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Transportation Company Combats Challenging Conditions with Camcode Warehouse Labels


Lynden provides transportation and logistics solutions in challenging environments, such as Alaska, Western Canada and Russia. By land, air, or sea, customers depend on Lynden to solve complex freight issues in order to deliver goods.
With facilities and equipment located in harsh environments, Lynden required warehouse labels that would remain durable and readable in a variety of conditions. Lynden’s previous identification system consisted of printed signs with names, aisle numbers and door numbers. But these were not efficient.
Looking to create high performance scanning and reliability in freight and equipment locations, Lynden decided to utilize high quality, durable warehouse signs and labels from Camcode to represent physical locations in their warehouse. Specifically, these warehouse labels made it possible to scan freight to locations in real time without manual data entry, and identify the precise location of freight in staging aisles. Overall, a warehouse barcode system would allow Lynden to keep better track of customers’ freight and create efficiency.

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Warehouse Signs from Camcode

Long Range Retro-Reflective Signs

Lynden selected unique Camcode products for their warehouse label needs. For areas that required barcode scanners to read data from distances up to 30 feet, Lynden selected Camcode’s Hanging Long-Range Retro-Reflective Signs.
“We chose both single-sided and double-sided PVC hanging warehouse signs in order to mark aisles in our cross-dock facilities,” said Scott Thomson, IT Product Manager for Lynden. “These provided the size and mounting characteristics we were looking for.”
Lynden also worked with their Camcode representative to design custom solutions for their warehouse label needs. Using Metalphoto® anodized aluminum, they created a barcode label that would adhere to the door jams where trailers are parked.
“We selected this option because it gave us the durability we needed in an active area where freight and equipment could come in contact with the barcode,” said Thomson. “The labels also have great barcode scanner readability.”
Using Camcode warehouse signs and labels, Lynden has seen benefits such as increased time savings and more precise freight tracking.

Dock Door Labels from Camcode

Custom Dock Door Labels

“Both products have exceeded our expectations for scanning distance and performance,” Thomson said. “We are very pleased with them. In addition, the Camcode production team was very accommodating by sorting and packing the materials by delivery location. This made it very easy for us to distribute the products to each site.”
“Our Camcode representative was great to work with,” Thomson continued. “He came on site and worked with our IT and Operations teams, provided sample materials, and discussed different solutions and their respective merits.  We were able to make a decision that we’re happy with.”

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