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  •        For general property, equipment and fixed asset tracking

  •        For Unique Identification compliance under MIL-STD-130

  •        For automating warehouse management and inventory systems

  •        For asset tracking of utility meters, utility poles and more

  •        For equipment maintenance management, work order tracking and more

  •        For Leak Detection and Repair and Steam Trap monitoring

  •        For inventory management and tracking of federal retro-reflectivity requirements

  •        For tracking and managing assets during Work In Process applications

  •        For on-site real-time production of asset labels

  •        For asset tracking in extreme heat applications between 650°F - 1200°F

  •        For tracking assets in highly caustic environments

  •        For asset tracking during painting, e-coat and powder coat processes

  •        For asset tracking with increased security and theft-deterrence

  •        For cable or hose tracking and identification

  •        For tracking of cylinder delivery and rentals

  •        For Unique Identification of Medical Devices

  •        For Unique Identification and management of firearms for law enforcement

  •        Cold storage warehouse labels can be installed in environments as cold as -20°F
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