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What is Property ID (Property Identification)?

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    A Definition of Property ID
    Property identification involves labeling inventory and company assets with property identification tags or ID labels to prevent theft and streamline processes. Property managers are able to work much more efficiently when companies make use of property identification and ID labels. Property ID also increases staff productivity and improves service.
    Examples of Property Identification
    Several types of property identification tags and ID labels are available, and each serves a specific need. Depending on your environment, you will need to choose the right type of label to meet your needs. For example, if your environment includes possible exposure to chemicals or outdoor exposure to harsh weather, or even exposure to extreme temperatures, you need to ensure that you have the correct property ID tag or high-temperature labels for your property.
    Property ID tags and labels generally fall into one of four categories, including:

    • Asset tags and asset labels for property management Asset tags and asset labels assist with asset identification, control, and tracking. These property ID tags and labels simplify the process of controlling and tracking valuable assets throughout their lifecycle. Asset tagging and tracking solutions include foil asset labels, Metalphoto asset tags, premium polyester asset labels, tamper-evident polyester asset labels, destructible vinyl asset labels, two-part asset labels, and removable asset labels.
    • Utility Meter Tags and Asset LabelsUtility asset labels – Utility asset labels include utility meter tags, pole tags, and bar code labels. Highly durable anodized aluminum bar code labels are available with an image sealed below the surface, creating a barrier to sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals, solvents, and temperatures up to 650°F. Utility asset labels make it possible for utility companies to track rework/refurbish history, improve meter tractability, reduce meter to ERT calibration time, eliminate transposition errors caused by manual mistakes, and improve meter and ERT inventory control and traceability. Bar code pole tags, along with GIS mapping initiatives and automated pole maintenance programs have streamlined data collection processes for utility companies, effectively reducing their down time and maintenance costs.
    • Security labels and tamper-evident barcode labels – Protecting against theft is one of the most important functions of property ID tags and ID labels. Tamper-evident labels may include custom text along with a bar code or serial number for easy identification and tracking of valuable assets. Types of security labels and tamper-evident barcode labels include foil security labels, destructible vinyl security labels, and polyester tamper-evident labels.
    • Durable barcode labels and asset tags for harsh industrial environmentsDurable barcode labels and asset tags for harsh industrial environments include plastic and metal bar code labels, stickers, and tags. These durable property ID tags and labels stand up even in the harshest environments, including chemicals, cleaning processes, painting processes, outdoor exposure, and temperatures up to 1200°F. Durable property ID tags and labels include metal barcode labels, Teflon on aluminum barcode labels, extra high temperature aluminum barcode labels, stainless steel barcode labels, premium polyester barcode labels, and paint mask barcode labels.

    Benefits of Using Property ID Tags and ID Labels
    Property ID tags and property ID labelsThe benefits of property ID tags and ID labels are numerous and far reaching. By implementing a property ID and tracking system for your property and assets, you are ensuring that your valuable inventory, assets, and tools not only are accounted for, but easily tracked and accounted for in an efficient manner. General benefits of property ID include:

    • Inventory control
    • Security for high value items
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Efficient use of assets
    • Accurate record keeping
    • Reduce expenses

    Recommended Reading on Property ID
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    Table of Contents

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