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Data Collection & Label Installation Services

Camcode can help automate your asset management system for organization-wide benefits.

Camcode Can Verify Your Database, Manufacture Labels, & Install Them For You

Camcode is your one stop source for durable CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) labels that we design, manufacture, deliver, install unique QR coded labels, and populate your database for your organization’s assets.

This provides our clients with a 100% accurate database and very fast QR code scanning to track your asset’s critical data points. Ultimately, clients improve decision making on purchase, management, maintenance, and disposal of equipment – dramatically improving their spend and quality of service.

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Features of Camcode’s Label Services

Camcode designs and manufactures your QR code labels

We have ultimate control over the creation process, unlike a reseller.

True-Up Existing Data

Provide data collection, verification, and post-processing services, including walk downs.

Data Cleansing, Reconcilliation & Enrichment

Verify and correct data, reconcile data between multiple sources, and enable database enrichment from new data parameters or other data sources.

Software Agnostic

Integrates easily with maintenance software platforms.

Custom Engineered Labels

Consultation to create the optimal durable labels for your project.

Time Management

Increase staff efficiency and eliminate human error.

Benefits of Camcode’s Label Services

  • Give each piece of equipment a unique QR coded identifier for easy identification.
  • Create a digital linkage between tagged equipment to the CMMS asset registry, work order tracking, and tactical capital expenditures for more predictable and accurate PM budgeting.
  • Understand the condition of equipment at each location.
  • Increase accuracy of your database.
  • Save man-hours and money by increasing maintenance staff efficiency.
  • Maintenance staff satisfaction via easier workflow.
custom warehouse labels are the ideal inventory labeling system

Get Customized Asset Labels, Installation, & Data Collection Services For Your Project

Whatever your application, our labels and services help solve your specific defense asset management challenges.  Get a free quote today and start automating your asset management system.

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Typical Scope of Work

  • Design, manufacture and deliver optimal labels for the application
  • Enter appropriate manufacturer information into proper applications
  • Install new QR labels onto client owned equipment
  • Take clear, concise photos of equipment at time of site visit
  • Post process data to achieve the highest level of data accuracy within the CMMS system
  • Support client questions and clarifications
custom warehouse labels are the ideal inventory labeling system

Discuss Your Project Requirements Now

Our experienced team is on stand-by to design and build the perfect labels & services package for your application.  Talk with a sales engineer today for help automating your asset management system.

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“Camcode had the knowledge and experience to help us select a bar code label that will survive the average life span of our assets”

Branford A

“This has greatly improved our efficiency.”

“Having the labels makes it much easier than manually entering an asset ID number. I feel it’s cutting down on the time it takes to make sure we have the right equipment at the right location.”

Dennis F.
Production Supervisor

Keep Operations Efficient with Asset Tracking Tags

Find exactly what you need. And, if you don’t find it, build it with Camcode. Talk to our team today.

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