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FAQ on Security Labels, Tamper Evident & Destructible Asset Labels

What is a Security Label?

Camcode produces two different types of Security Labels – Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels and Destructible Vinyl Labels and both perform similarly to protect assets by reducing tampering and unauthorized removal. Camcode security asset tracking labels can be customized with company logos, color codes, government seals, bar codes, or serialized numbers. Camcode recommends adding a visual warning to aid in deterring theft and unauthorized transfer. Visual warnings can be added in simple text format, or your company logo or agency official seal.

What Happens When Security Labels are Removed?

Camcode’s Destructible Security Labels deter theft as they break into small pieces when removal is attempted, making complete removal extremely difficult. This destructible feature makes it impossible to transfer the label to another asset. If removed, Tamper-Evident Security Labels deter theft by displaying a bold “VOID” on the surface of your asset, and on the back of the label. Both our Destructible Security Labels and Tamper-Evident labels effectively leave clear visual evidence of tampering or attempted removal.

What are popular Security Label uses?

Valuable movable assets at companies, government and educational institutions require theft deterrence. Visual identification is provided by standard asset tags, which are effective for in-house uses in most cases to avoid unauthorized removal. For additional protection against removal and transfer, Camcode Security Labels provide an extra measure of protection. Security labels are widely used in public government offices, schools and public libraries where vandals may have easy access to computers, desks, tables and other valuable property.

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