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  • Camcode is your Asset Tracking Expert

    Our goal is to help you improve your business processes through asset tracking.

    Using a full range of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions, Camcode has implemented thousands of asset tracking projects in a variety of industries across the globe.

    Our highly experienced team will help you deploy best practices in AIDC to track your assets and gain productivity and accountability within your system.

  • Camcode Offers Proven Reliability

    Our promise is to assist you with your entire asset management program.

    Camcode can manage your data to assure accuracy and uniqueness, custom design your bar code labels and identification marks, and even install your labels.

    We can also help with tailored software and hardware solutions to complete your program.

  • Camcode Provides More than Just Labels

    Our experienced team is committed to helping you improve your business processes through asset tracking.

    Utilizing durable bar code labels and proven automatic identification and data capture processes, Camcode can help you gain total control of your assets and enhance your business processes.

    Discover benefits such as:

    • Improved Inventory Control
    • Accurate Financial Reporting
    • Easier Standards Compliance
    • Better Predictive Maintenance
    • Enhanced Warranty Management


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