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Durable CMMS Labels Streamline Maintenance Across Hundreds of Locations

A Restaurant Operator Managing More than 300 Restaurants Streamlines Maintenance, Reporting, and Budget Planning

Operating more than 300 restaurants across seven states, Peterson Burge Enterprises was trying to analyze repair and maintenance costs on store assets using data that was not always accurate. This especially proved challenging when trying to develop a repair and maintenance budget, particularly with vendor cost differences, different geographical areas and climates, and different HVAC needs. A system was needed to more accurately track each asset’s maintenance, and make more informed decisions across many locations.

“Camcode worked with us and they were able to address our concerns about high heat with multiple attachment options.”

Prior to installing Camcode’s CMMS bar code labels, the company was spending money on repairs in cases where replacing equipment may have been a more affordable or practical solution, considering the age of the equipment and other factors.

By installing Camcode’s durable bar code labels, and associating a unique serial number with each asset in their database, the company can now determine, very accurately, where equipment is in terms of life expectancy (as a percentage of total life expectancy) and the relative spend amount based on repairs to date, as well as the cost to replace the equipment. This data makes it easier to make the decision to replace or repair any individual piece of equipment across any of the company’s 300+ locations before dispatching maintenance staff.

Also, operating several restaurant brands, some of which are in the same building, it was important for the company to be able to identify which restaurant equipment belongs to. Identifying the major components for each brand, the company created consistent naming conventions for item tagging and reporting, which also provides a scalable solution for tagging essential equipment with every new build as the company continues to grow.

“For every location, we have an area coach responsible for 15 stores. We wanted them to be able to enter any location, pull up the software, and find the water heater in the same file path, no matter what location they were at,” Sun’Dee Marsh, Maintenance Assistant for Peterson Burge Enterprises explains. “So, we wanted to be able to identify when looking at barcodes that the HVAC barcode would start with a store number, for instance. If they’re entering a work order and aren’t on-site, they would know that the HVAC barcode would always end in -01. Other equipment ends in -23, and double fryers end in -25, and so on.”

Camcode was able to meet the company’s needs by providing barcodes that could withstand high temperatures and humid climates. “Camcode worked with us and they were able to address our concerns about high heat with multiple attachment options,” Marsh explains. “It’s very easy to get spreadsheets together and get orders in and get them back quickly. Having Camcode work with us was a major selling point.”

Camcode barcode labels have streamlined the company’s maintenance planning and made the process more efficient. “The nice part about it is that once you have it in place and start looking at software, we’re able to look at repair and maintenance costs across 300 stores. Previously, it was a challenge trying to get repair and maintenance budgets, especially across seven states,” explains Marsh. In addition, using a barcode to scan provides near 100% data accuracy, eliminating the human error prevalent in manual documentation methods. “Barcoding has allowed us to pull specific data, allowing us to create a store scorecard for each location. Being able to extract data and put it into scorecards tells us how the store is doing based on estimated budgeted sales so we can determine how much to allot to repairs and maintenance vs. PM fixed costs.”

Camcode: The Standard for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems


Camcode offers CMMS label solutions that can withstand abrasion, high temperatures, and exposure to UV, chemicals, and solvents, along with multiple attachment options to suit your application.


With Camcode’s CMMS label solutions, your data is formatted correctly for easy database integration.


Camcode can recommend the right label or mark type for any asset identification needs. Our recommendations are based on decades of durable label expertise.


Camcode’s CMMS label solutions pay for themselves in reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and reduced rework.

Long Life

Camcode’s barcode labels remain readable throughout the lifespan of your assets, so you’ll never need to re-label.


With Camcode’s durable CMMS label solutions, you’ll ensure that all data collected is accurate, virtually eliminating errors caused by manual data collection.

Keep Operations Efficient with Barcode Asset Tracking Tags

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