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Top Asset Tracking Apps: The 55 Best Applications to Mobilize Your Asset Tracking and Management Activities

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    Tracking your organization’s assets is just as important as tracking your inventory. Regardless of whether it’s physical, mobile, or IT assets, you need to track them to know their status, location, maintenance schedule, and other pertinent information. This helps you to ensure that they don’t become lost or stolen, and it helps you to avoid all of the time, cost, and productivity required to locate or replace lost and missing assets.

    But, tracking assets can be a time-consuming process in itself, if you don’t have the right tools. Asset tracking apps are a popular tool for organizations and enterprises looking to track and manage their assets because employees can use their existing mobile devices to gather and export asset data.

    To help you manage and track your IT assets more efficiently, we have rounded up our top asset tracking app picks. Most of our asset tracking app picks allow employees to simply scan asset barcodes to record asset data, and the majority of our asset tracking app picks aid in the auditing process. We have chosen apps based on their useful features, such as the ability to use your camera to take pictures of assets or scan barcodes, their data recording and exporting capabilities, and their ease of use. Our asset tracking apps come from some of the top-rated asset tracking software companies and app developers, to ensure their security and stability.
    Please note, we have listed our top asset tracking apps here, in no particular order.
    1. A-Trak Asset Tracking
    A-Trak Asset Tracking
    Enigma Telematics has been helping businesses track, trace, and monitor their valuable assets for more than 20 years. Their A-Trak Asset Tracking app, available for iOS and Android devices, is a remote asset management application for registered users of the A-Trak tracking platform, which is powered by Skyline.
    Key Features:

    • Connect to Skyline with any mobile phone
    • Set alerts to arrive automatically to your phone
    • Includes tracking capabilities for all on-road equipment, including trailers, and all off-road equipment


    • iTunes – FREE for registered users of the A-Trak tracking platform
    • Google Play – FREE for registered users of the A-Trak tracking platform

    2. Assets
    manage assets with this application
    Oomnitza provides complete configuration, automation, and integration tools for asset management software solutions. Their asset tracking app, Assets, is specifically designed to track IT assets.
    Key Features:

    • Track laptops, monitors, projectors, and other office assets
    • Highly customizable
    • Designed for Android and iOS devices
    • Barcode scanning functionality


    • iTunes – FREE trial available for 30 days
    • Google Play – FREE trial available for 30 days

    3. BarCloud
    BarCloud app to track assets
    ASAP Systems delivers comprehensive inventory and asset tracking systems enabled by barcode, RFID, and smartphone technology. Their BarCloud app is an application for inventory management and asset tracking that is an extension of ASAP Systems’ cloud-based inventory management and asset tracking application by the same name.
    Key Features:

    • View real-time asset and inventory levels
    • Track the movement of inventory at multiple locations
    • Check in/out function for loaned devices on the fly
    • Scan barcodes for conducting physical inventory
    • Schedule and perform asset maintenance


    • iTunes – FREE for ASAP System BarCloud account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for ASAP System BarCloud account holders

    4. Rapid Inventory, Unlimited
    Rapid Inventory, Unlimited for managing and tracking equipment
    TEC-IT has been developing barcode, printing, labeling, reporting, and data acquisition software for nearly 20 years. Their Rapid Inventory, Unlimited asset tracking app aims to make stocktaking, inventory, and asset management simple. Rapid Inventory is optimized for fast and smooth use on smartphones and tablets and features simple, intuitive operation.
    Key Features:

    • Searchable, clearly represented item list
    • Custom fields, including various datatypes, low/high resolution images, multiple quantities, multiple expiration date fields, etc.
    • Custom sort order
    • Built-in camera barcode scanner
    • Bluetooth barcode scanner support (Bluetooth SPP devices)

    Download: Google Play – $39.99
    5. Mobile Inventory Navigator
    Mobile Inventory Navigator to for manage and track assets
    Triple Point Technology is “a leading provider of commodity management solutions to a diverse range of industries.” Their Mobile Inventory Navigator is a business solution for existing Commodity XL clients who want to remotely view inventory balances and asset information for bulk commodities traded in the oil, agricultural, metals, coal, and petrochemical industries. With Mobile Inventory Navigator, you can quickly assess where inventory resides in real time and locate assets any time, anywhere.
    Key Features:

    • View assets in real-time on an interactive map
    • Schedulers can quickly and easily locate available assets at any time
    • Filter and group inventory an assets by several variables, including geographic region, location, and more.

    Download: iTunes – FREE for existing Commodity XL clients
    6. Asset Manager and Barcode Scan
    Asset Manager and Barcode Scan
    iKosmik Software offers Asset Manager and Barcode Scan, a productivity app for Android devices. With Asset Manager and Barcode Scan, you can manage your assets a little more easily by scanning the barcodes using your mobile device and then insert them into your SQL Server database from within the app.
    Key Features:

    • Scan your assets, including IT assets, using your smartphone
    • Configure your SQL server asset databases in the app, scan the barcodes, and insert them into your SQL server database from within the app
    • Handle asset tracking and management in the palm of your hand

    Download: Google Play – FREE
    7. Track5000s
    Real Asset Management, a leader of fixed asset management solutions, offers their asset tracking app, Track5000s. Track5000s works with Real Asset Management’s Series4000 server-based solution, giving organizations a fully integrated, paperless asset tracking solution.
    Key Features:

    • Works in real time via a wireless connection, allowing users to view, update, and complete events remotely
    • Carry out low-cost, accurate physical audits on assets using barcodes
    • Multiple user access to the central asset register
    • Provides auditors with reliable, proven data to assist in compliance with corporate governance regulations
    • Compatible with a comprehensive range of barcode labels for environment flexibility
    • Manages the issue and return of assets to users to minimize unexplained losses


    8. TrackAbout
    TrackAbout delivers SaaS asset tracking and management solutions for companies in packaged gas, chemicals, HME, oil field, university equipment, and others. With TrackAbout, your organization can optimize the use of portable physical assets while managing assets more effectively.
    Key Features:

    • Locate action allows for setting of use state (full or empty)
    • Replace barcode
    • Access your camera to scan barcodes
    • Reclassify assets


    • iTunes – FREE for TrackAbout account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for TrackAbout account holders

    9. AccountAbility Mobile Scanner
    AccountAbility Mobile Scanner
    AccountAbility Solutions, Inc., creates equipment and asset tracking add-ons for Salesforce users. They offer their AccountAbility Mobile Scanner so that asset tracking no longer requires dedicated barcode scanning software. Rather, your employees can scan barcodes with their current smartphones and AccountAbility Mobile Scanner.
    Key Features:

    • Record an equipment assignment
    • Start an equipment loan
    • Return an equipment loan
    • Process a physical count/audit
    • Update equipment status
    • Run an inquiry on a piece of equipment
    • Take and upload pictures of equipment


    • iTunes – FREE for ELTON or Fixed Asset Tracker users
    • Google Play – FREE for ELTON or Fixed Asset Tracker users

    10. RedBeam
    RedBeam, Inc., seeks to make asset tracking and inventory management easy. Their asset tracking app, for both iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to track asset movements, take physical inventories, meet asset audit requirements, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Quickly perform moves, adds, and changes to keep asset records up to date
    • Create up to 50 custom fields
    • Streamline annual inventory time by up to 70% by simply scanning your location and then the assets, and moving to the next room
    • Easily import asset data via Microsoft Excel, or export to Excel from RedBeam


    • iTunes – FREE for RedBeam Asset Tracking clients
    • Google Play – FREE for RedBeam Asset Tracking clients

    11. iLocator
    A global service, iLocator enables users to register physical assets that are geographically scattered and then share the information with others who are involved in asset management and maintenance work. iLocator is appropriate for any asset, vehicle, or movable asset such as waste bins, fire hydrants, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Search functionality to view the list of current assets in a given location
    • Track fixed and movable assets such as trees, road drains, waste bins, telecom cabinets, fire hydrants, road signs, etc.
    • Collet and store information about assets including location, photos, make, model, dimensions, service events, and current status in a structured, yet flexible way


    12. Forms Xpress (Spreadsheet & Inventory Pro)
    Forms Xpress (Spreadsheet & Inventory Pro)
    From Mobile Surfing Laboratory (m-Surf Lab), Forms Xpress (Spreadsheet & Inventory Pro) is an Android asset tracking app that seeks to help you track your assets more productively and efficiently. Enter data using a barcode scanner, camera, or text selection box, and then export the data to a PC or online in a spreadsheet or document format with Forms Xpress.
    Key Features:

    • Allows you to complete physical inventory count, cycle counts, inventory in and out tracking, asset tracking, and more
    • Manage worksheet/spreadsheet or custom form
    • Barcode number with barcode scanner
    • Create and edit data entry
    • Export data to Google Drive, CSV files, text message, and email
    • Compatible barcode scanner list
    • Auto-backup scheduler

    Download: Google Play – $2.49
    13. EasyAsset
    EasyAsset is an asset tracking app for Android devices that gives organizations the ability to efficiently and accurately track and manage assets anywhere, any time. EasyAsset is barcode, QR code, RFID NFC, and RFID UHF enabled to make it easier for you to conduct physical inventory or check in/check out, move, or dispose of assets.
    Key Features:

    • No special hardware required
    • No software required
    • Reduce time for physical inventory
    • Mobile access to asset database
    • Increased accountability and control

    Download: Google Play – FREE
    15. Asset Panda
    Asset Panda
    Asset Panda seeks “to help the world organize and manage everything they own.” Use your smartphone or tablet with Asset Panda’s iOS or Android app to track your assets.
    Key Features:

    • Get control over your assets with the integrated asset management system that combines the use of apps, the cloud, and scanning using existing employee mobile devices
    • Appropriate for schools, service companies, churches, government, health, and more
    • Use existing smartphones and tables without needing to purchase additional hardware
    • Replace spreadsheets, but import data back to Excel if needed
    • Built-in mobile barcode scanner


    • iTunes – FREE for Asset Panda cloud account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Asset Panda cloud account holders

    16. Kinnov Asset Tracker
    Kinnov Asset Tracker
    Kinnov Group offers business management and sales and marketing software solutions. In terms of asset tracking, they aim to help you maximize your asset value by helping you to track the total value of all of your assets and claim depreciation. Their asset tracking apps, available for both iOS and Android devices, help you to track your assets to know where your business stands with its value and how much tangible and intangible equity you hold.
    Key Features:

    • Track depreciation for your tangible assets
    • Keep a record of the approximate value of your assets for tax purposes
    • Scan barcodes and track your assets easily


    17. IT Asset Tracking
    IT Asset Tracking
    From software developer and analyst Cindy Oakes, IT Asset Tracking is an asset tracking app for iPhone and iPad. Track equipment in a SQLite database using IT Asset Tracking.
    Key Features:

    • Take a picture of the item and store it on your device
    • Add items and new transactions and then enter all associated activity with that item in the transaction screen any time there is a change in status
    • Search bar to search either the items or transactions

    Download: iTunes – $0.99
    18. EZOfficeInventory
    EZOfficeInventory is an asset tracking software that enables companies to better utilize their equipment and inventory. The EZOfficeInventory app helps users stay up to date with asset tracking using their iOS or Android devices.
    Key Features:

    • Supports check in/check out, reservations, and audits
    • Supports both QR code and barcode label scanning
    • Use your camera to take asset pictures
    • MultiScan support
    • Support for reading barcode on asset creation


    • iTunes – FREE with paid EZOfficeInventory subscription
    • Google Play – FREE with paid EZOfficeInventory subscription

    19. ASAP Passport
    ASAP Passport
    The ASAP Passport mobile app is an extension of the ASAP Systems’ inventory management and asset tracking system, Passport. The inventory and asset tracking app, available for iOS and Android devices, makes it easier to track and manage assets from anywhere, any time.
    Key Features:

    • View asset and inventory levels
    • Track the movement of inventory at multiple locations
    • Check in/check out for loaned devices on the fly
    • Receive, move, and dispose of assets and inventory
    • Create and distribute configurable unlimited reports
    • Scan barcodes for conducting physical inventory
    • Schedule and perform asset maintenance


    • iTunes – FREE for Passport account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Passport account holders

    20. Novo ShareNet
    Novo ShareNet
    Novo Solutions, a leading provider of scalable, easy to use web and mobile information management systems, offers Novo ShareNet, a web and mobile information management system that helps you track, share, and report on all kinds of assets.
    Key Features:

    • Barcode scanning capability with the camera on your mobile device
    • Simplifies how you track and manage assets
    • Scan an asset’s barcode and find it automatically in the system
    • Add new assets by scanning barcodes into the asset record
    • Take pictures and attach them to the assets


    • iTunes – FREE for Novo ShareNet Cloud Platform subscribers
    • Google Play – FREE for Novo ShareNet Cloud Platform subscribers

    21. Parago Mobile
    Parago Mobile
    Parago Mobile is an enterprise-specific asset tracking app that discovers, tracks, and manages any fixed or mobile asset within an organization. Discover and identify assets by barcode or picture using Parago Mobile.
    Key Features:

    • Mobile asset tracking throughout the organization
    • Efficient data capture of fixed and removable assets
    • Remote or multi-site asset tracking
    • Full asset inventory
    • Automatic audit mode via barcode and/or picture


    • iTunes – FREE for Parago account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Parago account holders

    22. AssetTrack 4
    AssetTrack 4
    Asset Management International (AMI) wants to help you feel confident that your asset data is complete, current, and accurate with AssetTrack 4. AssetTrack 4 IT Asset Tracking supports all modern mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry so that enterprise users are able to scan, capture, and upload asset information using their existing devices.
    Key Features:

    • Scan, look up, and update asset information on your AssetTrack 4 server
    • Receive, store, deploy, move, and retire hardware assets wirelessly using your camera or Bluetooth barcode scanner
    • Upload collected data to the AssetTrack 4 server


    • iTunes – FREE for AssetTrack server subscribers
    • Google Play – FREE for AssetTrack server subscribers

    23. Scandit Barcode Scanner for Business
    Barcode Scanner for Business
    Scandit provides high-quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Barcode Scanner for Business allows users to scan barcodes with their mobile devices to work more efficiently and is intended to be used for asset tracking, inventory management, field service, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Fast, robust scanning of all major barcodes
    • Build and export a list of scanned barcodes
    • Enable any web form to use barcode scanning input
    • Scan and open a web page designated by an item’s barcode

    Download: Google Play – Contact for private beta release invite
    24. Simple Asset Tracking
    Simple Asset Tracking
    Created by Intuit, Simple Asset Tracking is an asset tracking app that gives your business a central place to organize assets. Track location, status, and maintenance history of your assets with Simple Asset Tracking.
    Key Features:

    • Access this app, plus more than 600 others with a free Intuit QuickBase trial for 30 days
    • Customizable
    • Track asset location, status, and maintenance history


    25. TagSmart Audit
    Tagsmart Audit
    TagSmart, a cloud-based, asset tracking, and inventory management platform works in conjunction with the free asset tracking app to provide a quick and easy way to track and manage your assets. TagSmart is compatible with barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and NFC technology.
    Key Features:

    • Scan items with your smartphone or tablet
    • View the scanned item’s profile page to view, add, and edit asset information
    • Asset additions and changes are immediately uploaded to TagSmart’s secure cloud servers
    • View your asset information any time, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection


    • iTunes – FREE for TagSmart clients
    • Google Play – Coming soon

    26. iOffice Asset Manager
    iOffice Asset Management
    iOffice offers asset tracking software to help office and facility managers track the “location, contract terms, and ongoing maintenance of tangible assets in real time.” The iOffice Asset Manager asset tracking app allows users to track assets anywhere, any time using the assets’ ID, barcode, or QR code.
    Key Features:

    • Search by serial number, owner, location, and type
    • Verify and edit asset and move to correct location or owner
    • Take a photo of the asset and add it to the asset’s profile
    • Edit information by scanning an asset and updating its profile

    Download: iTunes – FREE for iOffice clients
    27. SHOOTRAC Asset Tracking and Workforce Management
    SHOOTRAC Asset Tracking and Workforce Management
    SHOOTRAC delivers asset relationship management (ARM) as a cloud-based, scalable SaaS that provides organizations with the ability to capture real-time asset data. Their goal is to help companies increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve customer service and sales, and they offer their asset tracking and workforce management app as an extension of their ARM system.
    Key Features:

    • Employees use their existing smartphones to capture asset data
    • Track asset location
    • View asset users and usage
    • Track asset maintenance schedules

    Download: iTunes – FREE for SHOOTRAC clients
    28. KegID
    An asset tracking app originally intended for kegs and other containers throughout the distribution and consumption supply chain, KegID “leverages industrial barcoding tags and devices integrated with tablets and smartphones to track the possession of kegs between brewers, distributors, and retailers.” KegID works well for all industries that require tracking of reusable assets.
    Key Features:

    • Barcoding of all kegs in your inventory
    • Tablet and smartphone software integrated with scanning devices
    • Google Maps integration displays location and duration of keg possession
    • Web-based reporting and analytics
    • Email alerts for “aged” keg cycle and manifest discrepancies
    • Internal keg tracking for cleaning, repairs, etc.
    • Brewer-only tracking plus expanded visibility with distributor tracking


    29. TrackVia
    TrackVia offers a do-it-yourself workflow software platform for manufacturers. With TrackVia, you can track, manage, and report on your high-value equipment, tools, and more, with any device. Organizations prefer TrackVia because it performs asset tracking as a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
    Key Features:

    • Capture and edit data on the floor either online or offline
    • Use QR and barcode scans to kickstart workflows
    • Take photos and associate them with records for proof and quality control
    • Annotate and draw on photos to highlight important parts
    • Integrate documents via Box and Dropbox


    30. MobileAsset
    Wasp is a well-known and trusted name in efficiency solutions for small businesses, including Wasp MobileAsset software, barcode scanners, and mobile computers. Their MobileAsset app is an extension of the MobileAsset PC/Server installation that allows users to track their valuable assets.
    Key Features:

    • Use existing mobile devices’ cameras to scan asset barcodes
    • Instantly locate any asset
    • Mobile transactions update in real time
    • Add new assets, edit existing assets, move assets from location to location
    • Check in and check out assets

    Download: Contact for device license cost

    • iTunes – FREE for Wasp MobileAsset software clients
    • Google Play – FREE for Wasp MobileAsset software clients

    31. eQuip! Mobile Asset Manager
    eQuip! Mobile Asset Manager
    eQuip! is an on-premise or SaaS solution for managing physical and IT assets. The eQuip! Mobile Asset Manager asset tracking app helps you find equipment located in sites and locations more easily.
    Key Features:

    • Remotely find, inventory, and audit equipment at your enterprise locations and sites
    • Use devices’ built-in cameras to scan barcodes and then read asset tags and identify or verify equipment
    • Simple touch-oriented user interface to quickly navigate your sites and locations


    • iTunes – FREE for eQuip! Cloud on On-Premise clients
    • Google Play – FREE for eQuip! Cloud on On-Premise clients

    32. Kony EAM
    Kony EAM
    Kony Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an asset tracking app that “extends your back-end systems into the field across multiple channels.” With Kony EAM, you can track and share asset information across the enterprise and supply chain, all in real time.
    Key Features:

    • Available offline or online
    • Easily customize features and branding
    • Fully extensible
    • Provide access to asset management in the office, in the warehouse, and on the go
    • Real-time access to asset profile

    Down: Contact for download information and a quote
    33. Equipdata
    Nektar Data Systems offers three paperless data collection solutions for efficient, enhanced asset and data management. Eqiupdata mobile data collection provides real-time insight into day-to-day equipment movements, inspections, and maintenance, so that you have the ability to better manage operations and make informed decisions with the Equipdata asset tracking app.
    Key Features:

    • Build an asset inventory for any equipment type
    • Record tasks performed on individual pieces of equipment in the field
    • Print or export PDF reports for any asset-related information
    • Upload pictures and comments to individual equipment pieces
    • Tappable asset numbers in asset and task data


    • iTunes – FREE for Equipdata clients
    • Google Play – FREE for Equipdata clients

    34. Loc8.com Mobile
    Loc8.com Mobile
    Loc8 is an award-winning asset, maintenance, and field service cloud platform that is geared toward service providers who manage mobile teams and subcontractors. Appropriate for small, medium, and enterprise businesses, Loc8.com enables you to track and manage the entire job and asset maintenance lifecycle.
    Key Features:

    • Direct integration to the Loc8.com suite and the Loc8.com service supply chain
    • Simple asset management
    • Record materials and labor to account for parts and materials used on work orders and time spent


    • iTunes – FREE for Loc8.com account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Loc8.com account holders

    35. InTransit Asset Tracker
    InTransit Asset Tracker
    Advent Global, an IT solutions provider, specializes in information management, ERP/CRM, and enterprise mobility. Their InTransit Asset Tracker is an asset tracking app that helps users track assets in real time using the GPRS technology that is available in most smartphones.
    Key Features:

    • Manage mobile asset availability and serviceability
    • Track assets to avoid theft and misuse, and to assist in managing preventive maintenance
    • Track assets in real time

    Download: iTunes – Contact for information on using InTransit Asset Tracker with backend ERP applications and your own SAP environment, as well as for a quote
    36. Cireson Asset Management App
    Cireson Asset Management app
    Cireson offers its asset management app that directly integrates within Service Manager to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft System Center, Server, and Cloud Platform. With the Cireson Asset Management App, asset managers get a lifecycle view that reveals where an asset is at any time, and whether or not it provides value to your business.
    Key Features:

    • Track all IT asset details from the asset status, location, department, owner, maintenance, and more
    • Automate asset lifecycle management
    • Manage incidents and changes all within Service Manager
    • Structure and manage all hardware, software, virtual, mobile, and non-IT assets across their lifecycle within a single interface


    • iTunes – FREE for Cireson account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Cireson account holders

    37. Scan to Spreadsheet
    Scan to Spreadsheet
    Scan to Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet barcode scanning app that works brilliantly as an asset tracking app. Companies choose Scan to Spreadsheet as their asset tracking app because it is a bring your own device (BYOD) solution for barcode scanning to track assets or inventory.
    Key Features:

    • Use the barcode scanner in your smartphone to create spreadsheets
    • Email CSV or Excel XML formats from your smartphone or tablet
    • Use templates to customize column names for each spreadsheet column
    • Record GPS coordinates of each scan
    • Supports a number of barcodes as well as QR code


    38. Inventory Droid
    Inventory Droid
    A developer of advanced software modules and management programs for a range of industries and individual use, RomiSys offers its asset tracking app Inventory Droid. Inventory Droid is best suited to small businesses and includes features for tracking inventory and managing assets.
    Key Features:

    • Create multiple accounts
    • Get a spreadsheet of total assets on all accounts
    • Export/import account backups
    • Create custom item fields, field units, and scannable fields
    • Scan barcode for item information and photo
    • Inventory asset grid

    Download: Google Play – $4.99
    39. Stock Control
    Stock Control
    From KiWi Objects, Stock Control is an asset tracking app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With Stock Control, you can easily manage your inventory and assets, list them, sort them into categories, and associate them with their storage location.
    Key Features:

    • Built-in search tools allow you to locate your assets easily
    • Allows for refined management of quantities in the various places of storage, as well as a shortage alert for each item
    • Import and export all of your data via a CSV file

    Download: iTunes – FREE, with in-app purchases available
    40. GoCodes
    GoCodes provides a complete, fixed asset management and inventory tracking solution using smartphones, QR codes, and cloud-based software. This complete asset tracking and management solution includes free Apple and Android smartphone apps, so that your organization can effectively track and manage movable assets on the go.
    Key Features:

    • Check out items using your smartphone
    • Keep asset information up to date by allowing employees, contractors, and customers to securely share access to your asset data
    • Use the smartphones you and your employees already own as powerful barcode scanners


    41. MobileFrame
    MobileFrame, LLC offers its 100% code-free enterprise mobility system to eliminate the need for custom programming. Users appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly point-and-click interface that is MobileFrame for all of their inventory management and asset tracking needs.
    Key Features:

    • Supports all popular input and output devices, including barcode scanning, RFID scanning, photo capture, and printing
    • Military-grade security and encryption from end-to-end
    • Device management and monitoring, including secure messaging
    • Enterprise-class database support

    Download: iTunes – FREE for MobileFrame 6 Series Server clients
    42. VAT 2Go
    VAT 2Go
    Radiant provides complete solutions to track assets. VAT 2Go, their asset tracking app, is the mobile companion to Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) and helps users perform fast, accurate inventory and asset tracking.
    Key Features:

    • Perform all of the functions of a traditional RFID handheld reader with your own smartphone
    • Asset association
    • Item-level asset search
    • Asset replacement


    • iTunes – FREE for Virtual Asset Tracker account holders
    • Google Play – FREE for Virtual Asset Tracker account holders

    43. Scanalyzer
    Scanalyzer is the asset tracking app that enables users to send barcodes from their iPhone or iPad to their Mac, PC, Google account, or database. With Scandalizer, you can create asset lists to print or share and tag scans with GPS, timestamp, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Scan most 1/2D barcodes to Mac or PC
    • Insert a timestamp or GPS data for asset tracking
    • Link multiple phones to a single computer
    • Jump to a scanned or pre-programmed website for product, exhibit, or asset information
    • Scan from your phone to a computer from anywhere in the world

    Download: iTunes – FREE
    44. codeREADr
    codeREADr - Admin Edition
    codeREADr enables barcode scanning and database validation on your smartphone. Thanks to the codeREADr SaaS platform, the codeREADr mobile apps are able to read, track, and authenticate data-embedded barcodes and NFC objects anywhere, any time. codeREADr is a great asset tracking app for small and medium sized businesses.
    Key Features:

    • Use in conjunction with paid web services to scan barcodes
    • Collect data with form fields, secondary scans, multiple choice, and drop-down menus
    • Record and validate the data embedded in each barcode
    • Fast scanning of print and mobile barcodes using the device’s own camera
    • Import databases, export barcodes


    • iTunes – FREE for codeREADr platform clients
    • Google Play – FREE for codeREADr platform clients

    45. SkyTrackers
    SkyTrackers is the asset tracking app from Skytec, Inc., a leader in Puerto Rico’s asset tracking industry. Originally intended to be a GPS automatic vehicle location system, SkyTrackers serves as an asset tracking app that gives users the capability to determine, remotely, the present location of an asset using a global positioning system (GPS).
    Key Features:

    • Affordable and compact, yet advanced technology
    • 2-second updating of real-time information
    • Real-time and historical retrieval of asset status, location, and more


    • iTunes – FREE for Skytec clients

    46. Skyline Asset Tracking
    Skyline Asset Tracking
    Skyline Asset Tracking is the mobile asset tracking app for users of the Skyline web-based tracking platform. Get instant, up-to-date information about asset history, fleet location, and routing.
    Key Features:

    • Get instant asset information from anywhere, any time
    • Access your Skyline Asset Tracking System data, including asset history, fleet location, and routing
    • Access data, including current position of assets, for use by a law enforcement agency when an asset is stolen


    • iTunes – FREE for current subscribers to the Skyline Asset Tracking System
    • Google Play – FREE for current subscribers to the Skyline Asset Tracking System

    47. Scandit Mobile App Solutions for Logistics and Transport
    Scandit Mobile App Solutions for Logistics and Transport
    Scandit offers fully customizable, cross-platform mobile apps that include their high performance barcode scanning software to deliver speed and accuracy in camera-based barcode scanning on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. One of their mobile app solutions, Asset Management app, is designed to help you track your assets and stay on top of asset maintenance.
    Key Features:

    • Fully customizable, cross-platform mobile apps
    • Appropriate for the retail, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation industries
    • Easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure
    • Mobilize critical business functions across the entire supply chain
    • Track your assets and enforce maintenance cycles

    Download: Contact Scandit for more information and a quote
    48. AssetHQ
    IEB Software offers AssetHQ, its online asset management solution for organizations of all sizes. Their mobile asset tracking app is available on all Android devices, making it possible to update asset information from anywhere, any time.
    Key Features:

    • Sync data to device to work offline
    • Update job information onsite
    • Track user’s location
    • View all asset information

    Download: Google Play
    49. Flex Asset Manager
    Flex Asset Manager
    Flex Asset Manager is an asset tracking app intended to help you manage your assets on a daily basis. Track and manage your assets in a paperless environment, with Flex Asset Manager.
    Key Features:

    • Asset management
    • Location tracking
    • Maintenance and service management information
    • History of all relevant details
    • Image capture

    Download: Google Play – FREE for FlexConnect clients
    50. IT Asset Management
    IT Asset Management
    From Arran Wicher, IT Asset Management is an asset tracking app that helps users keep track of all of their network assets. Use barcodes and your Android device to begin building a database of all of your hardware with IT Asset Management.
    Key Features:

    • Use barcodes or other codes, whether they are your own or existing barcode on hardware
    • Track computers, printers, servers, and more and note when they have been disposed
    • Type or scan an item’s barcode and instantly find its information

    Download: Google Play
    51. Physical Asset Tracking

    Intelligent Loop offers easy-to-use mobile apps for enterprises that save time and money and help them operate more efficiently. Physical Asset Tracking is their asset tracking app that enables users to track assets quickly and easily by scanning asset barcodes.
    Key Features:

    • Checkout assets to individuals using asset barcodes and barcoded ID badges
    • Assign asset due dates
    • Track location by address and specific facility areas using barcoded location tags
    • Generate spreadsheets for usage and depreciation history
    • Track maintenance and scheduled service

    Download: Google Play – FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    52. Asset Bin for Business

    Kodology’s Asset Bin for Business makes it possible to track any asset anywhere, any time. Appropriate for businesses and organizations of all sizes, Asset Bin for Business is a mobile application for tracking physical assets and equipment.
    Key Features:

    • Enter all business assets quickly and efficiently into a cloud-based data center
    • Organize assets by customizable categories and locations
    • Assign ownership and responsibility to users
    • Allow multiple levels of security, editing, and reporting
    • Print reports
    • Assign maintenance and other time-sensitive events to specific items and alert specified users
    • View all assets or an individual asset’s history in a timeline format


    53. InteliSky Asset

    A leader in car, vehicle, and fleet tracking systems built upon the latest technological advancements and devices, InteliSky offers Intelisky Asset, a mobile asset tracking app for Android devices. The app gives Intelisky Asset account holders full access to features and functionality whenever and where’ve you need it.
    Key Features:

    • Access real-time data
    • Stay in touch with each asset and compare it to benchmarks
    • Receive alerts
    • Investigate incidents in the field
    • Quickly locate any asset or group of assets on your mobile device

    Google PlayDownload: – FREE for Intelisky Asset account holders
    54. Hilti On!Track Asset Management

    Hilti helps construction professionals be more productive with expert technical advice, innovative products, and outstanding service. Their asset tracking app is designed to aid construction organizations in managing assets anywhere at any time.
    Key Features:

    • Provides visibility into all assets
    • Hold employees accountable for assets
    • View your entire fleet of assets
    • Track asset location
    • View repairs and inspections
    • Verify proper training and certifications before assigning assets
    • Allocate equipment for the right place at the right time
    • Transfer assets to warehouses and job sites


    • iTunes – FREE for ON!Track subscribers
    • Google Play – FREE for ON!Track subscribers

    55. Tool Tracker

    The Tool Tracks App from Wells Innovations uses smartphones to scan barcodes and make it easier for construction companies and contractors to track assets and tasks at job sites. Simply enter tool information and the job site to which the tool is assigned and start tracking your tools today.
    Key Features:

    • Scan barcodes on tools to track them
    • Track tool maintenance needs
    • Easily transfer assets between job sites
    • Give workers visibility into asset location
    • Unlimited users


    • iTunes – FREE for Tool Tracker subscribers
    • Google Play – FREE for Tool Tracker subscribers

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