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Firearm Tracking:

Firearm tracking benefits law enforcement agencies, ranges and gun manufacturers by reducing liability and increasing accountability. Firearm tracking solution automates these processes:

  • Check-out/check-in of weapons to officers or range patrons.
  • Tracking maintenance records for individual guns.
  • Tracking weapon ownership, value or location.
  • Compliance with regulations such as MIL-STD-130 (UID), ATF, ITAR and others.

Camcode’s firearm tracking labels are durable – they will survive the life of your firearm and resist abrasion, sunlight fade and degradation from cleaning/lubricating solvents & oils.

Product Options:

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Metalphoto® Firearm Tags

Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum is the standard for permanent weapons system identification. Its sub-surface image is resistant to degradation from sunlight/UV fading, chemical exposure, heat and abrasion. Metalphoto Firearm Tags have a low profile to fit into recessed cavities of most firearms. Metalphoto is affixed using high-bond adhesive.

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Metalphoto® Tactical Firearm Tags

Metalphoto Tactical Firearm Tags have all the benefits of Metalphoto along with a non-reflective matte green finish to reduce detection during covert operations.

Firearm Tracking Evaluation Kit Includes:

  • Sample firearm labels and overview of marking options, including tags for injection molded guns.
  • Considerations for picking a barcode symbology and data structure.
  • List of services to help set up your tracking software & program.