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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS): Compatibility is Key

Maintenance Management / CMMS, Utility

CMMS Asset TagsWhen you implement an asset tracking system, it’s critical to have asset tags that are durable, yet fully compatible with your software of choice. Inventories, maintenance and audits are all imperative for utility operations.
Manual data collection is a redundant process that not only leads to critical documentation errors – but sometimes liability issues, as well. With an asset management system, you can map assets, create reports or feed your information into a backend database for further manipulation and advanced reporting capabilities.
Camcode’s utility asset tags are compatible with several leading computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), leaving you more flexibility to choose a software provider that meets the needs of your organization without compromising compatibility or adding functional complexity.
GeoSpatial Experts, for instance, is a leader in photomapping software for professionals. Its GeoJot+ flagship product enables asset identification complete with precise geo-location documentation, all streamlined and made possible using a mobile device. This software is utilized worldwide by U.S. Government agencies, many cities and counties, every state government, and even universities. Other software providers compatible with Camcode’s utility asset tags include:

  • IBM Maximo Asset management – Provides a common platform for production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications assets.
  • Esri – Relies on GIS and location services to provide asset management software.
  • Alden Systems, Inc. – Specializes in joint use inventories and asset management for telecommunications and utilities companies, among others.
  • @hand – Field service and mobility software for frontline work processes, promoting workforce mobility, which is critical for the all-important field service needs in the utility industry.
  • The list goes on and on.

With a comprehensive CMMS combined with Camcode’s durable utility asset tags and pole markers, you can completely automate a variety of processes to cut down time spent on documentation while simultaneously enhancing accuracy. Failures associated with identification errors are reduced, leading to better customer service and greater continuity.
With Camcode’s utility asset tags, CMMS asset tags, meter tags and pole markers, you can track both fixed and moveable assets for maximum efficiency. Maintenance and audit history, along with warranty management and an abundance of other data associated with any particular asset is at your fingertips with a CMMS. Our solutions are also completely customized to suit your needs, so compatibility is never an issue, regardless of the CMMS you choose. Contact Camcode today for assistance with a total location services solution encompassing GIS/GPS and utility asset tags.

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