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The Best Asset Tracking Software Systems (2024 Reviews)

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Assets are a critical component of any business or organization, but tracking those assets can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of the entire work day.

The good news is, barcodes, scanners, asset tracking software, and other asset tracking systems can streamline your work day and help to make your employees work more efficiently and productively. The best asset tracking software also enable organizations to track repair and maintenance schedules, asset locations, and other crucial asset information.

We understand the value of assets and the importance of utilizing high-quality software systems to track them. That’s why we have compiled our list of the top software solutions and tools to track assets and equipment.

We have searched software reviews, top technology sites and blogs, and expert opinions to build this list of top-rated asset tracking software solutions. Our software picks cover a range of industries and include the most useful features, such as automated check in and check out; asset tracking by site, location, user, serial number, and other criteria; alerts and notifications of overdue assets, maintenance needs, expiring warranties; multi-user and multi-location support; and more. To meet all of your asset tracking needs, our list of top asset tracking systems and tools also includes handheld scanners and mobile asset tracking apps.

Please note: the best asset tracking software solutions, systems, and tools listed here are in no particular order.
1. Share My Toolbox
Share My Toolbox
A modern solution for tracking your tools, Share My Toolbox enables contractors to keep tabs on their investments in the many small tools they use in the course of conducting business. With a clean, intuitive interface and a unique, peer-to-peer sharing concept, Share My Tools makes it possible to move tools from warehouse to field or from person to person fluidly.
Key Features: 

  • Mobile-first solution with a web interface as well
  • Create additional user accounts
  • Track tools awaiting repair or at remote locations or drop sites
  • Locate tools by barcode; assign to employees with a swipe
  • Uses the built-in camera on mobile devices
  • Track tools as they move in the field with simple search and transfer


  • $5/month (base system + 1 admin)
  • $50/month (each block of 5 additional users)

2. WiseTrack Core Asset Tracking Software
WiseTrack Core asset tracking software
WiseTrack Core Asset Tracking Software manages data for assets, locations, users, vendors, contracts, and more. All of the data is organized in a central Asset Repository, supported by Microsoft SQL Server. WiseTrack Core features Windows user interface designs, making it simple and familiar for users.
Key Features:

  • Designed and tested with Microsoft technologies
  • Built to scale
  • Supports multiple users of the system
  • Can run as a single stand-alone solution
  • Integrates best practices, database design, relational integrity, and proper naming conventions
  • Works with bar code technology, data importing/integration tools, and more
  • Easily customizable to suit your specific needs

Cost: Contact for a quote
3. IntelliTrack
IntelliTrackIntelliTrack Software manages inventory and assets, including anything that can be tagged or barcoded. IntelliTrack Fixed Assets Tracking Software is appropriate for a variety of industries and uses and makes it simple to manage assets.
Key Features:

  • View data updates in real-time
  • Access all of the data on any browser with an internet connection
  • Drag-and-drop design so end-user reports fit your exact specifications
  • Search and view reports using the reports tab and search by type or name
  • View and edit items, assign numbers, update descriptions, sort into categories, add measurements, and more
  • Designed to work on mobile devices, even allowing you to access inventory data from your phone

Cost: $75/concurrent user per month
4. ManagerPlus Asset Tracking
ManagerPlus Asset Tracking
ManagerPlus asset tracker is an easy-to-use software system the helps companies increase their ROI while decreasing their operating costs. Track the location and return due dates for any asset with ManagerPlus Asset Tracking, an add-on module for ManagerPlus Desktop and ManagerPlus Cloud. ManagerPlus Asset Tracking also allows users to create as many locations as needed.
Key Features:

  • Create job locations and then easily drag and drop assets to assign them to a location
  • Track areas of a facility, individual job sites, parts rooms, and more
  • Historical records are kept for each assignment, creating insight into assets history or movement
  • Track custom data fields for asset assignment


  • $45/user per month (Lightning Basic)
  • $85/user per month (Lightning Plus)

5. FMIS Fixed Asset Management
FMIS Fixed Asset Management
FMIS Fixed Asset Management software is trusted in more than 40 countries. FIMS offers a full range of fixed asset management solutions to address your business requirements, from a simple fixed asset register to a complete asset management and tracking system. With FIMS, you get a modular approach to tailor the software to your needs.
Key Features:

  • Barcoding software is flexible to fit your unique environment
  • Bring control, information, and accuracy to your organization
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of physical assets
  • Track every step of the asset life cycle
  • Efficient data entry
  • Accurate and up-to-date equipment and asset lists at all times

Cost: Contact for a quote
6. EZOfficeInventory
EZOfficeInventory asset tracking system
EZOfficeInventory is a leading web-based asset tracking software solution. With EZOfficeInventory, you can easily access asset information from any device, from anywhere, and at any time. EZOfficeInventory offers Android, iOS, and Windows apps and is accessible from any mobile device with a browser.
Key Features:

  • Support, maintenance, and upgrades are bundled in with your package
  • Check in and check out assets effortlessly
  • Mobile apps have barcode scanning included, to save you the cost and rigidity associated with specialized scanning devices
  • Scan labels from your smartphone to quickly pull up asset details, whenever and wherever
  • Custom attributes for assets include text, numeric, date, multi-select, and email alert types

Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days

  • Essential: $35-40/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
  • Advanced: $45-52/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
  • Premium: $50-60/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
  • Pricing scales higher based on the total number of assets
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

7. Asset Panda
Asset Panda
Asset Panda seeks to help your organization organize and manage all of your assets. Their powerful asset tracking system is designed to replace costly hardware, software, and spreadsheets. Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset tracking system that allows users to use smartphones or tablets to track assets with their free apps.
Key Features:

  • Use existing smartphones and tablets to avoid purchasing additional hardware
  • Replace spreadsheets and import data back to Excel if necessary
  • Generate automated reports about assets and organize data by location, category, and more
  • Free Android and iOS apps that sync with your cloud account
  • Create special items through the Custom Field option
  • Built-in mobile barcode scanner allows you to quickly locate a specific item by searching assets you’ve already logged into Asset Panda

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
8. Track’em


Track’em enables companies to gain visibility, drive efficiency, and maintain control of shutdowns, construction, and maintenance, providing a single source of truth for vital information about every resource needed to get the job done, including location, condition, status, history, and more. Track’em makes it possible for companies to track materials, time, plants and equipment, stores, and asset maintenance, all in one single, comprehensive platform.

Key Features: 

  • Intuitive mobile apps
  • Streamlined deployment
  • Online reporting for up-to-date insights
  • Replaces spreadsheets, paper forms, and manual processes
  • Track every resource needed to get the job done

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. Sunflower Systems
Sunflower Systems
An enterprise asset management solutions company, Sunflower Systems specializes in deploying software tools to simplify asset management tasks. With its comprehensive Lifecycle Asset Management solution, Sunflower Systems enables the effective management, control, and use of property, improving accountability and regulatory compliance through the entire enterprise asset management lifecycle.
Key Features: 

  • Monitor, control, and account for property transactions
  • Accounts for all types and classifications of property
  • Track everything from personal and real property to material, capital, IT assets, vehicles, weapons, scientific equipment, uniforms, parts, tools, and more
  • Mobile solutions for receiving, physical inventory, shipping, and excess management
  • Track your enterprise property through the full lifecycle, from acquisition to use and disposal

Cost: Contact for a quote
10. Tofino
Tofino Software is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cloud-based SaaS resource and procurement management applications. Tofino offers a single integrated cloud solution for your organization’s needs, including inventory management, asset management, maintenance management, and smart procurement. Their enterprise asset management solution includes logging, location tracking, calibration, repair and warranty information, and a digital library.
Key Features:

  • Track assets in real-time from your desktop or from any web-enabled mobile device
  • Create your own asset categories
  • Upload images to the asset library in real-time from your web-enabled mobile device
  • Manage asset conditions, repair status, warranties, and complete cost of ownership

Cost: Contact for a quote
11. Infor EAM
Infor EAM
Infor is known as a leading provider of enterprise applications, specialized by industry. Infor EAM is a highly configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution. Get the power to improve capital asset management to increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.
Key Features:

  • Available in industry-specific editions, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, public sector, and oil and gas
  • Schedule preventive maintenance and assign resources where they will be most beneficial
  • Find out where and why your capital assets might fail and plan alternatives
  • Predict equipment reliability problems so you can prevent them from happening
  • Reduce inventory and purchasing costs and collect on warranty-related claims
  • Manage assets to meet corporate performance goals

Cost: Contact for a quote
12. 4Site Enterprise Asset Management
4Site Enterprise Asset Management
4Site Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Suite is an integrated solution for maintenance, materials, and financial management. Extend the scope of your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) beyond maintenance with 4Site EAM’s tightly integrated capabilities for maintenance, purchasing, inventory, accounting, and financial activities. 4Site Asset Maintenance is the centerpiece of the 4Site integrated EAM suite.
Key Features:

  • Provides unique capabilities that help plant and equipment managers maximize asset performance, drive down maintenance costs, and mine revenue from critical assets
  • Enhanced preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Out-of-the-box reliability centered maintenance tools
  • Access critical information
  • Effective cost control

Cost: Contact for a quote
13. Fishbowl Asset Tracking and Asset Management Software
Fishbowl Asset Tracking and Asset Management Software
Fishbowl is the top-selling inventory management software for QuickBooks users. Fishbowl is a standalone asset tracking solution that provides all of the tools needed for managing multiple warehouses, tracking shipments, and increasing efficiency.
Key Features:

  • QuickBooks compatible
  • Avoid stockouts and overstocks
  • Quickly pick, pack, and ship products
  • Create and organize multiple locations and location groups
  • Create and track items in different units of measure
  • Create users

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
14. ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems offers a comprehensive inventory and asset tracking system that is enabled by barcode and smartphone technology. The ASAP Systems asset tracking system adapts to your business needs. With ASAP Systems, your organization can increase business productivity and automate asset management tasks.
Key Features:

  • Rename data fields and forms as needed
  • Automate asset tracking tasks, including data collection and storage
  • Create insightful asset reports

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
15. GigaTrak

GigaTrak offers solutions that meet a variety of needs, including asset tracking. Their asset tracking system is a complete asset management solution that is known for its reliability and ease of use. This powerful software helps you find assets when you need them, with tracking available by person or location.
Key Features:

  • Manage any asset or item that you want to track by location or employee
  • Search for assets by class, type, location, and facility
  • Asset tracking software maintains a complete history
  • Complete reporting built-in
  • Available in four versions: Asset Tracking Starter Edition, Asset Tracking Basic Edition, Asset Tracking Professional Edition, and Asset Tracking School Edition

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
16. Apptricity Asset
Apptricity Asset
Apptricity is a world-leading provider of innovative mobile enterprise software for supply chain management and integrated finance solutions. Apptricity Asset, available in standard, professional, and enterprise editions, allows organizations to multiple their efficiencies and maximize their ROI with end-to-end visibly and oversight for every aspect of their physical assets.
Key Features:

  • Supplies comprehensive enterprise-wide tracking, inventory data, maintenance records, and valuation for all assets, extending asset life
  • Critical, real-time data for making purchasing, allocation, scheduling, useful-life, and salvaging decisions
  • Check in and check out functionality to track assets by division, department, employee, contractor, or other criteria
  • Get immediate access with a web browser or the Apptricity Asset Management mobile application

Cost: Contact for a quote
17. System ID
System ID
System ID helps small to medium-sized businesses automate manual processes, scale existing systems, and optimize critical operations using barcode solutions. Their asset tracker system helps organizations save time and money, plus avoid auditing headaches and streamline asset processes.
Key Features:

  • Dedicated asset solutions team available to help
  • Save time by quickly completing audits
  • Minimize loss with accurate reporting
  • Improve productivity by easily collecting and retrieving detailed data
  • Increase profits by eliminating unnecessary purchases and repairs

Cost: Contact for a quote
18. ScanMan Asset Management System (SAMS)
ScanMan Asset Management System
ScanMan software aims to make scanning easy. The ScanMan Asset Management System (SAMS) uses the latest hardware, software, scanning, and communications technology to manage assets. SAMS begins and ends with your ERP or Excel data and provides fully-detailed traceability of all of your assets.
Key Features:

  • Manages asset data and keeps a complete history of adjustments made
  • Supports file imports, PC data capture, USB scanner, WiFi scanner, or batch scanner so you can quickly capture your asset data
  • Support for 20 asset fields, including 4 levels of asset classes and 4 levels of location
  • Pick lists are managed on the PC and synchronized with the scanner for easy and accurate data capture
  • Quick Reconciling tool for linking scanned assets to financial transactions

Cost: Contact for a quote
19. 4SIGHT Asset Track
4SIGHT Asset Track
4SIGHT Asset Track is an inventory management software that helps organizations track high-value inventory, including work-in-progress inventory and manufacturing equipment, returnable transport items, such as reusable totes, pallets, etc., using barcodes and other auto-ID technologies.
Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Alert notification
  • Data aggregation
  • Human error elimination
  • Flexible integration
  • Inventory management

Cost: FREE trial available for 90 days; Contact for a quote
20. TrackAbout
TrackAbout provides SaaS asset tracking and management solutions for companies in packaged gas, chemicals, HME, oil field, university equipment, and more. With TrackAbout, employees get powerful asset tracking in their hands. TrackAbout also integrates with existing enterprise systems and provides relevant, accurate data to provide your organization with better control of your assets.
Key Features:

  • Track, manage, maintain, and optionally rent portable physical assets
  • Automatically and intelligently corrects issues like missed scans, syncing devices out of order, billing mistakes, and more
  • Built with innovative web-based technologies
  • Works on a variety of devices

Cost: Contact for a quote
21. BarControl Trak360
BarControl Trak360
BarControl Systems provides inventory control and supply chain management software solutions. Their asset/equipment management core module, Trak360, is an asset management software solution offering complete fixture, tool, equipment, and calibration tracking.
Key Features:

  • Achieve efficient maintenance and utilization of all company assets
  • Tracks the ownership, current assignment and location, and utilization of each individual asset
  • Assign assets by general locations, such as departments or accounts, or check them out in detail to multiple employees for use on several work orders

Cost: Contact for a quote
22. Aridhio Technologies Physical Asset Tracking App
Physical Asset Tracking App
Aridhio Technologies offers physical asset tracking software and their Physical Asset Tracking App to help organizations track physical assets with barcoded location tags. Employees can use their Android smartphone to scan asset and location barcodes, maintain transaction records, check out assets to personnel, and record and track maintenance with the Physical Asset Tracking app from Aridhio.
Key Features:

  • For use with barcode labels
  • Check out assets to individuals using barcoded ID badges and the asset’s barcode
  • Assign due dates
  • Track location by address and specific areas at facilities using barcoded location tags
  • Generate spreadsheets of usage and depreciation history
  • Track maintenance and scheduled service

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • $18/month for the basic plan (up to 3 users and 200 assets)
  • $54/month for the professional plan (up to 10 users and 800 assets)
  • $89/month for the commercial plan (up to 25 users and 2,000 assets)
  • $139/month for the enterprise plan

23. Blackberry Radar

Blackberry Radar
Blackberry Radar is a complete asset tracking solution that was designed for monitoring trailers, containers, and equipment. Each device can take readings from up to 8 sensors, giving you a complete picture of the asset status at all times. The software is easy to use, and this platform is easy to scale to meet the needs of your operation.
Key Features:

  • Rugged design and construction for excellent durability
  • 8 sensor readings from one device
  • Powerful dashboards, analytics, and reporting
  • All data is protected by Blackberry encryption and authentication services

Cost: Contact for a quote
24. eQuip! Asset Management
eQuip! Asset Management
eQuip! delivers easy to use, flexible software. Their complete asset management platform allows organizations to focus on the business behind asset management while the asset tracking software does the rest. Choose eQuip! Asset Management to “eliminate work and maximize your savings.”
Key Features:

  • Web-based enterprise asset management software that is easy to use
  • Access from any web browser with smartphones and tablets to audit assets and manage inventory
  • Native mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Win Mobile
  • Easy tools for customizing screens, reports, and workflows
  • Easily integrates with ERP or other software systems via web APIs

Cost: Contact for a quote
25. AsTrack
From BCDS Solutions, Australia’s leading barcode solutions provider, AsTrack is an asset tracking tool for Android devices. AsTrack is a secure, easy-to-use asset management solution for tracing and tracking assets within a warehouse or store environment.
Key Features:

  • Web-based
  • Leverages the latest mobile network technologies
  • Streamlines business functions by automating asset management processes
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Track assets by barcode, type, category, location, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote
26. ClearPathGPS
ClearPathGPS offers its asset management solution for industries of all types. The devices used are dual powered with solar support, and you can easily automate your asset tracking by identifying specific geo zones that can be managed individually. The extensive reporting options help your team identify issues and opportunities for improvement among your entire equipment fleet.
Key Features:

  • Automatically log arrivals and departures from GPS geofences
  • Solar-powered tracking hardware that will give updates every 10 minutes when assets are in motion
  • Receive SMS theft alerts to help protect your valuable property
  • An easy-to-configure ClearPathGPS dashboard with access to all the important functions


  • $20/month per vehicle (standard software)
  • $25/month per vehicle (pro software)
  • Additional costs for tracking devices and accessories

27. Skyline Mobile Asset Management

Skyline Mobile Asset Management
Enigma Telematics, a Viasat Group company, seeks to help businesses track, trace, and monitor their valuable mobile assets. Their Skyline Mobile Asset Management solution is a web-based tracking platform appropriate for construction, plant and agricultural machinery, waste management, logistics, service management, and road transport organizations.
Key Features:

  • Get instant information about fleet location, asset history, and routing
  • Access data, including current position, of stolen assets to help law enforcement agencies
  • Available for 10-inch and 7-inch tablet users

Download: Google Play: FREE to download, but requires a current subscription to the Skyline Asset Tracking System for use

28. Dematic Sprocket EAM

Sprocket EAM
Dematic Sprocket EAM is warehouse management software designed for lean warehouse facilities to proactively manage asset maintenance and reliability. The Dematic Sprocket EAM asset management solution allows organizations to effectively manage assets by assessing and tracking equipment repairs, forecasting future needs for better capital planning, and keeping your facility competitive.
Key Features:

  • Easily index condition assessments, view contracts and warranty information, nameplate data, repair history, and customized spare parts lists per asset
  • Track repair and installation costs to forecast expenditures for budgeting and better overall capital planning
  • Customize meter thresholds for your warehouse assets to track run time and identify potential issues

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
29. AssetWorks
AssetWorks delivers industry-leading business solutions that help asset-intensive organizations control costs and streamline operations. Their mobile inventory solutions include a fixed asset data collection and on-site reconciliation system. Begin simply with a file containing the applicable fields for your physical inventory.
Key Features:

  • Easy data capturing methods and full mobile database capabilities
  • Gives users the ability to capture tags via barcode scanner, manual entry, and other methods
  • User-friendly configuration utilities
  • Utilizes handheld computers or scanners to scan tags and manage data in the field
  • Create new assets and transfer assets from one location to another in one simple step
  • Reconcile missing assets on-site based on a tag number, serial number, or asset ID

Cost: Contact for a quote
30. Sortly
Sortly provides end-to-end inventory and asset management through an excellent digital platform.  The visual inventory map is easy to customize with your own folders, fields, and barcodes. The system will display a visual inventory of your entire asset database, and you can also customize individual user permissions and generate reports using real-time data.
Key Features:

  • Fully customize fields, categories, and sorting for the entire database
  • Easily connect barcodes or QR codes to an asset
  • Upload images and important documents for each item
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS


  • FREE (100 entries, single user, 1 custom field)
  • $39/month Advanced (2000 entries, 3 users, 10 custom fields)
  • $99/month Ultra (Unlimited entries, 5 users, unlimited custom fields)

31. MapYourTag
MapYourTag makes asset tracking from your smartphone or tablet simple. MapYourTag assists enterprises and other organizations in tracking, managing, and tracing their assets, equipment, tools, and other items in a single interface using any ID, barcode, or other tags. Track assets, equipment, and tools with the MapYourTag app, available for Android and iOS devices.
Key Features:

  • Works for a number of industries, including home care, supply chain, industrial, event management, quality control, and more
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based system delivers all of the benefits of asset management systems at a fraction of the cost
  • Combines status and localization of your asset
  • Get email alerts based upon asset status
  • Available any time, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet
  • Get more control in managing your asset on visibility, transparency, traceability, and productivity


  • Free Plan – 2 users, 10 assets
  • Pro: $17/month – 20 users, 50 assets
  • Enterprise: $35/month – 200 users, 50 assets
  • Custom: Contact for a quote
  • Google Play: FREE
  • iTunes: FREE

32. Asset Tracker
Asset Tracker
Asset Tracker is a free inventory/asset tracking and management web application. Track any sort of asset, with a user-configurable number, type, and field name. Asset Tracker can hold multiple asset databases and has a plug-in system and simple authentication and access process.
Key Features:

  • Add or remove any columns from the database at any time
  • Create multiple asset databases containing any information you wish to track
  • Comprehensive filters and sorting in the list view
  • Bookmark all asset list views

Cost: FREE
33. RedBeam Asset Tracking Software

RedBeam Asset Tracking Software
RedBeam Asset Tracking Software helps organizations know what they have and where it is. With RedBeam, you can increase accountability, meet audit requirements, and minimize insurance costs and taxes. Manage your assets from anywhere with RedBeam’s web-based asset tracking.
Key Features:

  • Easily tag and track asset movements
  • Take physical inventories
  • See what is lost, missing, or moved
  • Suitable for 500 or more fixed assets
  • Scalable and secure


  • $995/year per user (1-year plan)
  • $948.33/year per user ($2,845 3-year plan)
  • $899 Per User/Per Year ($4,495 5-year plan)

34. TCMax Asset Tracking System


TCMax Asset Tracking System
The Asset Tracking System from TCMax is real-time tracking software. Know exactly where your assets are at all times or track the status and condition of your assets with TCMax Asset Tracking software. Plus, quickly see who has your assets and pinpoint when and in whose possession asset defects occur.
Key Features:

  • Automated exception notification and reporting
  • Real-time asset management
  • Track asset location, status, and condition

Cost: Contact for a quote
35. Janam XM-75


Janam XM-75
The Janam XM-75 is an asset tracking tool that is known for its ease of use, durability, and flexibility. This portable barcode scanner is a fully functional AndroidOS portable computer, with a built-in laser barcode scanner. The Janam XM-75 has built-in Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and is certified by Google Mobile Services (GMS).
Key Features:

  • AndroidOS
  • High-performance barcode scanning
  • Small, light, and truly pocketable
  • Backlit numeric keypad
  • Brilliant and durable Gorilla Glass 3 display
  • Powerful computing performance
  • Wireless communication options

Cost: Contact for a quote

36. Real Asset Management Asset Tracking Software
Real Asset Management Fixed Asset Tracking Software
Real Asset Management, a leader of fixed asset management solutions, offers fixed asset management and tracking software. Their fixed asset tracking software is a comprehensive data capture and asset tracking system that increases the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the asset audit.
Key Features:

  • Asset tracking software provides a central register in which detailed information on all assets can be recorded
  • Appropriate for use in data collection or more comprehensively for ongoing audits
  • Provides information concerning location history, condition, asset issue, asset returns, maintenance, and disposals
  • Mobile asset tracking application available for iOs and Android devices

Cost: Contact for a quote

37. CG4 Asset Tracking
CG4 Asset Tracking
CG4 is an enterprise-level, web-based asset and equipment tracking system. With CG4, you can install the software locally or choose to have it installed on a hosted server. CG4 Asset Tracking is configurable and compatible with integrated scanners, smartphones, USB scanners, and Bluetooth-connected scanners using barcodes.
Key Features:

  • Web-based asset tracking
  • Mobile asset management
  • Server and workstation operating system flexibility
  • Offline and online modes
  • Hardware and browser independent
  • SQL database

Cost: Contact for a quote

38. Assettrac
Dedicated to helping organizations manage and save with their physical assets, Assettrac offers a low-cost solution to all of your asset tracking needs. The Assettrac software is easy to use and an excellent off-the-shelf solution to your asset tracking needs.
Key Features:

  • Transforms the lifecycle management of all your assets, without installing new software
  • Reduce management time and paperwork
  • Move data between PC and handheld very easily
  • Carry your asset inventory around with you
  • Interrogate any asset via its barcode label to display all characteristics
  • Conduct inventory audits and amend any detail

Cost: Contact for a quote

39. Bar|Scan Software
Bar|Scan Software
Bar|Scan is a complete barcode asset management system that delivers specialized barcoding software. It is designed to meet a company’s enterprise-wide asset information needs through the accuracy of barcodes and portable barcode readers so that your organization can more accurately track assets in less time compared to manual inventory tracking.
Key Features:

  • Accounting, facilities, MIS, and purchasing departments can share Bar|Scan asset information for better communication
  • Bar|Scan works equally as well in a warehouse environment
  • Browse, sort, add, edit, or print assets
  • Assign filters passwords so that only assets in workers’ areas of responsibility are accessible

Cost: Contact for a quote
40. Finale Inventory
Finale Inventory
Finale Inventory offers cloud-based, adaptable inventory management. An ideal solution for small to medium-sized companies, Finale Inventory fits in with a company’s existing accounting system, such as QuickBooks or Excel. Finale Inventory Tracking Software includes is easy to understand and accessible from anywhere, so employees in various locations have consistent views of your records.
Key Features:

  • Cloud-hosted, so no need for IT or installation
  • Works on any browser, with a PC or Mac
  • Reduce human error
  • Employees at multiple locations see the same record
  • Make changes on-site and access asset records anywhere with mobile inventory software
  • iPad inventory management has full-screen editing

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Bronze: $99/month – 2 users, 1,000 orders/month, 2 integrations, 100,000 items
  • Silver: $275/month – 6 users, 5,000 orders/month, 4 integrations, 100,000 items
  • Gold: $449/month – 8 users, 10,000 orders/month, 8 integrations, 100,000 items
  • Platinum: $649/month – 12 users, 20 orders/month, unlimited integrations, 100,000 items
  • Enterprise Custom: Contact for a quote

41. Unitech HT510A
Unitech HT510A
Unitech is known for its affordable, reliable data capture products. Their HT510A is a best-selling asset tracking tool that provides a straightforward user experience. This rugged handheld computer is powerful and flexible enough to work in a variety of environments, including warehouses and stockrooms to track your assets.
Key Features:

  • Ergonomic, single-hand holding design
  • Protected against falls to concrete, withstanding repeated falls of up to 4 feet
  • Equipped with a  clear, sunlight-readable screen and luminescent keys that shine in the dark
  • Designed specifically for warehousing applications

Cost: Contact for a quote
42. Datalogic PowerScan PD9501


Datalogic PowerScan PD9501

Datalogic’s PowerScan PD9501 is a rugged cordless reader that is suitable even for demanding applications. This area imager is a great fit as an asset tracking tool because it is equipped with a new generation of the Datalogic STAR Cordless System, which improves its versatility, ease of use, and radio range. Its soft-pulsed white illumination light is gentle on the eyes and is less troublesome for operators during scan-intensive situations.
Key Features:

  • High-performance Liquid Lens increases the depth-of-field for reading wide and high-density codes
  • Snappy omnidirectional reading
  • Soft white light illumination
  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmission

Cost: Contact for a quote
SHOOTRAC offers asset relationship management (ARM) in the form of a cloud-based, scalable, SaaS that gives organizations the ability to capture real-time data on its assets and mobile workforce. With SHOOOTRAC, you can gain efficiency and decrease costs while tracking your assets.
Key Features:

  • Asset usage tracking improves efficiency and lowers costs
  • Photo and video capture of assets, giving managers insight into asset condition and required repairs
  • Asset check in/check out ensures accountability and theft reduction
  • GPS locations of physical assets integrated with Google Maps, providing precision mapping
  • The web-based app makes it simple for managers to access SHOOTRAC from anywhere
  • Mobile app for field use, so you can easily gather information

Cost: Contact for a quote
44. UpKeep

UpKeep’s asset management software helps you track equipment downtime, manage maintenance requests, and improve your overall return on investment. Users can set up automated workflows and create alerts to keep them informed of technician assignments and completed work. Creating and assigning work orders is convenient with the streamlined maintenance request system.
Key Features:

  • Track the complete asset lifecycle for each piece of equipment
  • Complete data management and reporting with PDF file export
  • View accurate and real-time parts and inventory counts
  • Support for managing vehicle fleets and tracking  mileage


  • Trial: FREE
  • Starter: $35/month per user
  • Professional: $60/month per user
  • Business Plus: $100/month per user

45. Fiix
Fiix is a complete CMMS software platform that makes asset management easy. During setup, you can quickly build a complete asset inventory and define relationships within your equipment hierarchy.  Works orders can be managed from the centralized dashboard, and scheduling maintenance work can be automated with custom notifications.
Key Features:

  • Automated alerts for alarm triggers and meter readings
  • Track asset information and maintenance history in an interactive calendar
  • Easily monitor assets across multiple sites and work locations


  • Free: FREE (up to 3 users)
  • Basic: $40/month per user
  • Professional: $60/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

46. Trimble AllTrak
Trimble AllTrak
A tool tracking system designed especially for contractors and tool crib managers, Trimble AllTrak makes it possible to track construction asset usage and reduce loss. This professional tool and asset management system is highly efficient, giving contractors the solution they need for knowing where their tools are, who is responsible for them, when they should be returned, and when they need to be serviced.
Key Features:

  • Centralize and simplify management of equipment and tools
  • Track asset locations and employee responsibility
  • Manage asset service and maintenance schedules
  • Reduce tool loss

Cost: Contact for a quote
47. Honeywell Granit 1990iSR Ultra-Rugged Handheld Scanner
Honeywell Granit 1990iSR Ultra-Rugged Handheld Scanner
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility offers the Granit 1990iSR to track your most valuable assets through their lifecycle. The Granit 1990iSR scanner is capable of scanning high-density bar codes commonly used to track assets in the defense, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries.
Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge imager scans 1D and 2D barcodes with top-notch motion tolerance and fast time-to-read, while also supporting image and real-time video capture
  • Designed to withstand drops from 6.5 feet
  • Rugged enough to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures, constant forklift vibration, and windblown dust and rain
  • Highly visible aimer for quick and efficient barcode spotting
  • Comfort grip and omnidirectional scanning capability to improve operator efficiency

Cost: Contact for a quote
48. Samsara

Samsara is a popular fleet, equipment, and infrastructure tracking platform.  The Samsara hardware can be installed in a few minutes and provides real-time location status and diagnostic data. Automated reports are a key feature of the software system, and you can easily detect equipment issues, missing items, and other issues.
Key Features:

  • 3 different hardware device options to cover a wide range of equipment needs
  • Pre-built OEM integrations for connecting JDLink and VisionLink equipped assets
  • 24/7 US-based customer support

Cost: Contact for a quote
49. Motorola Asset Management
Motorola Asset Management
With Motorola Asset Management, you can manage and track radios, communications equipment, and parts inventory. Organizations can maintain complete asset visibility with the intuitive user interface, configurable asset organization, and item search. If you need to manage and track assets on the go, you can use the mobile application for remote access any time, on any device.
Key Features:

  • Centralized HTML5-based tracking database to manage all issued equipment and parts from any device
  • Mobile application to streamline asset management
  • Inventory tracking of assets and parts, including notifications for low inventory
  • Quickly view equipment performance metrics with a convenient dashboard
  • Standard and customer reporting to track maintenance history and costs

Cost: Contact for a quote
50. IntelliScanner Scanabout Pro
IntelliScanner SOHO Black
The IntelliScanner Scanabout Pro includes Inventory 2.0, so that you can track your assets and inventory quickly and easily. Made for small businesses, the IntelliScanner Scanabout Pro also works with programs on your existing Mac or PC, including Excel and Microsoft Office, so that you can scan barcodes into any program with customizable keyboard emulation.
Key Features:

  • Track internal assets and values
  • Build an inventory database of your assets
  • Start with 20 customizable templates
  • Build, print, email, and export customer reports on your assets and inventory
  • Create custom fields to store all of your information
  • Store photos of assets from your camera, as well as text-based notes

Cost: $299.00 – Includes IntelliScanner SOHO Black portable barcode scanner, mini USB cable and neck strap, Inventory 2.0 software, media software, business integration kit, and keyboard emulation
51. Wasp AssetCloud
Wasp Asset Software to track equipment
Wasp AssetCloud provides tools for automating your fixed asset tracking. The asset software saves valuable time and eliminates the need for spreadsheets while ensuring proper inventory management for your organization. With Wasp AssetCloud, you instantly know who has which assets, when they are due back, the date of purchase, and when you are due a refresh.
Key Features:

  • Automate the check-in and check-out to employees, vendors, or customers
  • Go to your assets with mobile computers instead of bringing them back to your PC
  • Add, edit, check in, check out, and move assets or quickly do audits with the mobility allowed by Wasp Asset Software
  • Complete audits and cycle counts on a mobile computer for 100% accuracy
  • Track assets by site, location, serial number, or user
  • Alerts give notification of overdue checkouts, expiring warranties, schedule maintenance, certification/calibration, and more


  • $995+ AssetCloud Complete
  • $1,795+AssetCloudOP Basic
  • $6,995+ AssetCloudOP Complete

52. Freshservice
Freshservice is an IT and non-IT asset management tool in the cloud. A leader in customer satisfaction, Freshservice helps organizations track IT assets and non-IT assets and their details throughout their lifecycle. Freshservice includes an app for scanning asset barcodes and QR codes on the go with an iOS or Android device.
Key Features:

  • Link maintenance requests, asset changes, and more to have better control over the asset lifecycle
  • Automatically update asset scans to your configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Maintain records of contracts, hardware, and other assets and access information at your fingertips with the Freshservice mobile app


  • Blossom: $19/agent/month billed annually – Custom widgets, satisfaction surveys, unlimited end-users, time tracking
  • Garden: $49/agent/month billed annually – Problem management, change management, custom roles, plus everything in Blossom
  • Estate: $79/agent/month billed annually – Round robin assignment, service catalog, contract management, plus everything in Garden
  • Forest: $99/ageent/month billed annually – IP Whitelisting, audit logs, customer success manager, plus everything in Estate

53. Asset Track

Asset Track, a fixed asset tracker software solution, allows for easily tracking tools, equipment, fixed assets, and more in your facilities. Asset Track also enables you to scan asset barcode labels and tags directly from the program.
Key Features:

  • Track fixed asset condition and location
  • Track depreciating values of fixed and IT assets
  • Link assets to borrower and track movement
  • Manage asset maintenance records
  • View activity logs and reports

Cost: $750 Asset Track Premier

54. Tenna Asset Tracking
Tenna Asset Tracking
Tenna’s Asset Tracking software offers modules for tracking all owned and rental assets that you manage. This is a great option for companies there are operating large fleets of heavy equipment, and you can connect a variety of trackers for monitoring additional data.

Key Features:

  • Automate asset transfers
  • Monitor owned versus rental assets
  • Track multiple assets and pay schedules associated with a master contract
  • Receive email alerts for critical date

Cost: Contact for a quote
55. eMaint
eMaint CMMS
eMaint provides asset management for the connected world. eMaint has powerful CMMS asset management functionality for seamlessly tracking and reporting on your most critical assets. Extend asset life and maximize your return on assets by tracking equipment, buildings, vehicles, and more with eMaint.
Key Features:

  • Establish a hierarchical asset structure by creating asset parent groupings and child assets
  • Track maintenance history to make data-driven decisions and reduce failures
  • Streamline your asset tracking process
  • Extend the life of assets
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Budget more accurately

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Team: $33/user/month – 3 User-package includes standard CMMS features, unlimited Helpdesk support, software updates and upgrades, 24/7 online training, and access on mobile devices
  • Professional: $85/user/month – For 3 or more users and includes everything in Team plus an advanced feature set, dedicated account management, interactive image mapping, and more
  • Enterprise: $120/user/month – For 5 or more users and includes everything in Professional plus unlimited work request user logins, access to Web API, multi-site toolkit, single sign-on, and more

56. Dude Solutions CMMS
Dude Solutions CMMS
The Dude Solutions CMMS is quick and easy to learn to ensure your organization gets quick results. This simple asset management software handles tracking all your assets, whether they are desktop PCs or industrial machines. With Dude Solutions asset management software, you can create preventive maintenance schedules, corrective work orders, and other maintenance records and tasks while creating a complete asset profile.
Key Features:

  • Each asset will have a complete profile that includes make and model, serial code, barcode, lock-out/tag-out, safety notes, images, documents, and more
  • Manage safety-related documentation and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Map sites, locations, work orders, facilities, and assets

Cost: Contact for a quote

57. Sage Fixed Assets
Sage Fixed Assets
Sage Fixed Assets allows you to take control of your fixed assets, including buildings, machinery, computers and electronics equipment, office furnishings, and even your own assets that your company builds. With Sage Fixed Assets, managing and overseeing the varied lifecycles of such a broad array of assets becomes simple and straightforward.
Key Features: 

  • Manage depreciation of fixed assets over time with more than 50 depreciation methods
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Allocate cost and depreciation of individual or groups of assets to more than one funding source
  • Easy-to-use wizards walk you through the inventory process
  • 40 fully customizable fields for inventory control
  • Track all of your project details, including status, contacts, notes, financials, and more
  • Project, line item, and transaction-level viewing
  • At-a-glance status updates with built-in reports

Cost: Contact for a quote

What should you look for when buying asset tracking software?

Asset tracking features are included in a number of software platforms, including CMMS and EAM software platforms. When comparing these options, it’s always important to consider your organization’s structure and workflows. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when choosing asset tracking software:

  • Complete Asset Lifecycle Management. The typical asset tracking software can capture a great deal of information about each of your assets. This data can include equipment conditions, sensor readings, maintenance records, and barcode or RFID information. Some platforms also have extensive financial analysis tools for understanding depreciation and your potential return on investment (ROI). Makes sure that the platform you select can record data that is important to your organization. It may also be good to confirm if the software allows you to attach media and documents, such as manuals and maintenance reports.
  • Workflow Management. The best asset management platforms help make your work processes more efficient. Rather than adding additional steps, look for software that uses automation and workflow management tools to reduce redundant tasks. Additional features to watch for include advanced task management, work order management, and the ability to easily track equipment rentals and transfers.
  • Connectivity. Most of today’s asset tracking programs have excellent remote and cloud options. Make sure that any mobile applications can be easily installed and scaled to meet the needs of your workforce. It’s also helpful to review the hardware compatibility for any external scanners, sensors, asset tags, or other equipment you intend to use with the system. Finally, take a look at the supported 3rd-party integrations to confirm if any of your existing systems can be connected directly to the asset tracking program.

How much does asset tracking software cost?

As you can see in this guide, the cost of any particular asset tracking software can vary widely based on the size of your equipment inventory and the number of users. When making a comparison of costs, these factors usually have the largest impact on your overall cost:

  • Number of Users. Many software programs set their pricing plans based on a per user, per month structure. The price per user generally decreases with more users with additional discounts for annual plans or multi-year contracts.
  • Asset and Fleet Size. Some companies limit the number of assets that can be entered into the system when using lower-cost plans. By referencing the number of assets you control, it is possible to compare your total cost with each system and find the best balance of cost versus features.
  • Types of Equipment. Each asset tracking software will have a core feature set that is optimized for some particular application. Some examples include fleet management, IT asset management, fixed asset management, and maintenance management. You may be able to realize some extensive cost savings by finding a single platform that can fulfill a number of different functions you require.
  • Customization Options. This is especially important for large enterprises and businesses that have unique workflow requirements. Most software companies will offer custom quotes for enterprise plans that can be fully scaled to meet wide-ranging needs. There may also be unique customization options, such as APIs, that can give you more control over compatibility with existing systems.

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