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Camcode Approved AIT Solution Providers

Camcode has formed alliances and partnerships with what we consider to be our industries best in class. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest value bar code solution for their asset management application.

If you’re searching for a Software or Mobile Solution Provider to complete you project, contact your Camcode sales representative today. We will recommend the right company for your application, provide additional information, and put you in contact with a specialist.

Asset Tracking Software Providers

Sage FAS Fixed Assets
For more than 25 years, Sage FAS has been a leader in providing quality fixed asset accounting software solutions. Easy to install, customize, and use, Sage FAS is a comprehensive, seamlessly-integrated fixed asset management software solution perfectly suited for businesses and organizations of any size – whether you have 10 assets or manage a system requiring the power of a Microsoft® SQL Server® infrastructure. For more information visit http://www.sagefixedassets.com/

Savi SmartChain® I-GUIDES 
Savi SmartChain® I-GUIDESprovides turnkey IUID and passive RFID compliance solutions. SmartChain I-GUIDES simplifies compliance while providing full IUID data management as a first step toward total asset visibility. I-GUIDES is a web-based data management tool for enabling UID compliance. Developed and adopted as the corporate standard by Lockheed Martin in 2003, I-GUIDES is the industry standard for solving UID management requirements. For more information visit https://www.savi.com/

Sunflower Systems
Sunflower Systems is an enterprise asset management solutions and software company specializing in the deployment of software tools and business processes to simplify asset management tasks. Sunflower’s portfolio of solutions enables organizations to improve decision-making, accountability and regulatory compliance for all types of assets including personal property, real property, IT assets, materials, vehicles and more.

Sunflower Systems offers a wide range of services including software implementation, training, consulting and operational support. Sunflower Systems has been serving the property management needs of federal government agencies, universities, government contractors and national laboratories since 1997. For more information visit http://www.sunflowersystems.com/site/about.html

SMARTRACK® is a fully automated, electronic information software application and data base management system, specializing in arsenal equipment and weapons tracking for military or law enforcement managed environments. It provides the ability to conduct maintenance and daily, monthly and on-demand serial number inventories easily and in less time. SMARTRACK also accepts parameters to manage an unlimited variety of weapons and weapons related equipment. For more information, visit http://www.digitalarmsroom.com/index.html

ArmorerLink® is a cloud-based software solution to manage the tracking, training and maintenance of firearms. More than just an armory management software program, ArmorerLink relies on bar code technology and lean processes to create a complete firearm management system. It’s suitable for any law enforcement agency, government department, or private company. For more information, visit http://www.armorerlink.com/

GeoSpatial Experts, Inc.
Founded in 2001, GeoSpatial Experts, Inc. is the world-wide leader in photo mapping software for business. The company’s flagship product, GPS-Photo Link, is software that maps photos and accompanying attribute data collected using cameras with special attribute and bar code capture capabilities. Combined with Camcode durable bar code labels, GPS-Photo Link allows users to map photos, bar codes, and other data using a GIS system or create reports to share that information between organizations. The software saves businesses time, money and eliminates the errors often introduced during tedious manual data entry. For more information, visit www.geospatialexperts.com

Specialized for hardware tracking and maintenance management, Reftab provides a highly valued mobile and desktop platform with a modern and simple UI. Our system’s features are usable by anyone, no matter their business requirements or technical ability. Reftab is a hardened, reliable and robust asset management platform designed for simplicity. 

Furthermore, Reftab provides world-class customer service and support. Our core company values are that we work very closely with our customers to provide guidance and answer questions promptly and thoroughly. For more information visit: www.reftab.com

Warehouse Management Software Providers

Fishbowl has been the #1 selling manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks since shortly after its founding in 2001. It integrates seamlessly with all desktop and online versions of QuickBooks to give its users access to advanced inventory features, including barcode scanning, item tracking in multiple locations, auto reorder points, production stages, and many more. Fishbowl is also a popular standalone asset tracking solution. For more information, visit www.fishbowlinventory.com

Mobile Solution Providers

Alden Systems, Inc.
Alden Systems, Inc. specializes in software and services for joint use inventories and central office and asset management for telecommunications, power utilities, CATV, counties, cities and municipalities. Alden’s focus is on collecting, communicating and managing data. With Alden’s Collect tool, you can completely configure an inventory interface for ANY type of physical asset, from utility poles to parking meters to fire hydrants, quickly and easily. Collect provides the functionality to store collected data and upload it into a database to manage assets, scheduling, report history, records, inspections and more. Then, translate findings into managed solutions. For more information, visit http://www.aldensys.com/collect

@hand provides field service and mobility software that optimizes frontline work processes and promotes workforce mobility. With its market-leading Field Mobility System (FMS), @hand connects field personnel to the data and capabilities of EAM, ERP, and CMMS systems by delivering user-centric mobile applications based on the realities of the mobile work process. With a configure-to-order solution approach, @hand offers solutions for a variety of asset management, field service, and mobile supply chain processes. For more information visit http://www.hand.com/

MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application software is a highly scalable enterprise class mobile platform designed to enable customers to dynamically create and manage their own business process workflow through a simple graphical user interface. It is uniquely suited to meet the requirements of any mobile data collection and workflow automation requirement without the need for hard coding or programming. Using the latest in patented mobile computing technology, MobileFrame field workforce management software enables flexible bi-directional up to the minute information flow among mobile workers, business administrators and backend business systems, providing new levels of business efficiency and reduced operating costs. For more information visit http://www.mobileframe.com/index.html

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