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The Importance of Asset Tracking Using Asset Tags and Asset Labels

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    Asset Tags and Asset Labels from Camcode

    Asset Tracking Using Asset Tags and Asset Labels

    When your company has hundreds or even thousands of physical assets, it’s important to know their operating condition and where they are located. From computer monitors to industrial tools, identifying, tracking and controlling your assets with asset tags is critical to your company’s bottom line.
    Physical assets are frequently out in the field for use, undergo repairs, sold, updated, removed or stolen. From purchase to disposal and all of the steps in between, an asset’s history can be easily traced and reviewed using an asset management system that utilizes asset tags or asset labels.
    Asset inventory and control systems help you manage your physical capital and allow you to make more informed decisions regarding physical inventory, such as when to repair or replace items. It also helps you track and prevent theft of your assets. Other benefits of using an asset management system with asset tags includes:

    • Maximize employee and equipment efficiency
    • Reduce equipment downtime through better planning
    • Prevent theft and enhance security of items
    • Help meet possible compliance requirements

    Tracking your assets and collecting their data using an asset tag has proven to be faster, less expensive and more accurate than manual data collection processes. With durable asset tags that remain readable in the toughest environments, you can manage your physical assets without worry that your label will fall off or fade.  To customize an asset tag or asset label for your specific application, choose from a variety of materials, including aluminum, foil, polyester and vinyl, then select an appropriate symbology, and add logos or design elements to fit your label specifications.

    Table of Contents

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