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Asset Tags – Elements Of Asset Labels & Barcode Stickers

Recommendations for elements printed on your Asset Tags & Security Labels:

Property of: Most common, but unnecessary element of typical property ID asset labels. Why? Because the organization is identified with a name and often their logo on the next line, which already displays ownership of that property on barcode stickers. Alternate asset tags captions can be seen here.

Text character limit: Asset labels come in standard sizes from 1.5″ by 0.75″ inches up to 2″ by 1″ inch so space is limited in most cases to about 24 characters in length. This can be customized to include a few more characters if you reduce the size of the font. Keep in mind that reduced letter size means smaller and harder to read. Contact us for custom label sizes or fonts size request for your asset tags.

Font Choices: Arial and Helvetica fonts are the most widely used in asset tag applications, but others are available. Always contact us with special requests and custom fonts for your barcode stickers.

Sequential Numbering: Generally, asset tags begin with a number you specify and increase sequentially. Specially assigned serial numbers can also be arranged if your organization requires it for your labeling applications.

Barcoding: Asset tags very often include barcodes. Bar Code scanning is much faster and more accurate than manual data entry.

Company Logo: Customizing your property ID asset tags with your company logo eliminates confusion by making assets instantly recognizable as company property, reduces theft and increases security. Submit your artwork with your order to have a logo included in your barcode sticker asset label order.

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