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Energy Company Finds Success with Camcode Bar Code Labels

Fuel Transporter Relies on Camcode Tags for Durability, Reliability

Headquartered in Texas, the U.S. operations of a large fuel transporter hauls crude oil, liquid petroleum and natural gas; and operates natural gas midstream businesses, including gathering, transmission, processing, treating and marketing subsidiaries.

So, how does a leader in energy transportation in the Midwest, Mid-Continent regions of the United States track tens of thousands of valves, motors and transmitters, and maintain accurate maintenance records?

“Camcode worked to meet our timelines… ensuring they did not over promise and under deliver. I was impressed.”

Without having any previous method in place for tracking asset locations or recording preventative and scheduled maintenance, the company was quick to learn that bar coding provided a fast and accurate method of collecting and searching for data with handheld devices.

Initially, they had been printing their own labels and adhering them to brass tags. But after the tags soon failed, the company’s U.S. Team Lead of Operations and Maintenance Services, went searching for another solution. While attending the Maximo Utilities Working Group meeting in Austin, Texas, he met a Camcode sales representative and the rest is history.

“I have a positive feeling these tags will provide a lasting benefit to our company.”

The Solution: Understanding that the tags would be in exterior locations, exposed to UV, crude oil and other elements, Camcode recommended a Metalphoto® tag with Teflon® treatment to resist dirt, oil and cleaning agents. Holes and adhesive were added to provide multiple attachment methods.

“The product is working very well,” says the Team Lead, “It’s being used in different climates and seems to be proving itself….I have a positive feeling these tags will provide a lasting benefit to our company.” He continues, “Camcode worked to meet our timelines…ensuring they did not over promise and under deliver. I was impressed. Our order was 60,000 pieces and we never missed a deadline.”

Camcode: The Standard for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems


Camcode’s Metalphoto® Bar Code Tags withstand abrasion, intense temperatures and weather conditions, and exposure to UV, chemicals and solvents


Proven to integrate easily with the leading asset management systems.

Long Life

Bar codes remain readable for 30 years even in the harshest conditions. No need to ever re-label.


Virtually eliminates errors caused by manual data collection, ensuring accurate information.


Perform field data acquisition more quickly and easily for greater productivity and reduced labor costs


Camcode Bar Code Asset Tags pay for themselves in increased productivity and reduced rework.

Keep Operations Efficient with Barcode Asset Tracking Tags

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