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About Horizons

Horizons Incorporated is located in Cleveland, OH

Horizons Incorporated is a 70-year-old, privately held company consisting of five operating divisions. We are a high-value, high-quality manufacturer of a diversified family of materials and product identification items. Selling in markets around the world and with corporate offices in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Horizons Incorporated’s divisions include Horizons Imaging Systems Group, Camcode, MPC, Pannam Imaging and Lasting Commemoratives.

The Camcode Division of Horizons Incorporated
Camcode is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-printed bar code labels for asset tracking applications. Camcode’s bar code asset tags improve the efficiency of asset tracking systems by eliminating errors caused during manual data collection and increasing data acquisition speed. Camcode’s Metalphoto® anodized aluminum and premium plastic bar code labels, combined with our expertise in attachment methods and proprietary coating technologies will satisfy the most demanding applications.

We are proud to say that in recent years Camcode has become the largest manufacturer of Metalphoto bar code labels in the world. We have been accomplished this by focusing on providing our customers with “life of the asset” label performance delivered at an economical price.

Below is a corporate video that will allow you to gain additional perspective on Horizons’ past, present and future. Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our products!

In the beginning, one man followed his dreams.

1946, Dr. Eugene “Doc” Wainer founds Horizons, Inc. first lab on and around the family ping pong table. Over the next 60 years, Horizons grew by leaps and bounds. Horizons quickly became a leading manufacturer.

Today, Horizons’ five business units manufacture a broad range of high value, high quality identification products and imaging systems sold and used worldwide.

My name is Herb Wainer. I’m the CEO of Horizons Incorporated. Each of our business units has a unique market position providing solutions for demanding product identification applications in the company’s key market segments: auto ID, nameplate and panels, and recognition and award.

Horizons’ products are sold on every continent allowing Horizons to dominate its market niche.

We give our customers the ability to make a broad array of durable and attractive finished products. Scott Lehner, Director of Sales, Horizons Imaging Systems Group.

Parts or products our customers make include bar code and UID labels, nameplates, panel fronts, recognition, plaque and award items, and signage. Our market position is based on proprietary material and manufacturing technologies with Metalphoto being the backbone, the core, the foundation of the company.

Metalphoto is a silver halide based, photosensitive anodized aluminum for ultimate durability and extremely high resolution graphics.

In addition to Metalphoto, Horizons manufactures AlumaJet, which is inkjet printable aluminum that allows you to easily generate vivid, full-color images and high resolution graphics on real metal.

AlumaMark is a laser markable aluminum that yields a positive black graphic when marked with a CO2 laser engraver, and ID-Mark, our photo polymer resist coated polyester and aluminum product line, that is easily processed with tap water.

These four product lines and the processing equipment associated with each make up the Imaging Systems Group of Horizons Incorporated. We are the only manufacturer of these types of materials in the world, selling a range of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes across the globe.

Horizons has developed and continues to develop new coating technologies for aluminum and polyester substrates that will allow us to satisfy new and additional applications in key market segments.

Horizons’ Imaging Systems Group manufactures, markets, and stocks a broad range of materials and systems.

The rest of Horizons is three independent, strategic business units that use its core technologies to produce and market custom products. John Keserich, Vice President of Sales, Camcode. These products service the same strategic market application areas with finished products for end users.

Camcode produces labels for auto ID converters, manufacturers, durable bar code labels and systems, asset, warehouse, work in progress tags, and most recently UID labels.

Metalphoto of Cincinnati is a full-service manufacturer with CNC fabrication, graphics capabilities, the ability to process a broad variety of durable panel fronts and nameplates using the latest technology.

Our newest division, Lasting Commemoratives, offers an array of personal commemorative products geared toward the running and graduation markets.

Horizons’ widely diversified customer base uses Horizons’ systems and services to offer their customers the products they specify.

We love our customers. We know our customers are looking to us to provide them solutions to their demanding market applications. They count on us for quality, consistency, and delivery. We make doing business with us risk and worry free. Our highly qualified team gives us the edge our customers need and deserve.

We have customers that have been doing business with us for more than 50 years. How many companies can say that?

Continuing investments in technological development, especially in the digital imageable products area are making meaningful contributions in emerging markets, like UID labels, as well as established markets, like signage, recognition, and awards.

Through the years, what has made the difference for Horizons has been our amazing array of responsible, dedicated, and hard-working people who give our customers quality that’s built into what we sell.

We have the highest performing products in the marketplace. Our products lead the market in durability and appearance.

It is our employees’ attention to the needs and concerns of our customers that has made us what we are today.

Our people, technologies, and array of quality products have put us in an excellent position to help our customers around the world today and in the future.