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50 Best Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Systems (2024)

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Anyone managing equipment and other fixed assets must juggle a constant flow of work orders, maintenance requests, and other urgent needs. Many businesses rise to meet this challenge by integrating modern software and hardware technology into their workflows. Efficiency and productivity matter, today more than ever, as cost-cutting measures are at the forefront for many companies. Facilities management software solutions come in a variety of types with one of the most popular being Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). We’ve focused on EAM systems for this post and the asset tracking, maintenance management, and operational efficiency they can provide.

Many EAM platforms share similar qualities, and it’s important to fully understand these core functions while also looking for unique features that could be a fit for your requirements. There are also many advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) that, in addition to work order management functions, also have excellent EAM capabilities. We’ve compiled this list of the 50 best EAM software solutions on the market, along with a few points for each describing how they can provide better data and connectivity for your team. Please note: the following 50 EAM software systems are organized alphabetically, thus they are not ranked or rated in any way. 

1. ABB Lumada EAM



ABB Lumada is an enterprise resource planning solution that can handle even the most complex business environments. This software will help you develop your EAM capabilities and provide tracking for your assets through their entire lifecycle. As a solution known for its flexible design, it can be customized to the needs of your organization regardless of size.

Key Features:

  • Choose from a SaaS solution or on-premise deployment
  • Includes over 500 preconfigured business processes
  • Incorporates asset and work management best practices

Cost: Contact for a quote

2. Accela 



Accela Asset Management is a cloud-based planning and service management platform built for state and local governments. This software has a wide range of features that include preventive maintenance management, parts tracking, and access to important remote systems. With Accela, you can manage your agency’s entire infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Process service requests on a variety of devices
  • Pre-built templates for certain departments and asset types
  • Automate inventory and schedule preventive maintenance

Cost: Contact for a quote

3. Aptean TabWare EAM


Aptean TabWare EAM

Aptean TabWare is a leading CMMS/EAM that is tailored to the needs of large manufacturing and oil & gas companies. It was designed by maintenance professionals to be an easy-to-use and complete solution for managing inventory, EH&S, and maintenance activities.

Key Features:

  • Incident tracking with TabWare integrated inspections
  • An inspection module for managing audits and regulatory compliance
  • Link maintenance tasks to other important documents

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. Ashcom MaintiMizer 


Ashcom Maintimizer 

MaintiMizer, from Ashcom Technologies, is a complete EAM and CMMS that helps improve the productivity of your maintenance teams. Users can select from a suite of solutions and select capabilities based on the size and needs of their organization. This software is suitable for use in a variety of industries and includes cloud and mobile support.

Key Features:

  • Manage work orders and preventive maintenance requests
  • Available as a SaaS option with a low monthly fee
  • Integrates with enterprise software such as SAP

Cost: Contact for a quote

5. AssetWorks



AssetWorks is a comprehensive EAM system for managing public works, roadways, and infrastructure assets. The software includes complete asset management with capabilities for monitoring budgets, capital improvements, campaigns, and disposals. Training management and technician certification are also built-in to the platform.

Key Features:

  • GIS-centric system
  • A 311 community mobile app
  • Complete asset life-cycle management

Cost: Contact for a quote




AVEVA is an EAM that is built upon a unique Rapid Implementation Methodology (InRIM). InRIM was created with industry best practices in mind and helps to streamline your business processes while reducing implementation risk. This is a comprehensive EAM for managing maintenance, inventory, and assets across your facilities.

Key Features:

  • Create inspection checklists and PM routes
  • Complete planning function for work management
  • Automated reorder process for stock inventory

Cost: Contact for a quote

7. Azzier CMMS

Azzier CMMS

Azzier is an advanced CMMS software system that was designed to be flexible. You can customize many aspects of the program and track all of your assets through a streamlined Equipment Module. In addition to integrated metrics, additional modules are available for managing inventory, labor, and projects.

Key Features:

  • Available for PC, tablet, and mobile device
  • A vendor and labor management module
  • Easily manage user privileges and access

Cost: Contact for a quote

8. Bentley AssetWise


Bentley AssetWise

AssetWise, developed by Bentley Systems, is an asset information management software solution that is available as a suite of four products. The service platforms consist of ALIM, Asset Reliability, Digital Twin Services, and Enterprise Interoperability. These tools allow you to plan, implement, and track asset performance and reliability strategies.

Key Features:

  • Define and manage asset structures and tags
  • Aligned with BIM, PAS and ISO standards
  • Develop proactive inspection and maintenance programs

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. CalemEAM


CalemEAM is a scalable CMMS that supports asset and maintenance management. Dashboards allow users to easily visualize the status of work at multiple sites. The software is available in three packages with a standalone application, native application in Salesforce, and an Enterprise deployment for the transportation sector.

Key Features:

  • Work order, service, and inventory management
  • A streamlined dashboard and workflow system
  • Mobile and web customization tools

Cost: $65-85+/user per month

10. CARL Source


CARL Source

CARL Source is a next-generation CMMS/EAM that is a 100% web-based software based on Web 2.0 technologies. The program comes in a variety of industry-specific versions with tools tailored to the needs of sectors such as transportation, healthcare, and factories. You can also select from four configuration levels to match the level of deployment to your specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Carefully designed and intuitive user interface
  • 100% HTML software for easy deployment
  • Available in over 8 languages

Cost: Contact for a quote

11. Cetaris



Cetaris Fixed Asset is an EAM software solution that is designed to help you achieve higher asset reliability. With Cetaris, you can manage labor workflows, schedule repairs, and monitor your productivity with real-time reports. There are also advanced tools for predicting and preventing asset failures to reduce equipment downtime and costs.

Key Features:

  • Track asset warranty agreements
  • Interactive data visualizations and reporting
  • 3rd-party integrations with other operational technologies

Cost: Contact for a quote




CHAMPS CMMS is a feature-rich maintenance management platform that includes features for monitoring schedules, purchasing, maintenance, and work orders. You can also use CHAMPS CMMS to track employment-related information for all your staff and contractors. The system can also be accessed through the CHAMPS Mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Workforce management tools
  • Smart downloads on mobile devices
  • Create custom dashboards

Cost: Contact for a quote

13. Corrigo



Corrigo is a computerized maintenance management system that is connected to the CorrigoPro Network of qualified commercial service professionals. In addition to managing team and facility activities, the software also includes capabilities for business intelligence. Users can track each service request in real-time across all locations.

Key Features:

  • Automatic alerts for warranty service requests
  • Customizable reporting and metrics
  • Auto-routing for common tasks

Cost: Contact for a quote

14. Dematic Sprocket


Dematic Sprocket

Dematic Sprocket is an enterprise asset manager that gives you complete control over your facility. The platform aims to integrate fundamental asset management capabilities with advanced tools for data visualization and automation. A mobile app is available for tracking work among your workforce and extended fleet.

Key Features:

  • Verify compliance with meters and alerts
  • Inventory control for replenishment and management
  • Tools for predictive, preventive and condition maintenance

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. Dude Solutions Asset Essentials


Dude Solutions Asset Essentials

The work and asset management platform AssetEssentials, from Dude Solutions, is a leading CMMS and EAM that is centralized and easy to use. The cloud-based dashboard gives you complete access to maintenance and work order request status with real-time data. Team members can automatically route work to the correct person, and a complete work history is tracked for each asset and job.

Key Features:

  • A centralized, cloud-based dashboard
  • Integrations with many other software systems
  • A proactive workflow for scheduled maintenance

Cost: Contact for a quote

16. Eagle Proteus CMMS


Eagle Proteus CMMS

Proteus MMX is a versatile cloud-based CMMS that centralizes all your maintenance operations. It contains standard EAM tools such as work order management, asset management, and maintenance scheduling. Advanced capabilities of the software include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and AI integration.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data dashboards
  • Easily scalable to multiple locations
  • Support for remote users to submit requests

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. eQuip



eQuip Asset Management is a cloud-based system for organizing your business’s physical assets. It’s a flexible system that can be customized with workflows and frameworks to align with your specific business processes. The team at AssetWorks also provides dedicated account service representatives for eQuip to assist with your deployment and on-boarding.

Key Features:

  • Supports tracking with barcodes, RFID tags, and Bluetooth tags
  • Complete chain-of-custody tracking
  • Integrations with leading ERP and HR systems

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. Fiix



Fiix is an EAM software that helps you manage all aspects of your company’s physical assets and infrastructure. You can connect Fiix to your existing ERP and enable communication across your entire organization. To further help streamline communication, work orders can also be automated with alarm-based triggers and notifications.

Key Features:

  • Track assets with integrated QR codes
  • A streamlined work order management system
  • Customizable and fully interactive dashboard

Cost: Free – $75+/month per user

19. Fleetio



With Fleet Asset Management you can track all your fleet vehicles and associated assets in one place. The real strength of this software comes from the ability to analyze the details of your operations and costs. Users can track asset reliability, utilization, and various costs to get a complete picture of fleet efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Easily import and export data
  • Analyze cost per mile trends
  • Unlimited custom fields

Cost: $5-7+/asset per month

20. Fluke eMaint


Fluke eMaint

eMaint CMMS, from Fluke Corporation, is an award-winning solution for managing facilities and company assets. Core features include tools for work management, preventive and predictive maintenance, and asset management. With eMaint, you can also standardize your data across sites and access enterprise-level reporting.

Key Features:

  • Named 2020 Gartner Choice for EAM software
  • Easy to launch and scale as your operation grows
  • Various subscription packages to meet your needs

Cost: $33-120/user per month

21. 4Site EAM

4Site EAM

4Site is a complete EAM program that collects all your important facility management details in a single place. The software gives you access to a complete set of tools for managing maintenance, materials, and finances. These capabilities go far beyond maintenance, and the system provides accurate and real-time data.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Up-to-date data on purchasing and procurement costs
  • Generate automatic reorders drive by current trends

Cost: Contact for a quote

22. FTMaintenance



FTMaintenance is an asset management software that features an easy-to-use hierarchical tree for viewing all your organization’s assets in a single view. Users can access the service history for any asset and quickly view maintenance costs and scheduled activities. The reporting features allow you to calculate maintenance costs to justify any repairs or equipment replacements.

Key Features:

  • Generate over 140 reports on asset performance
  • Flexible pricing plans for cloud-based or onsite deployment
  • Easily attach documents and images to assets

Cost: Contact for a quote

23. Fulcrum CATS


Fulcrum CATS

CATS software, from Fulcrum, provides asset tracking and lifecycle management for your network equipment infrastructure. As a cloud-based system, CATS can be easily accessed from any location or mobile device. CATS has also been optimized for monitoring network infrastructures, and there is full support for tracking a large number of distributed assets across multiple locations.

Key Features:

  • Support for a large number of APIs and integrations
  • Real-time views for all your equipment
  • Accurate asset data that complies with regulatory requirements

Cost: Contact for a quote

24. IBM Maximo


IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo seeks to transform how organizations manage assets and is a fully integrated EAM platform. With advanced analytical tools and access to Internet of Things (IoT) data, Maximo helps users visualize important data to make better decisions. Companies can choose from three deployment models to find the best option for their needs.

Key Features:

  • A modern and intuitive user interface
  • Assign and track all projects in one place
  • Customizable work centers and dashboards

Cost: $164+/user per month




IFS EAM software helps companies track every aspect of an asset through its entire lifecycle. This program has paid special attention to the unique needs of extended heavy equipment fleets such as military vehicles and aircraft. It represents a great option for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations worldwide.

Key Features:

  • An integrated MRO solution
  • Combines information flow with real-time data
  • Flexible deployment options and evergreen software delivery

Cost: Contact for a quote

26. Infor EAM


Infor Cloudsuite EAM

Infor EAM is a powerful asset management platform that is designed to scale with your business. You can select from industry-specific versions of the software including energy, healthcare, and public sector. Infor EAM also supports specialized requirements for asset and work management.

Key Features:

  • Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant Leader for EAM software
  • Predictive analytics for efficient prioritization
  • Mobile applications for easy system access

Cost: Contact for a quote

27. IPS Energy


IPS Energy

IPS-Energy is an information security management system designed for power grid operators. The software can be deployed as a stand-alone EAM system or integrated with an existing ERP platform such as SAP. Key features include a powerful planning module and complete work order management and scheduling.

Key Features:

  • A complete information security management system
  • Can be integrated with other ERP systems
  • A specialized analytics library for electrical power systems

Cost: Contact for a quote

28. Mainpac



Mainpac is a complete EAM and CMMS that can help you make more data-driven decisions. In addition to asset, work order, and inventory management, you can also use Mainpac to schedule predictive and preventive maintenance. The four main products in the software suite are EAM, EAM OnDemand, EAM AI, and EAM Mobility.

Key Features:

  • Structure asset data based on your business requirements
  • Complete labor and resource management
  • A criticality assessment tool for classifying assets

Cost: Contact for a quote

29. Mainsaver



Mainsaver offers its asset management solution in three major components. The Mainsaver Core module contains the primary EAM hub for managing maintenance, materials, and purchasing activities. With Mainsaver Connect, you can expand these functions to your mobile workforce, and the Mainsaver API can be used for complete integration throughout the enterprise.

Key Features:

  • Integration with MRP, ERP, GIS and SCADA/DCS solutions
  • Over 1,400 basic functions included with Mainsaver Core
  • Full support for major mobile and web-based platforms

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. Maintenance Connection


Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection EAM software is designed to give maintenance professionals important insights into their asset lifecycles. The program, created by Accruent, combines features of a CMMS and EAM to give companies a scalable and enterprise-ready solution. Users can streamline their inventory and assets management processes to reduce downtime and costs.

Key Features:

  • Fully-integrated mobile functionality
  • Automation for inventory management
  • Access to complete work history for all requests

Cost: Contact for a quote

31. ManageEngine AssetExplorer


ManageEngine AssetExplorer

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is an IT Asset Management (ITAM) platform that helps organizations get the most out of their hardware and software infrastructure. The program can automatically scan your assets to track the latest information and has the ability to manage software licenses for all systems.

Key Features:

  • Track the total cost of ownership for each asset
  • Automatically scan a network to track software installations
  • Includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Cost: $1.20-$3.82+/asset




MAPCON provides complete asset management across your individual sites and locations. There is support for nearly any type of location including facilities, plants, and warehouses. Managers can choose to administer each location separately with unique user profiles, while still having access to a centralized data repository.

Key Features:

  • Available as a Lite and Pro version with enterprise capability
  • Centralized inventory and purchasing
  • Customize site zones based on your organizational structure

Cost: Customized pricing using online calculator




MEX is a CMMS that is built upon 20 years of experience supporting the maintenance industry. The software features a comprehensive asset register, inventory and purchasing management, and detailed reporting. With MEX, you can manage the details for multiple sites easily and record readings from equipment directly into the system.

Key Features:

  • An asset register for complete tracking of all items
  • Directly invoice customers for finished work
  • Configure unlimited levels of security

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. MVP Plant


MVP Plant

MVP Plant CMMS is an easy to navigate asset and maintenance management program that can be extended to your distributed workforce with a mobile app. With an intuitive interface, MVP Plant gives users access to all the important functions they need. Key features include custom alerts, complete asset lifecycle management, and automated purchasing orders.

Key Features:

  • Mobile app for Apple and Android devices
  • Set up custom alerts for numerous tasks
  • An included custom report builder

Cost: Contact for a quote

35. Nuvolo



Novolo is modern EAM software that is built on the ServiceNow platform. Designed for a number of different facility types, the platform can be used to track devices, automate employee onboarding, and ensure compliance with regulations. There are also specific versions of the software available for manufacturing, healthcare, and laboratory environments.

Key Features:

  • Convenient reporting of facility issues within the portal
  • Manage facility moves and real estate information
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Cost: Contact for a quote

36. On Key

On Key

On Key has been around for almost 30 years, and their EAM is one of the leading systems on the market. This software has built-in support for IoT devices which can be connected to the program to enable real-time monitoring of data. The On Key platform can be deployed onsite or as a hosted SaaS configuration.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent asset-type driven hierarchy
  • View asset details real-time and with no downtime
  • A customizable interface for improved user experience

Cost: Contact for a quote

37. Optiware (Aptean) API PRO


Aptean API PRO, formerly Optiware API Pro, is a maintenance management system that is known for its flexibility and reliability. It is available as a fully scalable and modular solution that can be matched with the current and future needs of your organization. The system features a visual planning module for easily viewing and scheduling maintenance work.

Key Features:

  • Support for multiple plants and locations
  • Mobile apps which allow for offline updates
  • A powerful analysis and reporting module

Cost: Contact for a quote

38. Oracle E-Business Suite


Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite includes Oracle EAM which provides comprehensive planning and tracking capabilities for your company’s assets. Key features include a global single asset repository and support for integrating data from meters attached to equipment. In addition, the Oracle team has a long-term development roadmap for this program that you can view on their website.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Asset Group definition
  • An approval workflow for streamlining requests
  • Integrated failure analysis tools

Cost: Contact for a quote




QAD EAM is a plant operation solution that helps control costs while making it easier to manage the operation. Users can track capital projects, maintenance, and parts inventories easily and with no downtime. It also provides real-time data for cost information and equipment status to help ensure a reasonable return on investment.

Key Features:

  • Support for predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Automatically generate invoices for milestone payments
  • Fully manage all indirect purchasing activities

Cost: Contact for a quote

40. Ramco EAM


Ramco EAM

Ramco EAM is a cloud-based and mobile-ready platform for managing all your assets and equipment. The asset lifecycle process from Ramco includes five stages, with processes for planning, acquiring, deploying, managing, and retiring your equipment. Users get a complete and reliable 360-degree view of their business performance.

Key Features:

  • Predictive maintenance and inbuilt analytics
  • Asset and compliance tracking for audit readiness
  • Role-based HUBs and Mail BOTs

Cost: Contact for a quote




REDLIST is a cloud-based CMMS that keeps your personnel connected to help eliminate gaps between departments. The software includes support for managing production, safety, and maintenance activities. This program is designed as mobile-first and gives you all the necessary tools for conducting work on the go.

Key Features:

  • Track costs and work orders
  • Designed with mobile support for field technicians
  • Tools for improving the efficiency of routine tasks

Cost: Contact for a quote

42. Sage Fixed Assets


Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets helps streamline your asset management with access to over 300,000 U.S. and Canadian regulations. The capabilities of Sage Fixed Assets cover the three important areas of planning, depreciation, and tracking. This program allows you to track the complete lifecycle for each of your important assets.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive depreciation calculations
  • Suitable for business, government, and non-profit
  • Multiple levels of detailed asset tracking

Cost: Contact for a quote




SAP Enterprise Resource Management helps organizations measure and track their assets while managing important maintenance activities. Some of the intelligent features of the software include a risk assessment tool, a 360-degree view of assets, and automated equipment tracking.

Key Features:

  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • A centralized asset data repository
  • Failure mode and effects analysis

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. SMSGlobal FastMaint CMMS


SMSGlobal FastMaint CMMS

FastMaint CMMS, developed by SMGlobal, is a full-featured maintenance management solution that is simple and easy to set up. With FastMaint, you can easily collect and track all your maintenance work order requests and store your equipment information in a single location. It is useful for managing equipment maintenance in many industries including restaurants, aviation, and utilities.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for field service management
  • Inventory management tools for managing supplies
  • Simplified work order management


  • $1200 for 1 user, one-time fee (Standard)
  • $3000 for 5 users, one-time fee (Professional)
  • $3000+ for multiple users (FastMaint Web)
  • $100/month for multiple users (FastMaint Cloud)
  • Additional features (such as cloud support) available with a monthly fee

45. SoftExpert



SoftExpert EAM helps companies deal with the many challenges associated with maintaining clean control of their equipment. Some of the main features include work order monitoring, asset performance indicators, and detailed maintenance planning. With a centralized repository for asset information and an intuitive interface, users can be up and running in little time.

Key Features:

  • Inventory management for optimizing stock levels
  • An integrated solution for scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Clearly monitor failure levels to maximize uptime

Cost: Contact for a quote




SOMAX is an advanced enterprise asset management system with clear indicators for inventory tracking. Users can search multiple sites to locate parts and transfer them easily between locations. With easy-to-read dashboards and charting features, SOMAX keeps your team connected while helping them make better equipment decisions.

Key Features:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Shared procedure libraries for maintenance work
  • A Quick View feature for quick data visualization

Cost: $10-15+/user per month

47. Transcendent EAM CMMS


Transcendent EAM CMMS

Transcendent is an EAM/CMMS that can help improve equipment reliability with complete asset management and reporting for all of your locations. This software combines the ability to create and schedule work requests with a complete asset lifecycle management system. Other key features include document management and robust reporting.

Key Features:

  • Tracking of expenditures and asset costs
  • Ability to store a complete record of asset history
  • Work order management capability

Cost: Contact for a quote

48. Trapeze



Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management is optimized for tracking bus fleets managed by transit agencies. With this program, you can easily track real-time data and information for your entire fleet to enable better decision making. It helps streamline the complicated nature of bus maintenance and can lead to fewer repairs and lower fuel costs.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based and mobile-ready
  • Integrates with other Trapeze operational solutions
  • Incident and defect management

Cost: Contact for a quote

49. UpKeep



UpKeep is an EAM solution that is perfect for multi-level facilities and large teams of technical users. You can easily manage team accounts, parts inventories, maintenance, and other important facility information from the streamlined interface. There are also extensive tracking features, with tools for monitoring depreciation, downtime, and warranties.

Key Features:

  • Easily set parameters for workflow automation
  • Create and complete maintenance checklists
  • 6 different user access levels

Cost: $45-120/user per month

50. XAssets EAM


XAssets EAM

xAssets Enterprise Asset Management is a complete solution for all IT asset and fixed asset management needs. The software is simple to set up and gives you a single repository for all your asset information. xAssets can also be configured for barcode inputs and has additional tools to support service management and help desk activities.

Key Features:

  • Network discovery and SCCM integration
  • Complete asset lifecycle processes
  • A browser-based interface for quick access

Cost: Contact for a quote

What is the difference between CMMS and EAM?

You will find the terms CMMS and EAM used interchangeably in some cases, but they differ in several important ways. While many features may overlap between the two types of systems, a CMMS can really be considered a subset of an EAM. In other words, a CMMS will focus almost entirely on maintenance activities while an EAM generally provides additional support for other business functions. These are a few of the most important areas in which an EAM and CMMS may differ.

Fleet Management. There are certainly some software packages out there that are dedicated entirely to fleet management, and you will typically find this capability included with an EAM. Most medium to large-scale businesses maintain a fleet of some kind and require the ability to monitor these assets in the field. A CMMS will almost never include these capabilities but may have services for monitoring field service teams.

Project Management. Any project management tools that are provided with a CMMS are usually very basic in functionality. On the other hand, EAM platforms will usually dedicate significant resources to project management tools as a way to manage work across departments and locations.

Budget Management. Like the treatment of project management capabilities, an EAM will typically include tools for performing detailed budget analyses. This will often extend to reporting features with several models for financial analysis. A CMMS, on the other hand, may have the ability to track basic budget information needed for the purpose of managing and tracking maintenance records.

Both CMMS and EAM platforms will typically include work order, inventory management, and preventive maintenance capabilities. Another important aspect of both software types is the ability to customize the software through integrations and programmable workflows. This gives a company the ability to select a program that meets their core needs and then scale that solution as their business grows and expands.

How much does enterprise asset management software cost?

The cost of an EAM system will almost certainly depend on the size and scope of your business operation. Some very small companies may even be able to use free services that some EAM vendors provide as an entry-level tier with limited functionality. When measuring the overall budget of an enterprise asset management deployment and working to control your facility and warehouse costs, keep the following factors in mind.

Subscription Pricing Models. Many EAM systems, especially cloud-based packages, are offered as subscription plans based on the number of active users. This means that your direct software costs will be related to the number of users and tiered plans are usually available that decrease the per-user cost at higher volumes. You may also find subscription packages based on the number of system installations instead of users.

One-Time Fees. Typically found in very large system configurations for enterprise deployments, a one-time fee model involves a large upfront cost but limited monthly costs. This can save a company money over time if they are invested in the software and intend to use it for several years.

Implementation Costs. In addition to the direct costs of the EAM software, you should also review other fees that may be required. Examples include training, integrations, and customer support plans. There may also be costs associated with software upgrades that should be accounted for.

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