Warehouse Bar Code Labels

Including Rack Labels, Retro-Reflective Labels, Hanging Signs and Floor Labels

Camcode has warehouse label solutions for every application in your warehouse. Choose from our indestructible floor label systems, rack labels, location tags, long-range retro-reflective labels and hanging signs.

Camcode is not a catalog. Our team has implemented hundreds of warehouse label projects. We work with you to design the best warehouse labeling solutions and warehouse bar code system for your warehouse. By understanding your goal to automate your inventory systems, we can assure you the highest value warehouse barcoding solutions.

Your warehouse label product choices include:

  • Warehouse Floor Labels and Barcode Labeling Systems
    Camcode's Warehouse Floor Label Kits: Camcode Warehouse Floor Label Kits are the most durable bar code labeling solutions you will find. Each label kit features a 1/8" beveled aluminum frame that protects the Metalphoto® aluminum bar code label from the abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic. The Adhesive-Backed Warehouse Floor Label Kit saves hours in installation time and expense. Its specially formulated pressure sensitive backing makes installation as easy as peel and stick. Our Original Warehouse Floor Label Kit is easily attached to the floor by four concrete anchors that are included with the kit, along with a concrete drill bit for simple installation. Each floor label kit comes with instructions, frame and pre-printed labels. Read more about our Warehouse Floor Labels.
  • Warehouse Rack Labels for Warehouse Barcoding
    Warehouse Rack Labels:  Camcode has bar code rack labels for every application. Polyester Rack Labels offer the durability demanded in many warehouse applications. Multi-Level Rack Labels can eliminate the need for long-range scanning and are designed to eliminate the confusion of which rack to scan. Magnetic Rack Labels are perfect for easy relocating. Cold Storage Rack Labels are designed for installation in environments as low as -20°F. Cover-Up Rack Labels are designed to cover existing labels with no bleed through. See our full line of Warehouse Rack Labels.
  • Retroreflective Warehouse Labels and Warehouse Bar Code System Solutions
    Long-Range Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels:  Camcode's retro-reflective warehouse labels are designed to reach scanning distances up to 50 feet with long-range scanners. These warehouse barcode systems provide the ultimate in functionality. Our Hanging Retro-Reflective Label is designed to hang from chain or attach to suspended wire. The Fixed Mount Retro-Reflective Label includes holes or foam tape adhesive for mounting to bar joist or any existing fixture. Our Rack Mount Retro-Reflective Label is specially designed to allow upper level rack scanning from floor level. Our Two-Sided Retro-Reflective Label is designed to be scanned from multiple angles. Our Pipe Mount Retro-Reflective Label is designed to hang from conduit or PVC. See our full line of Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels.
  • Returnable Container, Tote and Tray Labels for Warehouse Labeling
    Returnable Container, Tote and Tray Bar Code Labels:  Our durable bar code labels are ideal for tracking your totes, trays, containers and other returnables. Our warehouse labels can resist cleaning processes, abrasion, chemicals or even outdoor exposure. Read more about Container Bar Code Labels.
  • Pallet Bar Code Labels and Warehouse Location Labels
    Pallet Bar Code Labels:  Developed for tracking returnable or reusable pallets, these durable Metalphoto aluminum bar code labels come with a specifically engineered 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive for permanent attachment. These bar code labels will last for the life of the pallet. Read more about Pallet Bar Code Labels.
  • Warehouse Signs and Warehouse Labeling Systems
    Custom Warehouse Signs:  Camcode produces Custom Signs for every application. Our Aisle Warehouse Signs are ideal for identifying rack and shelf ends. Our Hanging Warehouse Signs have a lightweight, yet tough white plastic backer for high visibility. Our Fixed Mount Signs have holes or adhesive strips for mounting. Our Indoor Door and Dock Signs have a durable white plastic backer and two strips of 3M foam tape for attachment. Our Outdoor Door and Dock Signs are produced on Metalphoto anodized aluminum which lasts 30 years outdoors. See our full line of Custom Warehouse Signs.
  • Outdoor Warehouse Labeling Solutions and Bar code Systems
    Outdoor Warehouse Solutions:  For challenging outdoor applications where durability and functionality are critical, Camcode developed our Outdoor Warehouse Signs and Labels. If you're in need of an innovative warehouse labeling solution for marking bulk storage areas or tracking inventory in outdoor locations, we can customize an outdoor barcode system to fit your needs. See our full line of Outdoor Warehouse Signs and Labels.

What do warehouse labels & signs cost?

Our minimum order for warehouse labels is $300 to $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost - to as low as $6 or $7 for a long-range sign or floor label kit and $0.50 to $1 for a simple rack label - and exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity. Getting an exact quotation is easy; just request a quote.