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Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL Handheld Imager Scanner Review


Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Division, formerly Symbol Technologies, Inc., is one of the foremost manufacturers of high-quality, rugged data collection solutions for warehousing, distribution, retail, healthcare and other applications. Handheld barcode scanners formerly offered by Symbol Technologies, Inc. now bear the Motorola name with a Symbol designation, including the Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL Handheld Imager Scanner.

Symbol DS6708

Image via MotorolaSolutions.com

Applications and Typical Uses

The Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL is designed for use in applications such as retail and warehousing, and it’s well-suited for applications like education, office settings, healthcare, and industrial applications thanks to its range of 1D, 2D, PDF and other scanning capabilities. It’s not a long-range scanner, but it can still be used in settings such as warehousing or industrial environments for applications that don’t require long-range scanning functionality.
The Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL can even be used for CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems). When combined with CMMS asset tags that include date/time stamps and other measurement activities, the Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL becomes a powerful tool for monitoring and tracking inspection and maintenance activities, initiating work orders, and streamlining data collection for your organization.
The multi-use functionality of the Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL makes it an ideal handheld scanner for applications in which a centralized management system is ideal, yet the scanning requirements vary across departments. For example, the Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL can be used in the office for scanning documents and postal codes, and also in the warehouse, industrial facility, classroom, or other setting for inventory control, maintenance, and other data collection needs. Instead of maintaining and managing multiple handheld scanner models, your IT department is only tasked with deploying, managing, and upgrading one handheld scanner model: the Motorola-Symbol DS6708-DL, which meets all your organization’s scanning requirements.
Scanning Capabilities
With omnidirectional 1D and 2D barcode scanning and an embedded parsing agent that enables decoding of PDF-417 barcodes (typically found on drivers’ licenses), the Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL offers an impressive range of functionality for a variety of use applications. Because the parsing is done in the scanner and the output is controlled by the user, data from PDF-417 and other barcodes can be used in a multitude of applications, such as those described above.
This functionality is valuable for maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations, avoiding manual keying errors and increasing efficiency. And, because driver’s license formats and other barcode technologies may vary from state to state and are subject to change, yearly updates ensure continuous compatibility and compliance.
Operating Systems and Software
There’s no additional software or licensing fees to worry about, so the Motorola DS6708-DL can be instantly deployed out of the box with minimal training required. It also supports RS-232 and USB interfaces, with Synapse connectivity enabling connectivity to non-standard interfaces, keyboard wedge and IBM for broad functionality.
This handheld barcode scanner operates in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s not the ideal scanner for asset management in environments where exposure to sub-freezing temperatures is possible, such as frozen foods warehousing. It’s rugged and durable, however, capable of withstanding multiple six-foot drops to concrete without compromising performance.
Additional Features and Functionality
The Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL has a 1.3-megapixel camera for capturing images, barcodes, and documents, and it supports all standard 1D, 2D, PDF and Postal barcode technologies. An omnidirectional scanner, the DS6708-DL saves valuable time by eliminating the need to center the barcode or object in the imager for accurate scanning.
This broad range of scanning capabilities eliminates the need for organizations to purchase and maintain multiple scanners for varying needs. That means simplified and streamlined data capture, without ongoing IT demands and hassles. Central, remote management enables you to track, deploy, and upgrade all Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL scanners from a single, central location, making this handheld scanner especially appealing to organizations without centralized IT services.
With a scanning range of 0.5 inches to 15.2 inches, the Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL isn’t a long-range scanner, but it offers an adequate range for typical-use scenarios such as retail settings. It weighs just 6.4 ounces, and has an optional hands-free intellistand for presentation scanning and the ability to seamlessly switch from hands-free to handheld mode.
The Motorola Symbol DS6708-DL offers a five-year warranty from the date of shipment.
Key Features: 


Image via BarcodeScannersDiscount.com

  • Omnidirectional scanning
  • 1.3-megapixel camera
  • Embedded parsing agent with user-controlled output
  • Two parsing options in one device
  • Remote scanner management – track, deploy, and upgrade devices centrally
  • No need to align item and scanner
  • Works with multiple interfaces, operating systems, and host configurations
  • Yearly updates ensure compatibility with changing driver’s license formats
  • Accurately scans damaged or poorly printed barcodes

Scanning Capabilities: All standard 1D, 2D, PDF, and Postal technologies
Operating System: N/A
Built-In Software: N/A
Software Compatibility: Any
Included Accessories: None
Optional Accessories:

  • Intellistand and various other stands and mounts
  • 4-slot Ethernet cradle
  • Power supplies

Cost: *Est. $280
See more here: http://www.motorolasolutions.com/XP-EN/

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