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What are Magnetic Labels?

Inventory Tracking Labels

A Definition of Magnetic Labels
Often used as inventory labeling solutions, durable magnetic labels serve as rack labels that easily can be relocated on demand. Rather than going through the hassle of removing permanently affixed labels or dealing with bleed-through from old labels that interfere with scanning accuracy, magnetic labels may be relocated time and again without any sticky residue left behind.
the benefits of magnetic labels Benefits of Magnetic Labels
There are many benefits of choosing magnetic rack labels, especially as today’s warehouses are the site of constant shipment and product movement. Efficiency and productivity are key for warehouse managers, and magnetic labels provide ample benefits for warehouse management and inventory control. Magnetic labels eliminate the confusion and inefficiency that arise when products are temporarily relocated or overstocked because the labels themselves are so easy to relocate.
For easy inventory location identification, some top magnetic label manufacturers add color graphic elements to a polyester face stock, a process that maximizes magnetic label functionality. Magnetic labels also resist general purpose and household cleaners, mild acids, oil, and water, making them more durable than other types of rack labels.
Other features that make magnetic labels more durable include: an over-laminate that protects against abrasion and chemicals, magnetic backers for easy label relocation, and color directional elements, plus crisp black graphics on a white background, to identify inventory location. Image via Flickr by Marcin Wichary
Magnetic Label Features
It is important when choosing your magnetic label manufacturer that you ensure their specifications meet your inventory control and warehouse operations needs. Be sure that your labels include a magnetic backer with a multiple-pole-magnetization pattern for even magnetism.
It’s also critical that the information printed on the magnetic label is clear and easy to read, while at the same time ensuring that the magnetic label is durable. Camcode’s Magnetic Warehouse Rack Labels feature gloss white polyester face stock, over-laminated with clear polyester film, and high-performance permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Choose a font that workers will easily read, and determine whether you want your magnetic labels to feature logos or other design elements for your warehouse racking solutions.
Magnetic labels are available in several custom sizes and typically are available with all common symbologies, including code 128, 3 of 9, l2 of 5, data matrix, and QR codes. Magnetic label graphics are black on white backgrounds, with or without color elements added for easier identification.
Magnetic Label Applications Magnetic Labels for Asset Tracking
Magnetic labels are intended for applications requiring the ability to relocate labels frequently. That’s why magnetic labels are the perfect solution for warehouses, because most warehouse shelves, racks, and bins are made of metal. In fact, high quality magnetic labels of the required size, format, and color attach firmly to the warehouse infrastructure and then can be relocated quickly.
Ed Knab, partner and design consultant at Global-Springs Ltd., explains why magnetic labels are the go-to solution for warehouses: “Even if you are always updated barcodes and changing information, magnet labels keep the whole warehouse much cleaner. The old adhesive-based labels are a mess. They don’t move as the stock moves. Whenever you need to change something, you have to scrape off the sticky stuff. Not only does this take time and create waste, it damages the paint on the beam so your racking will never be like new again.”
Warehouses, distribution centers, and large chain stores make good use of magnetic labels to avoid the problems with paper labeling and to increase efficiency and productivity, especially in terms of inventory control.
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