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Innovative Label Solutions for Warehouse-Specific Needs


Warehouses play a key role in a number of other industries, including e-commerce, retail, grocery and other more specific industry segments. Increased efficiency on the warehouse end can mean lower costs to other industries, which in turn increases customer count and boosts the bottom line. A complete and effective warehouse management system featuring warehouse bar code labels can increase productivity, allow more efficient space utilization and reduce overhead costs.

Barcode Warehouse Labels

Hanging Retro-Reflective Warehouse Bar Code Labels

Long-Range Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels Improve Efficiency
There can be constant hustle and bustle in a warehouse setting. An efficient tracking system drastically reduces the time and labor spent locating designated areas while transporting products throughout the facility. Long-range retro-reflective bar code labels streamline this process by offering scanning distances of up to 50 feet with long-range scanners.
Hanging Retro-Reflective Warehouse Bar Code Labels, for example, are designed to hang from a chain or attach to suspended wire. These warehouse labels work with any extended long-range scanner. The easy attachment mechanism means they’re easy to install, keeping your projects on deadline. Camcode’s hanging bar code labels helped one flooring manufacturer overcome the limitations of a previous bulk bar code location system with a cost-effective and reliable solution.
Multi-Level Warehouse Rack Labels Offer a Durable, Completely Customized Solution
Multi-Level Warehouse Rack Labels provide the ability to identify multiple rack levels with a single label, eliminating the need for long-range scanners. These labels have color-coded directional icons to make identification, scanning and tracking simple.
A major U.S. food manufacturer and distributor came to Camcode with some unique needs. The company wanted to increase each product’s lot traceability, improve rotation and storage while simultaneously improving labor efficiency.  Improved rotation would mean a reduction in spoilage—and could make a big impact on the bottom line.
But the company’s existing rack width was less than two inches, and they required a scanning distance of at least ten feet. In this instance, our Multi-Level Rack Labels were the perfect solution for forklift drivers and pickers to accommodate multi-level picking and storage. Read more about this food manufacturer and distributor’s needs and how Camcode created a customized warehouse label solution to meet its goals.
Warehouse Aisle Signs
When you’re working within a 100,000 square foot warehouse, you need signage to efficiently locate the various sections without the need to go aisle-by-aisle. That’s where Warehouse Aisle Signs come in, providing a durable, easy-to-read visual cue for the various staff members who will need to locate specific areas quickly.
Our Aisle Signs are made with crisp black text on a stark white background for easy readability and are prepared for your preferred attachment method (holes, adhesive or magnets) for quick and easy installation.
Warehouse Floor Labels Provide Both Durability and Readability
Warehouse Floor Labels require two key features: durability and readability. Our Warehouse Floor Labels offer both in an easy-to-install solution that saves time, remains readable and is simple to replace when needed. Pallets and vehicular traffic are no match for our Adhesive Warehouse Floor Labels turned out to be the perfect solution for Foundation Supportworks, Inc., which was able to expand from one location to 506 locations thanks to implementing Camcode’s warehouse label solutions.

Warehouse Floor Labels

Adhesive Warehouse Floor Labels

These are just a few of the many examples of the unique needs of the warehouse industry and the customized solutions we provide to meet those demands. Innovation, attention to detail and needs-based solutions make it possible to have a completely customized set of warehouse label solutions to boost both productivity and profits.

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