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At Camcode, we aim to provide you with helpful information that enables you to select the right product for your project. Our past experience and knowledge of unique product applications can guide you in the right direction. For additional assistance, specific information or to generate new ideas, check out some of our useful resources below.

Case Studies: We have helped our customers find bar code solutions for every project from basic asset management to complex UID requirements. Our understanding of bar code applications, from simple to unique, has given us the know-how to create the right bar code solution for our customers. Read more about our past projects, or find some inspiration for your project through our Case Studies history.

Specification Sheets: We understand you have specific requirements for your projects. At Camcode, we’ve compiled the information you need most when selecting a bar code solution. Find the information you’re looking for with our Specification Sheets.

Partners: Camcode has formed alliances and partnerships with what we consider to be the best in class in our industries. If you’re looking for software or mobile solution providers to complete your project, we can recommend the right company for your application, provide additional information, or put you in contact with a specialist. Read more about our Camcode-approved Partners.

Industry Resources: We offer products in a wide variety of industries, and keep up-to-date on the latest news and trends that could affect your project. Find more valuable information from our Industry Associations.

Barcode Scanner Buyer’s Guide: With the range of handheld barcode scanners on the market, it can be hard to find a scanner to best meet your application requirements. To simplify the buying process, we’ve put together a comphrensive Barcode Scanner Buying Guide.

Articles and FAQs: Get information on everything from the benefits of ID tagging to asset tracking solutions for a range of indsutries, as well as answers to our most frequently asked questions in our articles and FAQs section.