/ Metalphoto Aluminum for UID Label Applications

Metalphoto® Aluminum for UID Label Applications

Metalphoto anodized photosensitized aluminum is the most specified label material in history for DoD applications (read more about its history with DoD Label Applications). Now it is the most requested product for UID labels and data plates requiring UID. The material is durable and the graphics are high contrast with excellent resolution. These are the best characteristics for data matrix bar codes for DoD applications attached with adhesive or mechanical fasteners.

.003″ (foil), .005″ (foil), .008″, .012″, .020″, .032″ and .063″.Metalphoto Anodic Layer Diagram - The image is sealed under a transparent sapphire hard anodized layer resulting in an extremely durable label.

Any size up to 20″ x 24″

Choice of adhesives or mounting holes.

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