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    As professionals who are focused on the rehabilitation and cultivation of trees, arborists can often be found working as part of lawn care, landscaping, and tree care businesses. The job requires a great deal of planning to properly develop areas of vegetation, and there are several modern tools that many arborists use in the course of their work. In addition to trees, shrubs and vines must also be integrated into site plans and managed over time.

    To help facilitate these activities, many companies use contracting, design, field service management, tool inventory management, and vegetation management software platforms. These software solutions can be integrated with asset tags, equipment tracking tags, and inventory control tags and labels to help you streamline inventory management and optimize the lifecycle of your assets.

    We’ve collected this list of the 25 best tree software programs as a convenient reference for arborists. You’ll find a nice mix of software options to meet the needs of any business operation. Note that the tree software solutions for arborists below are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked or rated in any way.

    1. Arb Pro

    Arb Pro

    Arb Pro is a complete tree contracting suite designed for arborists. The software is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet. This software comes with 3 primary components including a CRM called Arb Office, a mobile surveyor app called Arb Quotes, and a mobile work order management app called Arb Work.

    Key Features:

    • A complete CRM
    • Instantly sync all appointments across Arb Pro applications
    • Integrations with leading platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks


    • Lite: £60 per month for 1 user and 1 quoting app
    • Standard: £90 per month for 2 users and 2 quoting apps
    • Pro: £125 per month for 3 users and 3 quoting apps
    • Elite: £145 per month for 4 users and 4 quoting apps

    2. ArborCAD



    ArborCAD is a user-friendly CAD software designed for arboriculture projects. This is an excellent choice for arborists who need a detailed tool for completing site surveys and planning complete vegetation layouts. You can also use the software to generate arboriculture reports that highlight encroachments and other considerations that could impact the final design.

    Key Features:

    • Generate tree assessment drawings
    • Upload satellite images from Google Earth or Near Maps
    • Automated tree labels and canopy drawings


    • Perpetual license: $4,495 AUD
    • Payment plan: $449 AUD/month
    • Annual license: $1,695 AUD/year

    3. Arborgold



    Arborgold is a field service management and scheduling software created for tree care, landscaping, and lawn care businesses. The platform includes a complete CRM For managing customer information, estimates, and invoices. A flexible pricing plan lets you get the system up and running on one account while adding additional users to connect your entire team.

    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive business management software
    • A complete cloud-based solution
    • Time tracking and advanced scheduling features


    • Starter: $99-$119/month for 1 cloud user
    • Professional: $209-$249/month for 1 cloud user with a customer portal and additional features
    • Enterprise: $329-$399/month for 1 cloud user with complete enterprise features

    4. Arborline


    Arborline, from Arbormetrics, was designed by arborists for use in the industry as a planning and quality control tool. Key features of this software include GIS data collection, quality assurance audits, and detailed site survey maps. As a complete vegetation management program, Arborline can also be customized to support unique workflows.

    Key Features:

    • Digital maps and forms
    • A map-based user interface
    • Post-work quality reports

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    5. ArborNote


    ArborNote is a tree care software package that can be used to manage work orders, estimates, and a complete tree inventory. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed through a browser or using one of the mobile or desktop applications. One excellent feature of ArborNote is the ability to generate high-quality tree care proposals that can be instantly shared with customers.

    Key Features:

    • Integrated customer relationship management
    • Complete workflow management
    • ArcGIS and QuickBooks compatible

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    6. ArborPlus


    ArborPlus is a tree inventory and management app with an excellent visual interface. A Plus Tree Care & Sustainability offers this software to their customers along with their other services such as tree health assessments, arborist consulting, and general tree care. The software can capture location information and photos for particular trees and maintains a detailed history of each asset.

    Key Features:

    • Priority work scheduling
    • Attach custom attributes to trees
    • Multi-level property management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    7. ArborSite


    ArborSafe, a Civica Group company, is a tree management system that is known for the high-quality tree assessments that can be produced in the software. Users can develop a detailed record of their tree inventory and generate customer reports showing tree risk, expenses, and life expectancy. The primary display uses a map-style interface and uses color-coded icons to display the risk level associated with each tree that is surveyed.

    Key Features:

    • AQF level 5 assessments
    • Detailed custom reports
    • A library of professional forms and guides

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    8. ArboStar



    Arbostar is an arborist management software platform that includes essential features for tree care and landscaping businesses. The intuitive interface makes it easy to access important information including CRM, business analytics, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. Integrated communication tools make it easy for users to contact each other using VoIP, SMS, and automated notifications.

    Key Features:

    • Field and equipment management
    • SMS integration
    • Payment processing

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    9. Aspire Landscape


    Aspire Landscape

    Aspire Landscape business management software is an end-to-end solution for running an entire operation. This platform works by improving visibility among your entire staff using a cloud-based system and user-friendly interface. Additional capabilities include job scheduling, equipment management, and accounting services.

    Key Features:

    • Job cost analysis
    • A mobile app for remote workers
    • Professional job estimate proposals

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    10. Bella FSM


    Bella FSM

    Bella Field Service Management is a great choice for tree businesses that require a comprehensive platform. The software has an excellent job scheduler, and it is easy to create and share work estimates with customers at any time. Users can also access Bella FSM from any connected computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

    Key Features:

    • Electronic customer signatures
    • Streamlined inventory management
    • Completely web-based arborist software

    Cost: $59/month for 1 user, additional users are $12/month

    11. Clearion VM


    Clearion VM

    Clearion vegetation management can be used to create work plans and schedules in a completely electronic platform. It is also possible to establish clear cyclical, conditioned, or reactive vegetation controls and manage maintenance activities. This software has become a popular choice among arborists due to its simple user interface and ability to automate complex workflows.

    Key Features:

    • Tree removal management
    • Track herbicide application locations
    • Automate audit processes

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    12. Forest Metrix

    Forest Metrix

    Forest Metrix Pro is an inventory app developed for forestry services and timber cruising. The software is designed to work on iOS devices that can be ruggedized for use in outdoor environments. Large touchscreen buttons make it easy to take rapid inventories of trees in a particular area, and custom categories can be assigned.

    Key Features:

    • Create product specifications by species
    • Customizable tree reports
    • Compatible with Apple iOS devices


    • Pro: $800/year for 1 desktop and 1 mobile license
    • Pro Plus: $1,200/year includes the PRO package and Excel report engine

    13. JGID



    Just Get It Done (JGID) is a job management program that can be used by arborists who manage teams of up to 100 employees. The software does not require any additional add-ons and provides full functionality out of the box. JGID is also supported by a mobile app that runs on iOS or Android devices.

    Key Features:

    • Electronic client signatures and approvals
    • An unintuitive user interface
    • Integration with XERO for easy invoicing


    • Basic: $99-$125/month for 2 active profiles
    • Professional: $299-$375/month for 12 active profiles
    • Enterprise: $599-$775/month for 32 active profiles

    14. Jobber



    Jobber is an arborist and tree service software that includes a complete CRM and detailed job management. The scheduling and routing features make it easy to assign jobs and track the progress of your team as they complete assigned work orders. This software also tracks a large amount of detail about each job, making it easy to reference past work.

    Key Features:

    • Job route optimization
    • Send progressional job quotes
    • Real-time customer appointment updates


    • Core: $29-$49/month for 1 user
    • Connect: $99-$139/month for up to 7 users
    • Grow: $199-$279/month for up to 30 users

    15. Joblogic



    Joblogic WFM is an excellent choice for tree service management companies that are looking for a cloud-based business solution. The customer-facing tools within Joblogic make it easy to present a streamlined and professional brand identity. Key features include custom-design templates, electronic signatures, and custom-branded reports.

    Key Features:

    • A drag-and-drop job scheduler
    • Accept electronic payments
    • Real-time route optimization


    • Basic: $40/month per user
    • Premium: $50/month per user, including a customer portal
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

    16. Kickserv



    Kickserv is a field service management software solution that can manage scheduling and upkeep work for busy landscaping and arborist businesses. By reducing the amount of paperwork, Kickserv creates a digital environment that will make your team more productive. The software also comes with excellent marketing and customer management tools for optimizing your business connections.

    Key Features:

    • An interactive job calendar
    • Generate custom estimates and invoices
    • Integration with QuickBooks and Xero


    • Lite: $47/month includes 2 users
    • Starter: $79/month includes 5 users and tools for small teams
    • Business: $159/month includes unlimited users and tools for growing teams
    • Premium: $239/month includes unlimited users and tools for business professionals

    17. Partner Vegetation Management


    Partner Vegetation Management

    Parter Software provides its Vegetation Management platform to tree service and landscaping companies as a way to streamline their planning activities. Employees can assign work tasks and generate reports that display the status of open assignments and completed work. This software can also support work for field design, damage assessments, and distribution inspections.

    Key Features:

    • Assign priority assessments
    • Generate mobile forms
    • Support for unlimited users

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    18. RealGreen Service Assistant


    RealGreen Service Assistant

    RealGreen Service Assistant, from WorkWave, is arbor care software for scheduling work and managing customer accounts. It’s a good choice for lawn care and landscaping businesses that need some additional structure to manage their job requests and marketing. This platform can also track all customer calls to maintain a complete log of communications and follow-ups.

    Key Features:

    • Complete CRM
    • Automated marketing tools
    • Send and receive invoices and payments

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    19. Service Autopilot


    Service Autopilot

    Service Autopilot, from Xplor, is a complete lawn and tree care management platform. By integrating this program with QuickBooks you can automatically capture leads and financial data in real-time. The software also comes with extensive automation services that can generate on-demand estimates, invoices, service reminders, and customer surveys.

    Key Features:

    • Smart maps
    • Automated invoices
    • GPS tracking


    • Startup: $47/month per user plus a $97 signup fee
    • Pro: $97/month per user plus a $97 signup fee
    • Pro Plus: $247/month per user plus a $247 signup fee

    20. ServSuite



    ServSuite, from ServicePro, is an all-in-one arbor care solution for managing work in the tree care business. Users can manage work schedules, routing, and cost information for all jobs. There are also extensive tree planning features including an area measurement tool and complete tree inventory.

    Key Features:

    • Visual route optimization
    • Integration GPS data
    • Job proposal cost estimates

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    21. SingleOps



    SingleOps is business management software for landscaping and tree care operations. The CRM that is included with SingleOps is a cloud database that can be accessed from any connected device. This software package also contains a self-serve customer portal that includes online service requests forms.

    Key Features:

    • Historical customer data importing
    • Landscape design tools
    • Planning for commercial and residential maintenance

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    22. Synchroteam



    Synchroteam is field service management software that is optimized for a mobile workforce. In addition to job management, this platform also includes invoicing and payment processing tools that can be used to complete individual work orders. Synchroteam also features a Zapier integration that can connect the software to over 2,000 other applications.

    Key Features:

    • Map and GPS tracking
    • Custom job forms
    • Contract and inventory management

    Cost: $22-$28/month per user

    23. The Service Program


    The Service Program

    The Service Program is a complete lawn care service platform that is optimized for QuickBooks integration. As a customizable and mobile-first solution, The Service Program can be easily implemented and scaled to meet the needs of each business. This software has all the tools needed to manage profitability and ensure that lawn and tree care services are optimized.

    Key Features:

    • Field communication tools
    • A self-service customer portal
    • Route scheduling and management


    • $74/month for 1 user plus $249 onboarding fee
    • $109/month for 2 users plus $349 onboarding fee
    • $144/month for 3 users plus $449 onboarding fee
    • $194/month for 5 users plus $649 onboarding fee
    • $319/month for 10 users plus $1249 onboarding fee

    24. TreePlotter



    The TreePlotter software suite, from Planit Geo, brings asset management and tree mapping to a single platform. With a map-based interface and support for unlimited users, your entire team will have access to tree data at any time. This platform is also optimized for mobile use and includes four modules for managing inventory, jobs, park assets, and tree analysis data.

    Key Features:

    • Four integrated TreePlotter products
    • A web-based GIS platform
    • Real-time inventory data

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    25. WorkWave Service


    WorkWave Service

    WorkWave Service is an easy-to-use field service management program that is an excellent choice for lawn care and tree care businesses. The software includes several features for account management, business development, and work planning. You can also use WorkWave Service to accept payments and complete billing services for customers.

    Key Features:

    • Automated service dispatching
    • A fully integrated mobile app
    • Real-time data for reports and analytics

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    Table of Contents

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