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4 Industries That Should be Taking Advantage of Asset Tracking

Inventory Tracking Labels

Businesses spanning practically every industry can take advantage of asset tracking on some level. From tracking moveable assets to keeping tabs on maintenance and repairs for expensive, fixed assets, asset tags make tracking your company’s valuable assets simple and efficient.
For companies that have never before utilized asset tracking solutions, the question of “what to track” is often top-of-mind, and many of the assets that stand to benefit from tracking aren’t always obvious. When most people think about barcode labels, they think about the UPC codes found on grocery products or shipping labels. These examples are merely a small fraction of the potential applications for asset tracking. Here’s a look at four industries that should be taking advantage of asset tracking technology, and how they can benefit.

From inventory management to data reconciliation, schools can benefit substantially from a sound asset tracking system. Often spanning several buildings and consisting of a multitude of departments, education institutions have thousands of assets that frequently move from location to location. A/V equipment, computers, and other assets are valuable property that, without adequate asset tracking, can easily be lost or stolen. Additionally, asset tracking enables schools to optimize asset allocation and avoid the unnecessary duplication of assets, reducing budget demands


Regulations are heavy in the healthcare field, making an asset tracking solution a valuable partner in providing quality care to patients. From high-value medical equipment requiring regular maintenance to ensure accuracy to scientific instruments that are frequently moved or transferred, healthcare providers are tasked with keeping track of a plethora of assets – and that’s in addition to making sure patients are given efficient, top-notch care. Asset tracking solutions save time by reducing error-prone manual record-keeping and provide the framework for keeping equipment and instruments in working order and readily accessible.

The manufacturing industry encompasses everything from airplane assembly to work-in-process environments. When one thinks of manufacturing, the manufacturing plant commonly comes to mind. These manufacturing plants, or factories, rely heavily on large, high-value fixed assets to manufacture or process products. These environments may not have to worry about losing these assets in-transit from one department to another, but there are plenty of benefits to be gained from implementing an asset tracking solution. For instance, rather than unearth manual documentation and spend time making phone calls to track down the right vendor for replacement parts, having access to a machine’s maintenance and repair history is as simple as scanning a bar code.

telecom-file2451342838979_200Telecommunications and Cable

The telecom and cable industry is far more complex than even the dizzying array of utility poles and cable wires makes it seem. This industry is tasked with managing and optimizing the delivery of vital services to customers spanning a substantial service area, all of which is dependent on a seamless workflow and maximum efficiency. When utilities suffer outages, today’s consumers demand rapid resolution. This is virtually impossible to achieve without a clear picture of every asset within the service area, detailed records of when assets were last serviced, and the ability to pinpoint the precise location of a malfunction in order to dispatch crews to the location. With the robust data collection capabilities offered by asset tracking solutions, telecom and cable companies are able to optimize service delivery and meet ever-increasing consumer demands.
These four industries represent just a few of the many industries and businesses that can reap tremendous benefits from an effective asset tracking solution. It’s not just moveable assets that require tracking, nor is it merely fixed assets requiring regular maintenance and repairs. A comprehensive asset tracking solution, offering specially designed asset tags and labels to meet the varying applications within your company, provides a firm foundation for improving efficiency and improving results across your organization.

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