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The 25 Best Equipment Tracking Software Systems (2024)

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Key Takeaway

  • Equipment tracking software is designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless management across diverse industries
  • Aptien Tool Management Software is our top pick
  • The typical factory, warehouse, or shop floor can contain thousands of assets and inventory items that must be tracked and maintained. Failing to properly locate and service equipment can lead to unexpected shutdowns, lost time, and significantly increased expenses. Most businesses today use software to organize their inventories such as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform.

    Tool inventory and equipment tracking software systems can be integrated with barcode labels and asset tags to track your equipment and high-value assets, as well as your tool and spare parts inventory, to ensure that you can keep your equipment in optimal working order.

    With an effective asset tracking system coupled with equipment tags as well as a robust tool inventory and equipment tracking solution, you’ll avoid unexpected business interruptions that can arise from poor maintenance planning or back-ordered parts.

    In this post, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best software systems for tracking tool and equipment inventories. Included in the list are complete enterprise solutions and highly specialized tools for more niche applications. By comparing the features of these tracking software systems, you’ll be able to select an option that works best for your operation. Note that our list is simply displayed alphabetically and is not ranked or rated in any special way.

    The Best Equipment Tracking Software and Tool Inventory Systems

    1. Aptien


    Aptien is a tool management software platform that makes it easy to track and monitor equipment and other office assets. By creating a centralized repository for all assets, Aptien allows companies to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and manual tracking methods. This platform also includes support for workforce management and optimization.

    Key Features:

    • Contract management
    • Upload images and documents
    • Calibration and maintenance scheduling


    • Free: For a single user and 100MB of storage
    • Team: $6/month for up to 10 users
    • Company: $11/month for up to 300 users
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

    2. Asset Essentials


    Asset Essentials

    Asset Essentials, from Dude Solutions, is a cloud-based CMMS that can be used to streamline your tool and equipment workflows. Assets can be added to the platform using barcodes with unique identifiers assigned to each asset. The mobile application gives technicians access to excellent tools that can be used from any location in the field.

    Key Features:

    • Create maintenance work orders
    • Equipment cost tracking
    • GIS asset management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    3. Asset Panda


    Asset Panda

    Asset Panda is an easy-to-use asset management platform with an accessible user interface and convenient mobile application. This software can be used to track everything from small hand tools to large pieces of industrial equipment. The program also uses a built-in scanner that can read barcodes from any compatible device.

    Key Features:

    • Role-based access
    • Custom notifications
    • Complete asset audit trails

    Cost: $125+/month for up to 500 assets (additional price tiers available for more assets)

    4. AssetCloud



    AssetCloud, from Wasp Barcode, is a complete asset tracking system. This platform is known for a simple asset check-in and check-out process and integration with the Wasp series of barcode scanning hardware. The AssetCloud suite can be used for complete facility management and also used to track IT assets and other specialized equipment.

    Key Features:

    • An easy-to-use interface
    • Capital management Regulatory compliance tools


    • AssetCloud Complete: $995+ annual fee for a cloud-based deployment
    • AssetCloudOP Basic: $1,795+ one-time fee for self-hosted deployment
    • AssetCloudOP Complete: $6,995+ one-time fee for self-hosted deployment and enterprise features

    5. AssetTiger



    AssetTiger is a convenient asset management software program that is cloud-based and compatible with barcode scanners. The system can also generate customized reports for reviewing data related to depreciation and preventive maintenance. Users can also access AssetTiger through an Android or iOS mobile app.

    Key Features:

    • Customized email alerts
    • In-app barcode scanning
    • Maintenance scheduling


    • Free for up to 250 assets
    • ATS-500 Plan: $100/year for up to 500 assets
    • ATS-2500 Plan: $200/year for up to 2500 assets
    • Additional plans are available for larger asset quantities

    6. Cheqroom



    Cheqroom is an equipment management software solution that helps maintain visibility into your important assets. The platform is designed to be simple, and users can easily add maintenance flags to equipment to identify needed repairs and cleaning. You can also set custom reminders to pick up or drop off items that are due for an exchange.

    Key Features:

    • Geolocation tracking
    • Barcode scanning
    • A complete mobile app


    • Essentials: $100/month up to 500 assets
    • Standard: $200/month up to 500 assets
    • Plus: $300/month up to 5oo assets
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote
    • Customized plans available for each tier

    7. Dematic Sprocket


    Dematic Sprocket

    Dematic Sprocket is an asset management platform that is designed for use with a web-based browser. This software is an excellent choice for managing the entire lifecycle of each asset, including tools and equipment. The system also comes with preloaded templates for assets and facility plans, making it very easy to get up and running.

    Key Features:

    • Workflow management
    • Preventive maintenance scheduling
    • A user-friendly dashboard

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    8. EZOfficeInventory



    EZOfficeInventory is a well-known asset tracking software platform with simplified workflow designs. A comprehensive log is maintained for each tool or piece of equipment, creating a reliable audit trail. The Access Control module can be used to set permissions and asset assignments based on teams, departments, or locations.

    Key Features:

    • Custom user roles
    • Customized asset labels
    • Metrics and reporting


    • Essential: $35-40/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
    • Advanced: $45-52/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
    • Premium: $50-60/month – unlimited users, 250 maximum assets
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote
    • More pricing tiers available for additional assets

    9. Fishbowl



    Fishbowl is a comprehensive asset tracking platform that can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization. There are several different versions of this software program, including Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse. Companies can also purchase a cloud-based version called Fishbowl Online.

    Key Features:

    • Serial number and lot tracking
    • Supports multiple locations
    • Integrations with popular software platforms

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    10. Fracttal One

    Fracttal One

    Fracttal One is a modern, cloud-based CMMS/EAM platform that centralizes all your important tool information. This software is easy to set up and offers several user interface views, including a kanban-style board. A team management tab makes it easy to modify permissions for employees, customers, or contractors.

    Key Features:

    • A user-friendly dashboard
    • View tasks in a timeline view
    • Light and dark viewing modes


    • Community: Free, up to 2 users
    • Basic: $195/month, up to 5 users
    • Business: $485/month, up to 10 users
    • Corporate: Contact for a quote

    11. GigaTrak


    Gigatrak has been around for over 25 years and continues to develop customized hardware and software solutions for contractors and equipment-heavy businesses. Their tool tracking software program can be used to schedule maintenance work, track usage, and manage costs. The platform supports an unlimited number of tools and locations.

    Key Features:

    • Audit management
    • Available as on-premise or cloud-based
    • In-app barcode scanning


    • Self-Hosted: $2,495+ one-time fee
    • Cloud-Based: $75+/month per user

    12. Geoforce



    Geoforce is a track and trace solution for monitoring field equipment and other assets. The software is especially capable of tracking vehicles and powered equipment that are moved regularly. This platform provides true global traceability and can be integrated with the full line of Geoforce asset trackers.

    Key Features:

    • Easy integration with tracking hardware devices
    • Monitor engine run time
    • A free mobile app

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    13. GoCodes



    GoCodes is a complete tracking platform that comes with a cloud-based software system, smartphone scanning app, and integrated QR code tags. The user interface is easy to navigate, and employees can access the system using any compatible device or smartphone. This simple solution is a nice choice for businesses that require an effective off-the-shelf product.

    Key Features:

    • Asset location data using Google Maps
    • Patented QR code tags
    • A free app for Android or iOS


    • Standard: $450/year, up to 200 assets and 3 users
    • Premium: $75/month, up to 500 assets and 5 users
    • Premium Elite: $138/month, up to 1000 assets and 10 users
    • Professional: $200/month, up to 2000 assets and 20 users
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

    14. IntelliTrack



    Intellitrack has all the features needed to fully manage inventory, assets, and mailroom procedures. The developers of this software have strived to make the platform easy to navigate for daily use. Intellitrak also helps streamline company procedures with a rapid check-in and check-out process for assets.

    Key Features:

    • Package chain of custody
    • Rapid check in/out process
    • Paperless picking

    Cost: $75/month per user

    15. ManagerPlus



    ManagerPlus, from iOFFICE, is an enterprise asset management system for organizing preventive maintenance work, work orders, and inventory. As a cloud-based platform, ManagerPlus is responsive and can be accessed from any compatible device. A wide range of industries could take advantage of the software’s features, including advanced business reporting.

    Key Features:

    • Real-time asset inspection status
    • The Lighting mobile app
    • An open API for easy integrations


    • Lightning Plus: $85/month per user
    • Lightning Experience: $125/month per user, adds unlimited sites and locations

    16. Maximo



    The IBM Maximo application suite brings intelligent asset management to operations that require careful monitoring of tools and equipment. This solution combines CMMS, EAM, and APM applications into a single platform for a simple and powerful solution. Maximo can be installed on-premises or deployed with cloud access.

    Key Features:

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    17. MicroMain



    MicroMain is a computerized maintenance management solution designed to increase asset lifetime. A central component of MicroMain is the work order management tab, which controls all equipment work that is available and assigned in the system. This is an advanced platform that is IoT and Industry 4.0 ready.

    Key Features:

    • Parts and inventory management
    • Workforce tracking
    • QR code and barcode enabled

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    18. ON!Track



    ON!Track, from Hilti, is a complete tool tracking and asset management system that also includes workforce and safety management features. This software also includes excellent financial tools for calculating overhead costs and maintenance expenses. ON!Track is also an IoT-ready platform that can be connected to real-time sensors for active monitoring.

    Key Features:

    • Proactive tracking gateways
    • Tool crib optimization
    • Asset cost management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    19. SAP EAM



    SAP offers its own EAM platform that integrates seamlessly with its large software library. This software includes IoT connectivity, machine learning, and predictive analytics for powerful capabilities that can handle complex operational needs. SAP EAM also supports field service teams with scheduling and dispatch tools.

    Key Features:

    • Collaborative EAM
    • 360-degree view of each asset
    • Mobile asset management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    20. ShareMyToolbox



    ShareMyToolbox is a complete tool and equipment tracking system that is designed for contractors. This platform comes with an intuitive mobile app that makes it easy to view the available and loaned tools. Users can also upload images and documents related to each asset that is being tracked.

    Key Features:

    • A 14-day free trial
    • Valuation and insurance reporting
    • Mobile app for iOS and Android


    • Base System: $50/month for 1 user
    • Additional Users: $50/month for 5 users

    21. Sortly



    Sortly is a simple inventory management app that can help businesses keep track of their assets. The software can be accessed through the web or on the Sortly mobile app. This platform is compatible with QR codes and barcodes for easy item scanning, and users can create custom alerts for inventory levels and status changes.

    Key Features:

    • Compatible with wired and Bluetooth barcode scanners
    • Custom user permissions
    • Auto-generated PDF reports


    • Advanced: $25-$49/month for 3 users
    • Ultra: $59-$119/month for 5 users and unlimited entries and custom fields
    • Enterprise: Contract for a quote

    22. ToolHound



    ToolHound is a fully functional tool and equipment tracking system that is available as an on-premise software platform or a cloud-based deployment. The company also offers ToolHound SecureCrib, a fully automated kiosk that uses RFID tags or barcodes to allow employees to check equipment in and out of inventory. Additional add-on modules and hardware accessories are available.

    Key Features:

    • Consumable and tool tracking
    • Supports barcodes and RFID
    • Monitor employee equipment certifications

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    23. ToolWatch



    ToolWatch has been in business for over 29 years and has created an operations management system that is perfect for warehouses and office environments. Users can track equipment service work and maintain an accurate inventory of all assets at each company location. The system also works well in the field, giving technicians access to real-time updates and software features.

    Key Features:

    • Unique asset IDs
    • Track quantity and location for each item
    • A comprehensive Unlimited Access plan

    Cost: Contact for a quote


    TOOLTRIBE is the tool inventory app built to work in the field and in the office. The cloud based app updates in real-time, keeping everyone accountable and on the same page.

    Key Features:

    • Provide clear accountability and visibility by employee, project or vehicle.
    • No asset tags, codes or additional software required.
    • Add a tool to the app in 30 seconds or less (or upload your tool list).


    • Starter: Free for up to 25 tools
    • Professional: $10/month per user, with features for small to mid-size businesses
    • Enterprise: Fully customized solution, contact for a quote

    25. UpKeep



    UpKeep is a complete CMMS solution that has extensive tools for managing asset operations. As a mobile-first platform, this software is designed for use in the field and is a great resource for technicians at all levels. You can also integrate UpKeep with APM, EAM, and ERP systems for streamlined maintenance and equipment workflows.

    Key Features:

    • A centralized command center
    • Support for IoT sensors
    • Integrations with 3rd-party platforms


    • Community: Free, with basic capabilities for small businesses
    • Starter: $45/month per user, with features for small businesses
    • Professional: $75/month per user, with features for small to mid-size businesses
    • Business Plus: $120/month per user, with features for advanced applications (5 user minimum)

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