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A Facility Management Game Changer

Quick Service Restaurant Improves Data-Driven Decision Making with Barcode Labels

When customers visit White Castle, they typically arrive not only with appetites, but also expectations that the restaurant’s food tastes as good as its sister locations. Founded in 1921, White Castle is not only the oldest fast food restaurant in the country, but also one of the most innovative. With 365 locations across 13 states, the chain is credited with serving The Original Slider®, a small square hamburger for which the brand is known. Besides food innovations, White Castle also relies on technology to stay relevant.

Looking for an Accurate Way to Track Assets

White Castle’s technological advances go beyond in-store kiosks, websites and online ordering apps. The chain uses state-of-the-art technology to maintain and manage its commercial food service and restaurant equipment. White Castle relies on Corrigo’s facilities management software to streamline its restaurant facility maintenance, repairs and capital improvements. White Castle is always looking to maximize the benefits of the Corrigo CMMS, and Camcode asset tags make it easier to accurately link each asset to its record in the Corrigo database. Camcode’s Metalphoto® labels are imaged with a QR code

embedded with a serial number. That serial number is assigned to that asset’s record in the Corrigo database so store managers can quickly and accurately create work orders in seconds, using smart phones or tablets.

“The Camcode asset tags are a game changer because of their accuracy and ease of use.”

“A lot of our equipment generates work orders or requires predictive maintenance,” says Bill Jackson, facilities project manager at White Castle. “We
wanted a way to more quickly and accurately inventory and follow each individual piece of equipment at every store.

If You Can’t Take the Heat…

When Jackson began working with Camcode, he found a partner focused on helping him to achieve White Castle’s facility management goals. White Castle chose Camcode’s Metalphoto aluminum barcode labels because of their extreme durability to withstand the restaurant’s harsh environment.

“The Camcode asset tags are a game changer because of their accuracy and ease of use,” Jackson says. “The longer we use them, the more we realize their full potential.”

According to Jackson, White Castle saw benefits quickly from the data and intelligence the tags provided by:

  • Simplifying communications — The store’s manager simply scans the equipment’s asset tag with a smart phone to quickly begin a work order, thus eliminating any confusion over which piece of equipment requires attention.
  • Tracking equipment — The Camcode QR Code Metalphoto label allows the White Castle staff to accurately create history on an asset to flag a problematic piece of equipment, follow an item if it’s moved to another location, and tracks an asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • Budgeting and forecasting — Since data collection using barcodes is more efficient and accurate, the chain can make more informed financial and strategic decisions and/or capital improvement investments.

“I can tell you that using your barcode labels has made us smarter because we have more information that is accurate, which allows us to make decisions that are well informed.”

Camcode: The Standard for Bar Code Asset Tags


Camcode’s Metalphoto® Bar Code Tags withstand abrasion, intense temperatures and weather conditions, and exposure to UV, chemicals and solvents.


Proven to integrate easily with the leading asset management systems.

Long Life

Bar codes remain readable for 30 years even in the harshest conditions. No need to ever re-label.


Virtually eliminates errors caused by manual data collection, ensuring accurate information.


Perform field data acquisition more quickly and easily for greater productivity and reduced labor costs.


Camcode Bar Code Asset Tags pay for themselves in increased productivity and reduced rework.

Keep Operations Efficient with Barcode Asset Tracking Tags

If you're having trouble finding the ideal tracking solution for your project or organization, build it with Camcode. Talk to our team today.