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8 Key SAP Maintenance Planner Resources: From Training to Tutorials

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Key Takeaway

  • There are a variety of training courses and tutorials available for SAP maintenance planning, catering to different schedules and experience levels, which are essential for maintaining a competent and engaged workforce in facilities management.
  • Maintenance planning is considered a core feature of the SAP maintenance planner platform and one of the most valuable resources for an operations team and facilities management professionals. Businesses of all sizes use SAP as the center of their business process management efforts, with capabilities that impact nearly every department, including maintenance management features to support preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, reactive maintenance, and other facilities management processes from a single platform. Fundamental training and continuing education opportunities are vital to maintaining an engaged and competent workforce.

    Paired with the right asset tags and barcodes, such as facilities management asset tags and equipment identification tags, SAP’s software is a powerful tool for maintenance managers. To get the most from this comprehensive platform, however, gaining an understanding of its many features and capabilities is key.

    In this post, we’ll review 8 popular SAP maintenance planner training courses and tutorials. Both in-person, online, and self-guided options are covered with options that can meet any schedule and experience level. You will also find free resources and a variety of paid options at different price points.

    Many of these resources cover fundamental topics of SAP maintenance planning that are useful for managers, planners, and consultants in any industry.

    1. SAP for Maintenance Planners (Marshall Institute)

    SAP for Maintenance Planners (Marshall Institute)

    This SAP course was created for daily users of the software who are actively engaged in planning activities and require some fundamental training. The Marshall Institute divides the material over two days of training with the first covering pre-work and work orders and the second diving deeper into maintenance plans and task lists. It is an ideal option for planners and maintenance supervisors and addresses many common issues that are encountered in day-to-day SAP planning activities.

    2. SAP Plant Maintenance Training (HKR Trainings)

    SAP Plant Maintenance Training (HKR Trainings)

    This expansive course from HKR Trainings presents 21 individual modules that cover all aspects of SAP maintenance planning. In addition to providing software training, students will also have an opportunity to learn about communication skills and gain industry perspectives that can help them in seeking employment in this field. It is a self-guided training course that can be completed on your own time by following the 30 hours of instructor video content. Those who enroll will also have access to an online community forum to network with other current and former students.

    3. SAP PM Tutorial (Tutorials Point)

    SAP PM Tutorial (TutorialsPoint)

    The training site Tutorials Point has a large selection of ebooks, tutorials, and online tutors that can assist with your learning goals. This SAP PM tutorial takes you through a structured series of topics presented directly on the website. It is intended for SAP software users who already have a basic understanding of core modules such as production planning and material management. The tutorial presents instructions for completing basic tasks related to plant maintenance. You can also download this tutorial as a convenient pdf life to use for future reference.

    4. SAP PM Plant Maintenance Certification (Udemy)

    SAP PM Plant Maintenance Certification (Udemy)

    This SAP plant maintenance course was created by Uplatz Training for the Udemy platform. The course contains over 18 hours of on-demand video and students who finish the material will receive a formal certificate of completion. At a price of $19.99, this is an accessible course that is geared toward consultants and other SAP professionals. Core topics include the plant maintenance process, bills of material, and order planning.

    5. SAP Plant Maintenance Training Tutorials (TutorialKart)

    SAP Plant Maintenance Training Tutorials (TutorialKart)

    TutorialKart offers this SAP plant maintenance tutorial that includes detailed step-by-step instructions including several screenshots. The material is suitable for beginner to advanced SAP PM users and is available on the website for free. Topics that are covered include working with material master data, functional locations, and work centers. One of the final chapters is devoted to Maintenance planning with detailed instruction for creating order types and cycle maintenance plans.

    6. PM101, PM102, and PM201 Training Courses (Prometheus Group)

    PM101, PM102, and PM201 Training Courses (Prometheus Group)

    The Prometheus Group University contains a collection of 4-day certification courses that dive deep into SAP topics as related to integration with the Prometheus ERP system. There are 3 courses that focus on SAP specifically, with PM 101 covering basic maintenance planning and PM 201 diving into more advanced maintenance subjects. A PM 102 course is also available for fundamental SAP planning techniques. Each course has a downloadable syllabus for easy review and passing students will receive a certificate upon completion.

    7. Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventive (SAP Training)

    Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventive (SAP Training)

    This formal Maintenance and Service Processing training course comes directly from SAP and contains 12 hours of online instruction. It is part of the SAP ERP training path and is available for just over $550. Suitable students include business process owners and SAP power users who have already fulfilled other prerequisites for product lifecycle management fundamentals. The content of the course includes a discussion of task-list management, single-cycle maintenance planning, and performance-based planning strategies.

    8. Planning Basics in SAP (LinkedIn Learning)

    Planning Basics in SAP (LinkedIn Learning)

    This short course, Planning Basics in SAP, is an intermediate-level class with just over 1 hour of instruction. Over 5500 people have already taken the class on the LinkedIn Learning platform, and you can begin learning by signing up for a free month of access to all materials. The course is optimized for viewing on a tablet or smartphone and includes excellent SAP demos to help you understand the inner workings of maintenance planning workflows.

    With several resources available online it is easier than ever to further your learning as an SAP maintenance planner. Courses, certifications, and tutorials can all be used to gain unique insights into beginner to advanced topics. The eight resources presented in this post are just a few of the many great options you can explore for scheduled or self-guided instruction.

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