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Wind Power and Asset Management

Inventory Tracking Labels, Maintenance Management / CMMS

Asset Tracking for Wind EnergyOff in the distance, many landscapes are now being speckled with wind turbines, churning to harness the energy that can be produced by the wind.

For the first time in history, the U.S. has reached a milestone, producing 50 gigawatts (GW) of electric generating capacity, according to the American Wind Energy Association. In more relatable terms, 50 GW is enough to power 13 million American homes. Fifty gigawatts represents the production capacity of 44 coal-fired plants or 11 nuclear power plants and conserves 30 billion gallons of water used by thermal electric generation.
But, this renewable resource is only good if it’s properly captured and converted into usable energy. Equipment must be accurately inspected, maintained, serviced and components replaced as needed in order to prevent service disruptions. The failure of just a few turbines on any one wind farm can lead to a significant loss of power generation.
With inventory and asset management being a vital piece of the industry, it’s important that essential components are identifiable and trackable. But, in the harsh conditions of whipping winds and various other severe environmental elements, monitoring the various machineries that keep the turbines turning can prove difficult.
Asset management labels can help organize and track the costly equipment. But you need to be certain that the labels can withstand the conditions. There are a variety of durable and lasting labels which could be of benefit to the wind farm industry.
Foil Labels/Foil Asset Tags: These tags are exceptionally durable and will last the lifetime of the asset, even when exposed to extreme elements such as wind, rain and various temperatures. Designed with highly readable, crisp graphics, the barcodes printed on the foil labels are sealed beneath an anodic layer of the aluminum. The foil asset tags are ideal for placement on a variety of surfaces including plastics, metals, contoured and textured surfaces.
Rigid Metalphoto Tags: These aluminum asset labels are designed to withstand the harshest of elements including extreme weather, exposure to abrasives, chemicals and solvents. The Rigid Metalphoto Tag can be attached using high-performance, pressure sensitive adhesive or can be mechanically attached. The tags can be used on high-surface energy plastics and metals, and on contoured and textured surfaces. Rigid Metalphoto tags have an expected outdoor lifespan of 20 plus years.
These types of tags can also help with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), which allow companies to monitor work order history and tracking, and equipment conditions.
As renewable energy resources and wind power continues to grow, managing the equipment that keep it running is essential. With asset tags, tracking the various components of a wind farm is easy and efficient with highly durable and weather resistant tags.

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