Camcode Helps Improve Accuracy & Efficiency of Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Recognizing the need for a WMS that would provide accurate and reliable information, this global provider of architectural building products and services found its way to the right source. The company was using scanning tools to read information contained on their product labels, but the information collected was very limited. A manual data entry process was then used to fill in the blanks. The end result was frequent inaccuracies of inventory quantity and location. So, the company’s Shipping Manager was given the task of developing a process that would eliminate the errors they had been experiencing.
After considering products, the Shipping Manager quickly concluded that they needed to bar code all inventory locations within their warehouse. This method (bar code labels read with hand held scanners) would deliver more complete information and eliminate keying errors that occurred during manual data entry.
Camcode worked to design the best bar code solutions for their warehouse. Some of the products the customer installed include Hanging Signs to mark bays, Double-Sided Signs to identify aisles, and Multi-Level Rack Labels to identify racks that are as many as 9 and 11 tiers high.
By understanding the customer’s goals, Camcode was able to deliver warehouse labels that significantly increased the efficiency of their warehouse management system. According to the Shipping Manager, their company has “improved WMS data accuracy to 95.5% since moving to bar code technology.

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