/ Which Assets Need Security Labels? Tamper Evident & Destructible Seals

Security Labels On Which Assets? Tamper-Evident, Destructible Seals

Which Assets Require Destructible Seals or Tamper-Evident Labels?

The decision to use tamper evident labels may be based upon several factors:


  • Minimum insurance value
  • Compliance issues in regulated environments
  • Loss mitigation in at risk uses
  • Internal security factors



Movable Assets which are portable, easily moved and openly accessible are most frequently candidates for Security Labels. Items at risk of theft or vandalism are not the only property in need of security labels.

Equipment often tagged with security seals include:

  • Those high value items often used by multiple maintenance staff members
  • “Check-out” items available to employees for temporary use
  • Company owned laptops, PDA’s, cell phones and scanners which leave the premises in normal work use.

Reasons for implementing Security Seal Barcode Labels include:

  •  Short Term Leased equipment protection of leased movable assets.
  •  PDA’s and Laptops with proprietary or secure data is protected when tracked.
  •  Security labels are used by law enforcement to recover stolen goods.
  •  Stolen tagged items bearing Security Labels facilitate prosecution upon recovery.

Movable Assets Tracked with Tamper Evident & Destructible Labels

  •  Small, Easily Removed Hand Tools
  •  Sound & Video Production Equipment
  •  Portable and Laptop Computers
  •  Cafeteria or Break Room Appliances
  •  Lab Scientific equipment
  •  Portable & Folding Furniture
  •  Electronic Media equipment
  •  Fire Extinguishers
  •  Packing & Moving Equipment
  •  Cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants
  •  Publicly Accessible Desktop Computers
  •  Audio-Visual Equipment
  •  Warehouse & Mailroom Trays, Carts, Rollers, Totes & Bins

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