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Camcode Case Studies

Learn how Camcode products and services have helped solve asset management issues for a wide range of customers.

Featured Case Study

Utility Organization Develops Innovative Fire Hydrant Tracking with Camcode

A non-profit municipal utility that offers electric, water, wastewater, cable, and internet services to local residents in a Southern U.S. state came to Camcode looking for a more efficient method to track, identify and manage its fire hydrants.

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Asset Tags

Tagging your items with a durable, permanent barcode label establishes and preserves the integrity of your asset register and allows you to track item-specific information (e.g. ownership, location, value, status, etc.) and automate inspections, maintenance and other processes.

Warehouse Labels

The right warehouse labeling solutions improve efficiencies across your facility, helping improve traffic flows, reduce human errors, instantly track inventory, warehouse locations and assets — while giving your workers the tools they need to get the right items in the right place.

Grocer Discovers a Simple Way to Increase Distribution Center Efficiency Case Study ›

A leading American discount supermarket chain depends on its distribution centers to serve more than 1,300 stores nationwide. Those distribution centers depend on Camcode for durable Warehouse Adhesive Floor Labels …

Smooth Operations Case Study ›

Consumers across the nation and the world rely on one leading appliance giant to keep their houses running smoothly, turning to them for trusted home appliances in every major category …

Keeping Warehouses in Order Case Study ›

Within the fast-paced distribution network of a leading U.S. flooring manufacturer, nearly 3,000 individual SKUs must be tracked as they travel between more than 40 warehouses, through delivery and on …

Durable Bar Code Labels Become the Foundation of New Warehouse Management System Case Study ›

When the structural integrity of a home or building is compromised, this manufacturer of foundation stabilization products finds experienced and knowledgeable contractors to help property owners fix their failing foundations. …

Camcode Helps Make Warehouse Inventory Management Easy Case Study ›

Managing and automating a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 1,600 different products in inventory could prove to be difficult for any company. A major U.S. food manufacturer and distributor was …

Developing Durable Warehouse Labels to Combat Challenging Conditions Case Study ›

Lynden provides transportation and logistics solutions in challenging environments, such as Alaska, Western Canada and Russia. By land, air, or sea, customers depend on Lynden to solve complex freight issues …

Easy Ways to Establish Efficient Warehouse Inventory Tracking Case Study ›

For more than forty years, Displays2Go has manufactured and sold trade show and merchandising displays and supplies to a variety of other businesses. The company’s warehouse is filled with everything …

Warehouse Floor Labels Keep Logistics Operations on Track Case Study ›

As one of the world’s largest third-party logistics providers, this Camcode customer offers integrated global supplychain management solutions, including transportation and warehousing, to a wide variety of customers. This logistics …

Utility Asset Tags

Utilities have proven that data collection using bar code is faster, less expensive and more accurate than manual data collection. From meter tags used for meter maintenance systems to pole tags used to track inspection and treatment, utilities rely on Camcode’s highly durable anodized aluminum bar code labels.

Utility Organization Develops Innovative Fire Hydrant Tracking with Camcode Case Study ›

A non-profit municipal utility that offers electric, water, wastewater, cable, and internet services to local residents in a Southern U.S. state came to Camcode looking for a more efficient method …

Electric Company Makes Camcode Bar Code Technology Their Standard Case Study ›

Millions of people rely on this energy company to supply the power needed to keep their homes and businesses running each day. That’s why they rely on Camcode to provide …

Durability Makes Camcode the Choice of Major Gas Supplier Case Study ›

Millions of gas meters are in service today outside homes and businesses throughout the country, sustaining snow, rain and blistering heat. For one major U.S. gas supplier, those extreme weather …

Using Asset Management to Improve Maintenance and Cut Costs Case Study ›

As a petroleum storage and distribution network with more than 50 miles of pipeline and a total tankage capacity of nearly 2.8 million barrels, the pipeline staff knew they needed …

Telco Giant Turns to Camcode Tags for Joint Use Poles Case Study ›

Joint use relationships are complicated enough on their own without the added burden of determining the method of asset and pole identification. Numbered poles, GIS coordinates, standard bar codes – …

New Pole Tags Keep Rural Electric Infrastructure Current Case Study ›

For more than eight decades, a major electric cooperative has helped to improve the economy and quality of life for the rural Oklahomans it serves by delivering electricity to under …

Creating Asset Management Systems in Challenging Environments Case Study ›

The country of Oman spans more than 119,000 square miles, much of it covered by hot, dry deserts. In order to provide usable water to all of its citizens, the …

Major Gas Supplier Improves Data Accuracy and Streamlines Operations with Durable Bar Code Tags Case Study ›

Millions of gas meters are in service today. Some are positioned outside homes and businesses, weathering snow, rain and blistering heat. Others are installed in tight spaces in multi-dwelling units. …

CMMS Asset Tags

Camcode’s maintenance management asset tags integrate easily with leading asset management and facilities management software systems to create a centralized asset management database with up-to-date information about every asset.

Traffic Sign Asset Tags

Camcode asset tags are designed for permanent attachment a wide variety of government fixed-asset inventory items such as office equipment to outdoor street signs. The starting point for any asset management system is reliable asset identification. Camcode’s asset tag products have the durability to last the life of your assets.

Keep Operations Efficient with Durable Barcode Asset Tracking Tags

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal tracking solution for your project or organization, build it with Camcode. Talk to our team today.

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