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50 Top Automatic Identification Systems and Technology Tools for Data Capture

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    Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) describes the identification and/or direct collection of data into a computer system or handheld device without using a keyboard. Manufacturers, warehouse managers, distribution center managers, and other industry professionals rely on AIDC as a means for identifying and tracking items, inventory, tools, assets, and at times, people. More importantly, AIDC helps to reduce data entry costs, eliminate errors associated with identification and/or data collection, and collect tracking data to determine exact locations.
    As with any industrial process, AIDC is only as good as the automatic identification systems being used to complete the work.
    We at Camcode understand the value of an accurate and reliable automatic identification system, so we tracked down the most durable, trustworthy, and accurate auto-ID systems and tech tools available. Because each company and organization has its own auto-ID needs, we have included automatic identificaton systems and tools that feature integration capabilities and options. We also considered ROI value and cost of ownership when choosing auto-ID systems and tools for this list.
    Please note, these top auto-ID tools are listed in no particular order.
    1. Datalogic Fixed Industrial Barcode Readers
    Datalogic Fixed Industrial Barcode Readers
    Datalogic offers automatic data capture products and solutions  for a range of sectors, including healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, manufacturing, and retail, among others. Their fixed industrial barcode readers are a staple for automatic identification systems and make the day-to-day operations of the global economy possible.
    Key Features:

    • High performance
    • Compact
    • Cost-effective

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    2. TechnologiesPlus Mobile Computers
    TechnologiesPlus Mobile Computers
    Mobile barcode scanning capabilities are a crucial part of automatic identification systems, and TechnologiesPlus provides mobile computers and scanners to help you make data collection a smooth process. “Take the management to the floor” with mobile computers and help your team get the job done efficiently.
    Key Features:

    • Lasers and imagers are available
    • 2D barcode reading capabilities
    • Scanning for a range of distances is available

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    3. Microscan Barcode Technology
    Microscan Barcode Technology
    Microscan is on a mission to help manufacturers reduce costs, increase profits, and improve product quality with barcode readers that are durable enough to handle to the challenge of nearly any environment. A technology leader that has been providing innovative products since inventing the first laser diode barcode scanner, Microscan provides scanners and imagers “from small barcode scanners for tight spaces and embedded OEM applications, to handheld readers, to rugged products for industrial environments.” Microscan automatic identification systems and tech tools meet any company’s requirements.
    Key Features:

    • 1D and 2D capabilities
    • Track and identify parts, automate production operations, and save time and manpower
    • Facilitate critical production level applications, including quality control, WIP monitoring, lot tracking, and more

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    4. Serialio
    Serialio delivers innovative and easy to use mobile barcode and inventory solutions. Providing complete, integrated automatic identification systems and tech tools, Serialio offers wireless scanning on Android, iOS, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Solutions for Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac, and other operating systems
    • Barcode scanners and mobile all-in-one options
    • SerialMagic professional data connectivity tool

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    5. Honeywell Warehouse AIDC
    Honeywell warehouse AIDC
    A leading manufacturer of scanning and mobility solutions, Honeywell offers warehouse AIDC to maximize inventory throughput, increase productivity, and improve accuracy. And, their warehouse scanners are rugged enough to handle even the most challenging environments.
    Key Features:

    • Real-time data capture at the point of transaction
    • Accurate data integration with enterprise systems using wireless connectivity
    • Warehouse data collection devices handle receipt, cross-dock, putaway, pick, replenishment, packing, dispatch, stock taking, and more

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    6. AssetGather 
    AssetPulse aims to help businesses get a better handle of their asset-related data. The AssetGather platform is designed to do just that, as it collects, aggregates, and correlates asset-related information from a variety of data sources including real-time data from barcode readers, sensors, and other real-time data sources. AssetGather is an automatic identification system that is worth a second look.
    Key Features:

    • Customizable web-based dashboard and reports
    • Intelligent rules and alerts engine
    • Track and trace asset history
    • Role-based views and multi-level user access
    • Secure and scalable enterprise-class architecture

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    7. SICK Identification Solutions
    SICK identification solutions
    A leading sensor, safety system, and automatic identification product manufacturer for industrial purposes, SICK offers barcode scanners, imagers, hand-held scanners, and more. Speed up logistics automation, reduce human errors, and work more efficiently and productively with SICK identification solutions.
    Key Features:

    • High scanning frequency enables high process speeds
    • Some series offer easy-to-use networking
    • 1D and 2D code scanners for nearly any application

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    8. CipherLab
    A world leader in AIDC, CipherLab delivers manufacturing and warehouse solutions for a wide range of industries. Manufacturers, warehouse managers, transportation and distribution managers, and retailers identify, capture, and enter data directly into computer systems for accurate, timely management with CipherLab options.
    Key Features:

    • Efficiently manage real-time data, staff deployment, materials handling, inventory control, and sales cycles
    • Accurate quality control, WIP tracking, and more
    • Durable and rugged products that work in any environment, including in labs, on shop floors, and in warehouses

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    9. RFIDTraxx
    RFIDTraxx provides bar code and RFID solutions for government, universities, and businesses through active and passive technologies. Their applications for the oil and gas industry, check in/check out processes, warehouse management, and process automation are among some of the best automatic identification systems and tech tools available.
    Key Features:

    • Receives data from the field in real-time and integrates it with existing data
    • Custom reports with built-in traceability and audit history
    • Use traditional barcodes with scanners and mobile computers to efficiently monitor the flow of items or products

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    10. IMCorp
    Located in Marietta, Georgia, IMCorp “specializes in providing input, output and connectivity solutions to corporate users of information technology.” With a variety of AIDC products designed to optimize supply chain efficiency, IMCorp meets the needs of companies’ automatic identification systems and tech tools.
    Key Features:

    • Laser barcode scanners for nearly any application, including warehouses and distribution center, shop floors, retail, and more
    • Long range or short range, linear 1D or 2D omni-directional barcode scanners
    • Mobile handheld and forklift-mounted computers

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    11. Zebra Inventory & Materials Management
    Zebra Inventory & Materials Management
    Zebra Technologies strives to make “businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in.” Their inventory and materials management solutions keep production processes moving with real-time data. Optimize material management and reduce waste and downtime with Zebra’s automatic identification systems and tech tools.
    Key Features:

    • Quickly and accurately capture data with mobile computers and advanced barcode scanners to provide real-time inventory visibility
    • Instantly send electronic picking orders
    • Reduce errors and bottlenecks
    • Increase inventory turns, lower operating costs, and enhance customer satisfaction with enhanced visibility and real-time processes

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    TEKLYNX, a Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin company, offers BACKTRACK, an asset and barcode tracking software. Empower your organization by giving them the ability to track exact locations, movements, and usages of any item accurately and efficiently with BACKTRACK.
    Key Features:

    • Robust, all-inclusive inventory tracking solution that leverages barcoding technology to track assets and inventory
    • Powerful reporting with in-depth insight
    • Multi-level password protection to meet rigid compliance standards or disable it for everyday inventory control
    • Application templates to get up and running quickly
    • Unlimited reporting capabilities
    • Support for mobile devices and portable data terminals for quick and easy remote tracking

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    13. Autoscan AIDC Technologies
    Autoscan AIDC Technologies
    Autoscan has been a major name in automatic identification and data capture products and solutions for more than two decades. Their barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LAN, RFID, and other AIDC systems and tech tools are reliable and improve supply chain visibility and efficiency.
    Key Features:

    • Effectively identify, track, and manage assets, inventory, and people
    • Comprehensive suite of innovative AIDC technologies designed to meet supply chain needs
    • Integrate AIDC technologies with Autoscan’s ATLAS suite of solutions, which include Container Yard Management Systems (CMS), Transport Management System (TMS), and Warehouse Management System (WMS) for complete and seamless supply chain solution implementation with unsurpassed levels of interoperability and performance

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    14. MobileFrame Asset Management & Inventory Tracking
    MobileFrame Asset Management & Inventory Tracking
    MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility automatic identification system is completely code-free with an intuitive user-friendly point-and-click interface. Their asset management and inventory tracking mobile software improves efficiency and reduces costs.
    Key Features:

    • Automated collection of asset management and inventory count data
    • Improved productivity through the elimination of paper forms
    • Fewer data erros
    • Integration with related business systems, such as inspection and maintenance databases
    • Cost-effective regulatory compliance

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    15. Auto-ID Engine
    Auto-ID Engine
    GAO Auto-ID Engine is the core of all GAO’s barcode software systems, including their Platform for Rapid Development of Auto-ID Systems, GAO Auto-ID builder, and Auto-ID Cloud Services software. Auto-ID Engine is a Wind0ws-based service providing runtime interfaces for barcode readers, business modules, and data synchronization and is suitable for rapid and efficient deployment of small to very large-scale auto-ID systems.
    Key Features:

    • Provides a reader device abstraction layer with a common API for active and passive barcode readers that need to connect to the middleware during runtime
    • Business module interface, data synchronization interface, and web interface
    • ERP module
    • Handheld reader and embedded components

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    16. TraxFast AV
    TraxFast AV
    InfoDot, LLC provides essential and critical solutions for automatic identification systems. One such solution, TraxFast AV (Aviation), is an advanced data collection application for aviation parts and tool tracking.
    Key Features:

    • Eliminates human error and manual recording of aircraft parts and tools
    • Maintains an audit trail for each item
    • Deters misplacement and discourages unauthorized use and movement of product
    • Facilitates tracking of all items associate with a project

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    17. iTech Automation, Inc. AIDC Solutions
    iTech Automation, Inc. AIDC Solutions
    iTech Automation, out of Mundelein, Illinois, offers complete service and support for their automatic identification systems and tech tools. Serving automotive, food, chemicals, glass, container, packaging and materials, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as supply chains, warehouses, and distribution centers, plus other agencies and organizations, iTech Automation’s AIDC solutions cover barcode systems, data collection systems, software solutions, and more.
    Key Features:

    • Improve data integrity and the value of your business software applications with iTech Automation’s barcode systems
    • Barcode scanners, laser scanners, and imaging readers
    • 2D barcode capabilities
    • Application-specific solutions for data collection needs

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    18. IntelliTrack Inventory Software
    IntelliTrack Inventory Software
    With IntelliTrack inventory software, you can manage inventory and assets and anything else that can be barcoded. IntelliTrack offers automatic identification systems that “easily collect, track, and manage your inventory from anywhere.”
    Key Features:

    • View data updates in real time and access everything you need on any browser with an internet connection
    • Use drag and drop to design end-user reports to fit your specifications
    • Search and view reports using the reports tab
    • Designed to work on your mobile devices so you can access inventory data from your smartphone

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    19. CaptureSoft eXpress
    CaptureSoft eXpress
    CaptureSoft eXpress software from Barcoding, Incorporated is at the center of the custom applications built for your unique business needs. Available for Windows and Android and coming soon for iOS, Capture Soft eXpress delivers endless data capture possibilities for your automatic identification needs.
    Key Features:

    • Clean, web-based interface
    • Custom applications are designed quickly and published to a wide variety of mobile devices for transmitting gathered data to the eXpress server via Wi-Fi or batch mode
    • Hosted in the cloud or your organization can host it yourself
    • Applications for the manufacturing, transportation, and hospitality industries

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    20. Warehouse 20/20
    Warehouse 20:20
    AIDC Solutions Limited offers its Warehouse 20/20, “a new cutting edge innovation in the world of warehouse management.” Track fork trucks and pallets using GPS with this unique automatic identification system.
    Key Features:

    • Fully integrates with your warehouse management system for a complete warehouse solution
    • Load, lift height, and optical position sensors
    • Increase labor productivity, including driver productivity, inventory accuracy, fleet visibility, data collection, and warehouse safety without increasing warehousing costs

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    21. noFilis CrossTalk
    noFilis CrossTalk
    The goal of CrossTalk as a data capturing application “is to dramatically reduce complexity and to minimize or avoid extra work when introducing a new AutoID technology to a company.” Optimize business processes with sensors, linear barcode, or 2D matrix in combination with noFilis CrossTalk.
    Key Features:

    • Identify and locate objects quickly, easily, and efficiently
    • Advanced software suite for AutoID device management and track and trace visualization
    • Plug and play integration for most of the AutoID devices and backend systems with CrossTalk DeviceManagement
    • CrossTalk AppCenter provides many visual track and trace applications out of the box
    • Highly configurable and customizable approach to fit any scenario

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    22. Auto-ID and Item Serialization
    Auto-ID and Item Serialization
    With auto-ID and item serialization software from SAP, your organization can “act in real time, with real-world awareness.” Reduce costs, increase awareness, and generate business value in your supply chain with an SAP automatic identification system.
    Key Features:

    • Automate data discovery, including granular data, and event processing
    • Improve accuracy and speed shipping, receiving, and handling processes
    • Comply with government, trade associations, and business partners’ mandates
    • Reduce downtime with better tracking and tracing, maintenance, and asset utilization

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    23. System ID Inventory Management and Control Systems
    SystemID Inventory Management and Control Systems
    System ID seeks to help small to medium-sized businesses automate manual processes and optimize critical operations using barcode solutions. Out of Plano, Texas, System ID offers inventory management and control systems to minimize costs and maximize operations. Prevent errors and avoid downtime with the right inventory control system that utilizes automatic identification.
    Key Features:

    • Accurate, real-time results
    • Reduce expenses associated with excessive labor, stock, and storage
    • Automatically monitor the process of inventory control and get the necessary visibility for efficient, accurate ordering

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    24. GigaTrak
    GigaTrak delivers simple and powerful inventory management software solutions so that your organization can effectively manage inventory for warehouses, manufacturing and production, and shipping. Track even non-inventory and basic supplies such as receipt and label materials with GigaTrack’s automatic identification systems, available in a Basic Edition or a Professional Edition.
    Key Features:

    • Inventory by location
    • Inventory transaction history
    • Part and supplier masters
    • Inventory transfer
    • User level security

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    25. Passport
    ASAP Systems offers comprehensive inventory and asset tracking that is enabled by barcode, RFID, and smartphone technology. Passport, the inventory management system, helps organizations improve and automate inventory control specifically through the use of barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets.
    Key Features:

    • Accurately track inventory
    • Configurable and easy to use
    • Improve workflow by sharing reports, stock level status, and updates with employees, managers, and vendors from anywhere, any time

    Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
    26. IntelliScanner Pro
    IntelliScanner Pro
    IntelliScanner offers smart scanners to organize everything. The IntelliScanner Pro 200 is an easy-to-use inventory management solution that organizes small businesses and includes business management software.
    Key Features:

    • Simply plug IntelliScanner Pro into any USB port and scan barcodes to organize inventory and more
    • Organize assets with the included business management software
    • Integrates with third-party applications such as FileMaker, Excel, and QuickBooks
    • Available for Windows PCs and Mac OS X

    Cost: $199
    27. QuickBooks Advanced Inventory
    QuickBooks Advanced Inventory
    Chances are, you already trust your business to an Intuit product or QuickBooks. Why not consider efficiently managing inventory across your businesses right in QuickBooks with QuickBooks Advanced Inventory?
    Key Features:

    • Track items to specific bins within a warehouse
    • Scan barcodes to enter data quickly
    • Easily set up FIFO inventory costing
    • manage items by serial or lot numbers
    • Get inventory value across multiple locations
    • Transfer items between inventory sites

    Cost: Advanced Inventory is included in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscriptions, which begin at $120.60/month paid monthly or $1,440/year for 1 user
    28. BellHawk Systems
    BellHawk Systems
    BellHawk Systems Corporation offers barcode inventory and production tracking software for manufacturers. Get inventory and work-in-process tracking software to assist in your automatic identification from BellHawk.
    Key Features:

    • Replace paper and manual keyboard data entry with mobile barcode scanners
    • Get real-time view of inventory, operations, and customer order statuses
    • Run as a stand-alone system or integrate with a broad range of accounting and ERP systems

    Cost: Licenses start at $5,000 for purchase or $300/month on a monthly subscription basis; Contact for a quote
    29. SmartScan
    SmartScan barcoding solutions from Baus Systems are known for fast deployment, easy implementation, and low total cost of ownership. Increase your inventory accuracy and reduce costly errors with SmartScan, an automatic identification system.
    Key Features:

    • Add the power of barcoding to QuickBooks
    • Verify shipping and receiving
    • Perform physical inventories and cycle counts

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    30. Wasp Barcode Technologies
    Wasp Barcode Technologies
    Improve efficiency for organization with Wasp barcode technologies. Wasp’s “stress-free” inventory management software systems are automatic identification systems that “instantly end inventory headaches and eliminate inventory write-offs.”
    Key Features:

    • Quickly conduct audits on a mobile computer for 100% accuracy
    • Track inventory by site, location, serial number, lot, date, or pallet
    • More than 60 pre-built reports to manage inventory and suppliers

    Cost: Contact to customize your solution

    • Standard software begins at $1,495
    • Professional software begins at $3,795
    • Enterprise software begins at $5,295

    31. Stitch Labs
    Stitch Labs
    Stitch Labs offers smart, simple inventory control that increases sales. With Stitch, you can centralize your inventory tracking system in one location, whether you need to integrate with various sales channels or operate stock among multiple warehouses. Make automatic identification simple with Stitch.
    Key Features:

    • Set separate stock quantities for multiple locations or pools of inventory
    • A cloud app, so you can access and update information from anywhere, any time
    • Customize sales channel inventory quantities

    Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days

    • Starter: $29/month billed monthly or $25/month billed annually – Historical order import and more
    • Professional: $79/month billed monthly or $65/month billed annually – Multi-channel synching, live chat support, and more
    • Business: $199/month billed monthly or $165/month billed annually – Phone support, bundling, multi-warehousing, and more
    • Premium: $449/month billed monthly or $375/month billed annually – As many channels as you need, third-party stock control, discounted additional orders, priority access to new features, and more

    32. Inventory Manager
    Inventory Manager
    Inventory Manager by tbare.com makes it possible to manage inventory of differing types, use barcodes to track, and check items in and out. Including quantities and reports, Inventory Manager is software that you can put to work for you, while making automatic identification a breeze.
    Key Features:

    • Regular enhancements and updates
    • Intuitive software that you can learn in less than an hour
    • Connect multiple computers simultaneously to a single database
    • Add custom fields and customized settings
    • Multiple user control


    • FREE – Barcode and cost fields, add images to items, item quantities, and more
    • Registered: $49 per license – All FREE version features, plus unlimited types, unlimited items, export to Excel, backup database on exit, and more
    • Contact for bulk pricing and other options

    33. Cardinal Health
    Cardinal Health
    Cardinal Health is dedicated to improving healthcare cost effectiveness and does so by helping pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical labs, and physicians focus on patient care. They also realize that managing healthcare inventory is a crucial component of their mission, so Cardinal Health offers a complete end-to-end inventory management solution that includes automatic identification systems.
    Key Features:

    • Scales to fit small and large organizations
    • All equipment and software is provided as a service for lower cost of ownership
    • End-to-end visibility for the ability to see products across the supplier, distribution center, healthcare provider, and patient
    • Save time and reduce human error by improving workflow efficiency
    • Software and dashboard communicates with on-premise Cardinal Smart Cabinets, 2 Bin Kanban, and barcode scanners

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    34. TAKE Solutions
    TAKE Solutions
    TAKE, a global technology solutions and service provider with a primary focus on supply chain management, offers automatic identification and data collection solutions. Your organization can automatically identify items, collect data about them, and drive business processes with TAKE’s mobility solutions and barcode/RFID applications.
    Key Features:

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    35. Scandit
    Scandit provides the highest quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Scandal’s mobile app suite for logistics and transport improve your profitability and productivity with their automatic identification “mobile solutions that travel at the speed of tomorrow.”
    Key Features:

    • Fully customizable cross-platform solutions for the transport and logistics industries
    • Mobile app templates eliminate the need for custom apps and backend services
    • Include high-performance barcode scanning software, which delivers speed and accuracy in camera-based barcode scanning on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    36. Honeywell Wearable Scanners and Mobile Computers
    Honeywell Wearable Scanners:Mobile Computers
    Honeywell’s automatic identification tech tools are renowned for their comfort and ease of use. Even operators who regularly scan barcodes appreciate the freedom of movement provided by Honeywell wearable scanners and mobile computers.
    Key Features:

    • Easy to implement
    • Perform barcode reading tasks quickly, safely, and comfotably
    • Hands-free design
    • Industry-leading mobile scanning technology in extreme environments
    • Lightweight and compact for ease of use

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    37. Motorola MC9190-G
    Motorola MC9190-G
    If you are going to have a successful automatic identification system, you have to have reliable and durable mobile computers. The MC9091-G from Motorola gives workers the ability to process information and take action, no matter the environment.
    Key Features:

    • Supports Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE
    • Rugged construction withstands drops on concrete, subzero cole, extreme heat, dust, spills, and more
    • Six advanced scan engines
    • Change keypads in minutes with a family of six interchangeable keypads
    • Backwards compatibility with all MC9000 accessories

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    38. Velocity
    Wavelink provides industry standard enterprise mobility solutions, and Velocity is one of those solutions for automatic identification that delivers more productive workers. A next generation mobile enterprise browser, Velocity introduces a new set of features to enhance web application performance.
    Key Features:

    • Improved mobile application performance with Velocity’s efficient middleware architecture
    • Consistent web application and consistent rendering across devices and operating systems
    • Automatically maintain web application session when the mobile device loses its connection
    • Manipulate, validate, and parse barcode scan data

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    39. MCL Technologies
    MCL Technologies
    MCL Technologies offers MCL-Collection, a leading software for creating, integrating, deploying, and managing intelligent auto-ID applications for mobile computers and barcode label printers. As a matter of fact, MCL Technologies specializes in high-productivity products for auto-ID, as their products drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to create and deploy data capture solutions.
    Key Features:

    • Modular, component-based architecture
    • SAP integration
    • MCL-Voice allows you to create speech-driven applications using voice recognition and text-to-speech

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    40. StayLinked
    StayLinked provides completely reliable emulation sessions, even in challenging environments. For automatic identification work, mobile workers need to be able to stay on the job. StayLinked’s innovative host-based architecture makes that possible.
    Key Features:

    • Eliminates virtually all dropped sessions with high speed, secure application access
    • Constant improvements and updates with wireless and host application experts available to support implementation
    • StayLinked, Telnet, and SSH terminal emulation sessions reside on the host computer, and away from wireless environment issues

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    41. WISE Warehouse Management System
    WISE Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    The WISE Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the core of Royal 4’s supply chain solution. WISE transforms warehouses “into a competitive advantage,” as it can be applied throughout all core warehouse processes. Upgrade your automatic identification system with WISE WMS.
    Key Features:

    • User defined location rules, package types, picking rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques, and more
    • Optimizes tasks based on detailed algorithmic rule engines
    • Improves distribution centers’ operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity
    • Improves inventory accuracy, increases inventory turnover, and lowers inventory levels
    • Improves real-time communications with other supply chain participants

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    42. RJS Portable Bar Code Verifiers
    RJS Portable Bar Code Verifiers
    RJS Technologies, Inc. manufactures the Inspector series portable bar code verifiers. These portable bar code verifiers are crucial to supply chain productivity and efficiency, especially because they are so accurate.
    Key Features:

    • Repeatable devices
    • Simple and reliable, yet durable enough to handle industrial environments for years
    • Frequent updates and upgrades to keep your technology running at optimal levels


    • Inspector D4000 Laser: $2,625
    • Inspector D4000 SP: $2,545
    • Inspector D4000 Auto Optic (3, 6, 10, 20 mil): $2,625
    • Inspector GS D4000 Auto Optic (3, 6, 10 20 mil): $2,625
    • Inspector D4000 Combo (3, 6, 10, 20 mil and Laser): $3,465
    • Inspector 4000 (3, 6, 10, 20 mil): $2,745
    • Inspector L1000 Laser: $2,745

    43. Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad
    Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad
    Panasonic Toughbook computers have been performing above and beyond conventional notebooks for more than 20 years. Known for being tough and reliable, Toughbooks and Toughpads are trustworthy automatic identifcation tech tools that are available in a variety of options to fit your business needs.
    Key Features:

    • Rugged laptops engineered with enterprise-grade security to withstand drops, spills, dust, and grime in even the harshest environment
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Embedded Wi-Fi and optional embedded wireless mobile broadband

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    44. Opticon OEM Solutions
    Opticon OEM Solutions
    Opticon OEM Solutions integrate scanning technology into existing devices. Suitable for laboratories, medical equipment, self check-out kiosks, and other locations using automatic identification systems, Opticon OEM solutions are a smart choice when it comes to auto-ID tech tools.
    Key Features:

    • OEMs are able to integrate barcode scanning into mobile computers, handheld scanners, kiosks, medical equipment, vending machines, and point-of-sale devices with Opticon barcode scan engines
    • 1D CCD/laser and 2D imager barcode scan engines
    • Suitable for mobile data collection devices

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    45. Motion F5m
    Motion F5m
    Motion Computing delivers mobile technology designed for demanding industries in the form of rugged tablets, accessories, and wireless solutions. The Motion F5m is one automatic identification tech tool that fits the bill for environments that require rugged and powerful solutions. This Windows-based tablet is durable and functional, providing a connection and security wherever and whenever you need it.
    Key Features:

    • Increases efficiency, reduces data capture errors, and improves real-time communication capability
    • Delivers high-end, lasting processing power
    • Includes 5th Gen Intel Core processors including the highest performing Intel i7 vPro processor
    • Ultra-fast 4G XLTE mobile broadband connectivity

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    46. AutoVISION
    AutoVISION, from Microscan, is “the next generation of machine vision software.” With an intuitive interface for setting up inspection jobs, AutoVISION is “the easiest machine vision software available for basic to mid-range applications.” Simplify vision integration and protect your time, effort, and investment with AutoVISION.
    Key Features:

    • Intuitive, 3-step software interface
    • Complete drag-and-drop inspection toolset
    • Microscan Link provides one-click connectivity to industrial systems
    • CloudLink delivers remote job monitoring from any web-enabled device
    • Multi-language user interface

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    47. Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows
    Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows
    The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server (UTS) is an industrial-quality Telnet server and SSH server for Windows that meets the requirements of the most demanding commercial environments. Providing performance, reliability, consistency, and powerful features, Georgia SoftWorks UTS allows automatic identification tech tools to work at exceptional levels.
    Key Features:

    • For Windows mobile devices, RF, barcode, and data collection devices
    • Session monitoring and shadowing with remote view to control the session
    • Team services – Share, swap, transfer, and recover sessions, all client based and in under 60 seconds
    • Suitable for HighJump, SAPConsole, QAD, and other enterprise software, barcode, RFID, and warehouse applications

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    48. Studio
    Wavelink Studio is designed for mission critical applications and allows JAVA and COM developers to develop powerful, real-time server-side enterprise wireless applications for wireless data collection, barcode scanning, and RFID devices. Better yet, Studio applications run on mobil automatic identification tech tools from all the major device manufacturers.
    Key Features:

    • Specifically designed to support applications that require real-time data for warehouse management, inventory control, factory automation, transportation, logistics, and more
    • Includes four components: Wavelink Development Library, Wavelink Server, Wavelink Program Manager, and Wavelink Client
    • Support robust workflow driven enterprise-class applications
    • Run applications directly from host server to mobile devices

    Cost: Studio COM Client: $195; Contact for other options
    49. Royal4 ERP
    Royal4 ERP
    The R4 Enterprise ERP system “aligns customer demand with supply and gives your company the ability to deliver to customers on time, all the time.” Operating in a truly open environment, the R4 Enterprise System is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc., as well as various flavors of Unix and runs on any popular hardware platform, including IBM, Dell, HP, and more. Ensure smooth automation with R4’s advanced technology.
    Key Features:

    • Handles routine tasks and lets you improve processes as business conditions change
    • Built-in scalability
    • Manage key performance indicators, including reducing inventory to improve cost of goods sold
    • Gather, analyze, and act on data
    • A complete supply chain management solution with financials, distribution, manufacturing, planning, inventory management, and reporting capabilities

    Cost: Contact for a quote
    50. Motorola MC3200 Mobile Computer
    Motorola MC3200
    A truly productive automatic identification system requires truly productive and reliable tech tools, and the Motorola MC3200 mobile computer delivers. The next generation in the class-leading MC3000 series, the Motorola MC3200 now features more options to meet your needs, including your choice of operating systems – Android Jelly Bean or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7.
    Key Features:

    • Your choice of the most advanced 1-D laser or 1-D/2-D imager scan engine for workers to easily capture barcodes in any condition
    • Three lightweight models – brick, gun, and turret
    • Tough and tested member of the MC3000 series, one of the most popular mobile computers for over 10 years

    Cost: Contact for a quote

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