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What You Need to Know Before Buying Tamper-Proof Labels

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Effective asset management provides businesses with an excellent platform for extending the life of their valuable assets and equipment and reducing the cost of ownership. Certain assets, such as laptops or other technology devices, may be more prone to tampering or theft. For these situations, a tamper-proof label can provide added security and reliability for tracking.

In addition to deterring theft, tamper-proof labels are also suitable for tracking assets. They can be printed with barcodes, serial numbers, and custom text, such as the company’s name, that may be useful for your specific application. In this post, we’ll explore some important things you should know before buying tamper-proof labels. There are a few different types of security labels and tamper-evident labels, and it is helpful to understand the differences between them and how they are used in common applications to choose the best tamper-proof labels for your application.

Types of Tamper-Proof Labels

Types of Tamper-Proof Labels

When compared to a standard security label, tamper-proof labels are unique because they will show clear evidence when removed. The two main types of tamper-proof labels are destructible vinyl labels and polyester tamper-evident labels.

Tamper-Evident Labels. If this label is removed after application, a pattern underneath the label remains that displays the word “VOID.” Constructed of polyester, tamper-evident security labels have good resistance to scratches and exposure to water or mild chemicals. They’re ideal for applications such as marking office equipment that’s prone to theft.

Destructible Vinyl Security Labels. This type of label will completely break apart when scratched or removed. The vinyl material is perfect for this use and should be used indoors. A destructible vinyl security label is an excellent choice in situations where you must prevent any unauthorized attempt to transfer labels between different assets.

Benefits of Tamper-Proof Labels

Benefits of Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels provide several benefits over traditional labels due to their security features that deter theft and unauthorized transfer. The following benefits make tamper-proof labels an especially useful option for asset tracking in commercial and institutional settings:

  • Theft reduction due to a visual deterrent
  • Eliminate the potential for transferring labels between assets
  • Quickly monitor assets using visual inspection
  • Track high-value assets that are frequently moved
  • Streamline your inventory counts using barcode labels
  • Use color-coded labels to easily categorize assets

As you can see, tamper-proof labels are a reliable way to track assets and help reduce the potential for theft or tampering. Once the labels are attached, you can use them just like other asset tags or product labels. Since these labels can also include barcodes, they integrate perfectly with most Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

Where You Might Use Tamper-Proof Labels

Where You Might Use Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels are often chosen when an asset has a particularly high value, is prone to potential theft, or requires a high level of security. For example, the military and defense industry has very strict requirements for asset management. The Department of Defense (DoD) has created a Unique Identification (IUID) program to standardize the design, creation, and deployment of asset labels that may include the use of tamper-proof labels in some situations.

Tamper-proof labels are used in many industries to tag equipment and assets of all kinds. These are just a few examples of the many assets that can require additional security for labeling and management:

  • Small tools and accessories
  • Cafeteria appliances
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Cell phones and accessories
  • Laptops and computer hardware
  • Lab equipment
  • Sound and video production equipment
  • Portable furniture
  • DVDs, CDs, and media packaging
  • Police evidence and forensic samples
  • Sealed freight and cargo shipments

Tamper-proof labels can also be used in applications that require anti-counterfeit and warranty protection. Some companies will also color-code their labels to differentiate between departments, asset type, or any desired category. Using security labels that are color-coded can make sorting and deploying labels easier while also giving your staff another quick way to differentiate between assets.

Customization Options for Tamper-Evident Labels

After selecting a tamper-proof label style that is the best fit for your application, you can further customize many aspects of the label. These labels come in four standard sizes that are suitable for most uses, but custom sizes can also be ordered. A white background with black graphics is the standard option, and additional colors can be added for color-coding needs.

The basic tamper-proof labels can usually be used for tagging any standard office and factory environment. If the labels may come into contact with harsh environmental conditions, a durable barcode label solution may be required. The captions on the labels can be customized with asset name, serial number, company name, or any desired text. You can also customize the barcode symbology to match the requirements of your scanning hardware.

Selecting a tamper-proof label is easy once you have a clear picture of your specific needs. With added security features, they are an excellent choice for tagging high-value assets and any equipment that may be frequently moved or at risk of tampering or theft. With the proper planning, you can implement tamper-proof labels that will help protect your assets for years to come.

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