Firearm Tracking for Law Enforcement

Firearm identification and tracking protects law enforcement agencies in three primary ways:

  1. Reduces potential liability and overspending from lost/unaccounted for weapons.
  2. Tracks maintenance to ensure functionality in the field.
  3. Discourages theft or irresponsible usage through individual accountability (i.e. firearm sign-out).

Proposed legislation will soon require agencies to track firearms. However, many agencies are voluntarily adopting firearm identification and tracking because of its benefits.

Camcode, the leader in military asset identification and tracking, offers best-in-class firearm identification and tracking. All barcode marks and encoded data can be configured to work with any tracking program or scanner.

Your product choices include:

  • Metalphoto® Firearm Tags:   Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum is the standard for permeant weapons system identification because it’s sub-surface image is resistant to degradation from environmental and operational abuse (heat, cleaning, abrasion and UV fade). Metalphoto Firearm Tags are available in low-profile material to fit into recessed cavities of most firearms and reduce impact on ergonomics. Because of its ultra-high resolution, Metalphoto can be imaged down to 10x10mm. Metalphoto is affixed using high-bond adhesive.
  • Foil Asset Labels
    Metalphoto® Tactical Firearm Tags:   Metalphoto Tactical Firearm Tags have all the benefits of Metalphoto along with a non-reflective matte green finish to reduce detection during covert operations.

Your service choices include:

  • Direct Part Marking:   Some firearms are better suited for direct part marking. Camcode offers laser marking services that will engrave a mark directly onto the firearm when recommended.
  • Set Up & Installation Services:   If your agency has too many assets to manage, marking may be an inefficient use of officer time. Camcode offers a tag installation and set-up service where we come to your facility(s), tag every firearm, collect relevant data and deliver a file of all tagged firearms.
  • Tracking Software & Hardware:   Just getting started? Let Camcode evaluate your tracking needs and recommend the right software/hardware solution.
  • Engineering:   A Camcode engineer will assess your firearm types and specify (document) the optimal shape, size, material, attachment and placement of the tracking mark. This ensures mark longevity and uniformity into the future.

To learn more, get Camcode's Firearm Tracking Guide & Sample Kit.

Get the Guide & Kit

Guide & Kit include:

  • Sample firearm labels and overview of marking options.
  • Considerations for picking a barcode symbology and data structure.
  • List of implementation services to help set up your tracking program.