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Keeping in Compliance

Camcode Delivers UID Labels and Expertise for Military Contractors

Adhering to precise and highly complex manufacturing standards is familiar territory for many military contractors and subcontractors.

But for one manufacturer of truck parts used in military tactical vehicles, that complexity reached a new high in November 2008 when the company’s products became subject to MIL-STD-130, the detailed Department of Defense (DoD) standard that requires item unique identification (IUID or UID) for all military property, which allows DoD to track items from cradle to grave.

We’ve experienced excellent quality and very good accuracy.

While prime contractors have had to comply with MIL-STD-130 for some time, subcontractors like this company have only recently been thrust into the complex and at times confusing realm of UID.

That’s why this manufacturer turned to Camcode for its longstanding expertise in military markets and UID labeling.

“Camcode was one of a group of companies recommended to us by our prime,” says the production manager for this truck-parts manufacturer. “After talking with each of those companies, I found Camcode to be most familiar with the military standard we had to meet. I had a confidence in Camcode that I didn’t get with other manufacturers.”

Camcode helps companies like this one and other DoD suppliers become UID compliant quickly and with minimal hassles. The company’s experience supplying labels to military and aerospace markets dates back more than 55 years to dataplates on U.S. Navy vessels, and it’s been providing UID labels since the beginning of MIL-STD-130.

I found Camcode to be most familiar with the military standard we had to meet. I had a confidence in Camcode that I didn’t get with other manufacturers.

What’s more, Camcode’s Metalphoto® anodized aluminum bar code label offers the durability to withstand abrasion, extreme temperatures, weather conditions and more throughout the life of the asset – a necessity for applications as demanding as this company’s military truck parts.

Even when changes needed to be made to the original specifications prepared by this company’s customer – changing adhesive labels to those with fabricated holes to allow for riveting – the production manager says Camcode responded quickly to modify the UID tags without disrupting their production schedule.

“Other than that, we’ve experienced excellent quality and very good accuracy,” he says. “Overall, we’re pretty happy with Camcode.”

Camcode: The Standard for Unique Identification (UID) Marking

Expert Help

Camcode has helped hundreds of companies get on track with their UID projects. Camcode offers the know-how to ensure you’re UID compliant quickly and easily.

Quality Assurance

Your label order will be preceded by a PDF proof of your exact design and data string to ensure it’s correct, and will ship with a certification that the format and quality meet the rules of MIL-STD-130.


Camcode’s marking materials, including Metalphoto® anodized aluminum, are the most specified in the industry and are used on more DoD equipment than any other material in the world. They have the highest performance
rating and will last for the life of your item.

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Consider using Camcode’s UID Registration or Label Installation services to improve the efficiency of your UID compliance

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