Asset Tags - ID Tags Custom Elements & Variables In Asset Labels

Custom Elements & Variables in Asset Tags - What is considered custom in barcode stickers and security labels? Custom property ID labels and asset tags are those of any size, shape, color or configuration NOT among the industry standards of size or attributes commonly available. Custom asset tags are those with elements either different from or in addition to the standard caption, company name and contact info or barcode printed on the vast majority of asset tags. Custom labels may only be customized in that they have a logo on a tag, or it may be a very specific size and color, maybe a bright purple 6" x 4.25" label with special adhesive.

Camcode can create custom property ID labels and asset tags. Specialized custom ID tags and barcode stickers could include barcode labeling or serial numbers or custom color codes, they may be permanent and meant to last a lifetime or for short term use on promotional items for special events.

Custom data field names, special widths or lengths, and other variables are available. Some applications require custom serial numbering that may relate to existing unique numbering systems already in use by an enterprise. Special sizes may be required to fit unusually shaped areas.

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