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How to Choose the Right Labels for Your Warehouse Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]


Choosing the right labels for your warehouse environment can seem like a daunting task. There are myriad label options for every conceivable warehouse application, from cold storage needs to floor labels, hanging signs, and more. And with multiple usability considerations, such as whether you require long-range scanning capabilities, the options can seem overwhelming.
Selecting the right labels for your warehouse applications results in numerous benefits, from boosting warehouse productivity to enhancing overall supply chain efficiency, eliminating the human error that comes with manual data entry, and more. So to make the process of selecting the right labels for your warehouse needs simpler, we’ve created a helpful infographic illustrating the various materials, attachments, and other label features and options.
Check out our infographic below for an intuitive explanation of the important considerations you should weigh when choosing warehouse labels, such as temperature, scanning range, attachments, and other need-to-know information to configure the optimal warehouse labeling solution for your needs.
Choosing the Right Warehouse Labels Infographic

Full Infographic Text:

The Best Attachment for Your Environment

Dry Storage Warehouse

100 °F – 50 °F

Cold Storage Warehouse

50 °F – 33 °F

Freezer Storage Warehouse

33 °F – 0 °F

High Performance Adhesive Y N N
All Temperature Adhesive N Y Y
Foam Tape Y N N
Zip Ties Y N N
Metal Frames Y N N
Magnet Y N N
Freezer Magnet N Y Y
Metal Band N Y Y
The Best Labels for Your Scanning Range
Short Range 0-15 ft.
Long Range 15-50 ft.
The Right Label Material
Premium Polyester Key Features:
Highly readable
Best For:
Short-range indoor tracking
Warehouse Environments:
Magnetic  Key Features:
Easily repositionable and removable
Best For:
Short-range indoor tracking
Warehouse Environments:
Retro Reflective  Key Features:
Scannable from long-range
Best For:
Long-range indoor tracking
Warehouse Environments:
Polycarbonate Key Features:
Withstands cold
Best For:
Short-range indoor tracking
Warehouse Environments:
Cold storage and freezer storage
Metalphoto Foil Key Features:
Durable and flexible
Best For:
Short-range tracking, frequently cleaned or abused assets
Warehouse Environments:
Metalphoto Photosensitive Aluminum Key Features:
Unmatched durability
Best For:
Outdoor signage, harsh environments
Warehouse Environments:

Benefits of Warehouse Labelling

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Product visibility and warehouse location
  • Boost warehouse productivity
  • Eliminate manual entry errors

A Floor to Ceiling Solution

  • Bulk storage Options
    • Container Labels
    • Pallet Labels
    • Floor Labels
    • Hanging Signs
    • LPN Labels
  • Rack Label Options
    • Single Level Labels
    • Multi-Level Labels
    • Wrap-around labels
  • Safety Signs & Striping
  • Installation Services

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