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Warehouse Floor Labels from Camcode Include New Design

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    The Camcode Division of Horizons Incorporated has unveiled a new warehouse floor label designed to withstand even the harshest abuse from tow-motor traffic, pallets and heavy inventory.

    This new warehouse floor label is the most durable adhesive-applied floor label available. Sold as a kit, it includes instructions, frame and pre-printed labels for fast and easy installation. The protective 1/8″ beveled aluminum frame is backed with a specially formulated pressure sensitive backing, making installation as simple as peel and stick. The SO354® aluminum barcode label is placed in the frame, which protects the label from the abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic. If, for any reason, the barcode label needs to be changed, simply pop out the existing label with a screwdriver and replace with another.

    “Warehouses are unforgiving environments for barcode labels, and a damaged or missing barcode label can bring order fulfillment and inventory management to a screeching halt,” said Joe Brunemann, VP of Marketing for Camcode. “Our new warehouse floor label can be easily installed in under five minutes and is built to last, meaning peace of mind for busy warehouse managers.”

    With large-print numbers and high-contrast design, the Camcode warehouse barcode label can be easily seen and scanned to ensure efficiency and accuracy in warehouse management. And the specially formulated adhesive backing eliminates damage to the floor from screws.

    Founded in 1979, Camcode is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-print barcode labels, such as asset tags and UID labels for asset tracking and unique identification (UID) applications. Camcode’s asset tags improve the efficiency of asset tracking systems by eliminating errors caused during manual data collection and increasing data acquisition speed. Camcode’s Metalphoto® anodized aluminum bar code labels, premium plastic label constructions, and proprietary coating technologies satisfy the most demanding applications. For more information, visit https://www.camcode.com or call 800-627-3917.
    Metalphoto® is a registered trademark of Horizons Incorporated.

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    Table of Contents

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