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Easy Ways to Establish Efficient Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Camcode Helps Displays2Go Establish Inventory Tracking with Warehouse Labels

For more than forty years, Displays2Go has manufactured and sold trade show and merchandising displays and supplies to a variety of other businesses. The company’s warehouse is filled with everything from display racks, trade show booths and banner stands, to frames for posters, literature holders, restaurant supplies, store fixtures and more.

With such a wide range of products, the company realized it needed more space and prepared to move into a new facility. But more space brought
new problems. Displays2Go had never utilized a formal inventory or
location labelling system. Areas in the warehouse were identified manually. Information was entered into an Excel spreadsheet in order to create paper labels printed on site. “With a new facility, we wanted a more professional appearance and we wanted our labels to last longer,” said Bob Black, Director of Manufacturing/Facilities. “Ultimately, we needed durable product location tracking.”

Black knew he needed warehouse labels that were durable, clear and easily readable for employees to use in terms of location identification, as well as barcodes that would work with his existing system. He began to search for durable warehouse labels and came across Camcode.

“I got warehouse label samples from Camcode and two other companies,” Black said. “With Camcode, I saw exactly what I was getting. There was a nice variety of samples that helped me envision what would work best for us.”

“There was a nice variety of samples that helped me envision what would work best for us.”

Black worked with the Camcode sales and customer service team to develop customized polyester rack labels for his warehouse. In addition to standard rack labels, Camcode helped Black create a custom solution for easy scanning of high and low racks. Rather than have employees bend down to reach very low racks or stretch to reach higher ones, Displays2Go uses a “double label” system. Here, a rack label has a certain color and an arrow that points down for a lower level, and a different color with an arrow that points up for higher levels.

“This makes it easy to be sure we’re scanning the right levels without straining to reach the actual levels themselves,” said Black. “We have about 14,000 labels in our warehouse now and they’re all working perfectly.”

With Camcode’s warehouse rack labels, Displays2Go now has clearer product locations and easier location scanning. “We were starting from scratch,” Black said. “The labels make it really simple for users to scan and make less mistakes. We know there are different colors for different levels because it’s very clear.”

Black feels the warehouse labeling project with Camcode has been a success. “Everyone
at Camcode got back to me quickly. When we had to make changes, everyone was accommodating,” he said. “Next year when we expand, I’ll definitely come back to Camcode for the next set of labels.”

Camcode: The Standard for Warehouse Bar Code Labeling


Lower system cost and easy installation saves on material and labor costs

Saves Time

Quicker attachment methods and varied installation options keep projects on deadline


Proven to integrate easily with leading warehouse management systems

Easy to Scan

Camcode’s warehouse bar code systems maintain the proper angle for optimum scanning and can be read at distances of up to 30 feet


Virtually eliminates the errors caused by manual labeling and inventory management


Track and locate inventory more quickly and easily for greater productivity and reduced labor costs

Keep Operations Efficient with Barcode Asset Tracking Tags

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