimited users
    • Premium: Contact for a quote

    46. STORIS
    STORIS is an inventory management software solution for home furnishing retailer inventory control. Users gain better control and track inventory in real-time with little effort while improving furniture inventory accuracy.
    Key Features:

    • Reduce inventory age and increase turn ratios
    • Real-time inventory management for more strategic decision-making
    • Precise inventory tracking with real-time updates of inventory quantities and statuses across your entire supply chain
    • Audit tracking by user and store location to minimize inventory shrinkage
    • Just-in-time inventory management capabilities
    • Barcode scanning technology for counting, receiving, picking, and tracking processes; accurately transmit information from anywhere in your organization to one centralized database to eliminate potential human error

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    47. SYSPRO Inventory Management
    SYSPRO Inventory Management
    SYSPRO Inventory Management ensures optimum inventory control and tracking for optimizing stock levels, freeing up working capital, and providing more effective customer service. Get a holistic view of inventory levels and track inventory easily to get the right balance within the supply chain.
    Key Features:

    • Gain visibility to current and future supply and demand
    • Monitor and track inventory at a granular level
    • Achieve optimum inventory levels at the correct locations
    • Reduce the problem of excessive inventory
    • Improve inventory forecast accuracy and improve order fulfillment performance

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    48. TradeGecko
    A cloud-based inventory management platform, TradeGecko inventory and order management software helps you manage inventory in real time across sales channels and multiple warehouses. With TradeGecko Mobile, you can manage products, customers, inventory, and orders from anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.
    Key Features:

    • Manage and track all products in one place
    • Create quotes and purchase orders and connect to Xero or QuickBooks for accounting
    • Keep stock, warehouses, currencies, taxes, and price lists in one system
    • Manage inventory in real time across multiple sales channels and multiple warehouses
    • Generate inventory reports for better business decisions in real time

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Plans start at $79/month
    49. Unleashed
    Unleased Software offers powerful inventory management solutions that enable users to manage inventory and integrate with accounting and eCommerce platforms. Manage your inventory in the cloud and determine location more quickly.
    Key Features:

    • Perpetual inventory control for an accurate view of product margins and profit
    • Real-time access to inventory, cost, tracking information, and more using the Stock Enquiry feature
    • Flexible reporting to create stock counts and report filters for suppliers, product groups, warehouses, bin locations, and more
    • Multi-warehouse management

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
    50. VersAccounts
    VersAccounts is a next-generation cloud ERP system with advanced inventory capabilities. VersAccounts supports multiple warehouses, serial numbers, lot numbers, and barcodes.
    Key Features:

    • Track and manage inventory across warehouses using serial numbers, lot numbers, barcodes, custom-data fields, and any units of measurement
    • Track and manage inventory across multiple locations and drop-shipping
    • Paperless receiving and easy cycle counting
    • Operate in different currencies
    • Complies with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) tracking and tracing requirements


    • Express Edition: $499/month billed annually with annual contract or $349/month billed annually with 4-year contract – 3 users included, unlimited transactions, and all core ERP modules included
    • Power Edition: $999/month billed annually with annual contract or $699/month billed annually with 4-year contract – 5 users included, unlimited transactions, and all core ERP modules included
    • Infinity Edition: $1,499/month billed annually with annual contract or $1,049/month billed annually with 4-year contract – 5 users included, unlimited transactions, and all core ERP modules included

    51. Windward Inventory Control Software
    Windward Inventory Control Software
    Windward Software provides leading point-of-sale, accounting, and inventory control software for a variety of industries. Their real-time inventory software includes tools for managing and tracking inventory to improve cost control processes.
    Key Features:

    • Print insightful reports
    • Track inventory movement
    • Integrate inventory information with modules in the Windward System Five business management system
    • Real-time inventory tracking and management to reduce inventory shrinkage and optimize cash flow while improving customer service
    • Use barcodes for controlling and tracking inventory
    • Search and track items and increase warehouse productivity

    Cost: FREE trial available; Starts at $4,3000 installed in your business

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