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Grocer Discovers a Simple Way to Increase Distribution Center Efficiency

Supermarket Chain Uses Camcode’s Warehouse Floor Labels for Distribution Center Identification

A leading American discount supermarket chain depends on its distribution centers to serve more than 1,300 stores nationwide. Those distribution centers depend on Camcode for durable Warehouse Adhesive Floor Labels that make it easier to move products in and out of the facilities.

With a very high volume of product moving from floor locations, not standard racks, this supermarket chain needed a durable identification method that would stand up to forklift traffic on the distribution center floors. They had tried different methods to identify its floor locations, including scarab machines, paint and temporary labels. Each method failed to hold up. In addition, these methods required additional hours of labor when re-marking was needed twice a year.

Looking for a more efficient solution, this supermarket chain found Camcode’s Warehouse Adhesive Floor Labels.

The Floor Labels consist of a Metalphoto® aluminum bar code label that is protected by a beveled aluminum frame with specially-formulated adhesive that easily adheres to a prepared floor area. The frame shields the bar code label from the abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic.

“Camcode’s floor labels stay in place and allow operators to enter data automatically and more efficiently.”

“Typical warehouse operations tore the paint on the floor, which only lasted a couple of months,” said the chain’s distribution technology manager. “Our forklift operators weren’t able to use scanners and had to manually enter identification numbers.”

With Camcode’s Warehouse Adhesive Floor Labels, the supermarket chain improved labor efficiency and created more effective operations. “Camcode’s floor labels stay in place and allow operators to enter data automatically and more efficiently,” according to the distribution technology manager. To date, this discount supermarket chain has installed the floor labels in 16 distribution centers and plans to use them in the remaining centers.

“It’s all about efficiency,” the distribution technology manager said. “The floor labels are working very well, and we hope to eliminate all previous labor spending on re-labeling and maintenance.”

Camcode: The Standard for Warehouse Bar Code Labeling


Lower system cost and easy installation saves on material and labor costs

Saves Time

Quicker attachment methods and varied installation options keep projects on deadline


Proven to integrate easily with leading warehouse management systems

Easy to Scan

Camcode’s warehouse bar code systems maintain the proper angle for optimum scanning and can be read at distances of up to 30 feet


Virtually eliminates the errors caused by manual labeling and inventory management


Track and locate inventory more quickly and easily for greater productivity and reduced labor costs

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