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    Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software has become a popular choice for businesses looking to modernize their inventory and asset tracking technology. Among the many excellent EAM vendors that provide these solutions, IBM has become a market leader with the Maximo product platform. Maximo is known for its scalability and the many integrations that allow companies to utilize asset tags for facilities management, third-party plugins, and customized software.

    There are a number of excellent consulting firms that are available to assist companies with a Maximo deployment and system upkeep. Each customer is likely to have a unique level of system complexity. This list of the top 25 Maximo consultants will help you become familiar with the offerings these companies provide. Industries that have extensive asset inventories such as retail, grocery, and education can receive help for how to optimize their system using proven industry best practices, from choosing the right barcodes for your facilities management software to integrating the various software tools and technologies you use to manage your operations. In many ways, these consulting services act as an extension of your existing team and can provide much-needed expertise that may be challenging or costly to obtain through other means.

    These consultants are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any order of priority. We hope that you will find some great contacts for developing your Maximo platform and achieving new levels of effectiveness.

    1. A3J Group


    A3J Group

    The A3J Consulting Group has been active in the industry for over 15 years and continues to support the IBM Maximo platform in a number of ways. This firm offers implementation services that include advanced risk management and compliance mentoring. They also have a number of educational offerings on a number of software topics and are IBM certified in 5 categories.




    AEONNOVA consulting group promotes IBM Maximo as a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution. They offer support services for all phases of a Maximo deployment from initial assessments through continuous platform upgrades. Additional resources include configuration and testing support and end-user training for any number of departments.

    3. Aquitas Solutions


    Aquitas Solutions

    Aquitas Solutions is a leading provider of consulting services for businesses in a wide variety of industries. Their core competency is enterprise asset management, and they have a full suite of services for businesses using the IBM Maximo platform. Key offerings include a multi-step implementation methodology and extensive project management support with KPI recommendations.

    4. Ascension Strategies

    Ascension Strategies

    Ascension Strategies is a full-service IT consulting firm with extensive experience with IBM Maximo EAM and Tivoli Asset Management for IT (TAMIT). With over 20 years of experience working with clients, they focus on a customized approach to their services. They offer Maximo license utilization assessments, staffing solutions, and complete support for Maximo implementations and upgrades.

    5. Banetti



    Banetti is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has a large team of engineers and maintenance experts. They support major market segments including healthcare and government with a complete suite of services centered around the Maximo platform. Specific consulting services include job plan design, compliance, and regulatory advisement, and advanced analytics.

    6. BPD Zenith


    BPD Zenith

    BPD Zenith was founded in 1989, and the firm has been working with IBM Maximo since those early years. Today, they are a leading provider of Maximo consulting services with specific experience helping customers in North America, Asia, and Europe. The IBM Maximo implementation framework that BPD Zenith utilizes is extensive with support for project management, process documentation, test cases, and ongoing training.

    7. Brass Tacks Consulting


    Brass Tacks Consulting

    Brass Tacks Consulting offers service and asset management support for the IBM Maximo platform. They have in-depth knowledge of the popular software suite and utilize proven techniques for deployment and optimization. Over the years, they have created two useful software solutions for Maximo, the InvGen contractor invoice generator and FTPHandler.

    8. Certus Solutions


    Certus Solutions

    Certus Solutions provides consulting services for asset-intensive businesses. A series of presentation videos help orient visitors around important topics such as the latest Maximo EAM roadmap and how to manage maturing asset performance. They also offer a free ebook on their website called Building Asset Intelligence: How to Move up the Asset Maturity Curve with IBM Maximo.

    9. Cohesive Solutions


    Cohesive Solutions

    Cohesive Solutions offers a suite of consulting services with a focus on IBM’s Maximo EAM and Watson IoT solutions. As a full-service systems integrator, Cohesive can support asset management initiatives across multiple industries and departments. They offer free 30-minute strategy sessions to help identify potential areas of improvement.

    10. Consulere Resources


    Consulere Resources

    Consulere Resources provides comprehensive IBM Maximo support through a variety of services including asset management, implementation, business management, and systems training. Using their services can help reduce time to market for your products under development and increase the visibility of assets across your organization. Their training options include classroom-based workshops or on-the-job instruction.

    11. Electronic Data, Inc. 


    Electronic Data, Inc. 

    EDI, an Arora company, is a business process consulting firm that has specific expertise in EAM and IWMS systems. They call their consulting workflow eSAM, which stands for EDI’s Strategic Asset Management. This complete set of tools follows a proven methodology that can be beneficial for Maximo deployments and any aspect of systems management.

    12. Genesis Solutions


    Genesis Solutions

    The team at Genesis Solutions has developed a reputation as a leading provider of EAM consulting services. Their approach to EAM centers around managing cost, risk, and performance through the use of industry-leading best practices such as Six Sigma. With processes and systems that are optimized for IBM Maximo ecosystems, they are a trusted change management partner.

    13. Intelligent Technology Solutions


    Intelligent Technology Solutions

    Intelligent Technology Solutions has extensive experience working with IBM, Microsoft, and VMWare IT systems. They categorize their Maximo areas of support as asset management, mobile, cloud, and staffing. One of their most unique services is called Maximo 911, through which clients can set up a remote session at any time and work with ITS engineers to identify and fix any problem.

    14. Interloc Solutions


    Interloc is an IBM OEM and IBM Premier and Platinum-Accredited Business Partner that provides innovative consulting services and mobile solutions to make your business successful. 100% dedicated to helping you realize the greatest potential from your Maximo investment, Interloc harnesses Maximo to exceed your business needs.

    15. InterPro Solutions


    InterPro Solutions

    InterPro Solutions has been around for nearly two decades and is known for the EZMaxMobile product line and consulting services. They can provide help with installations, upgrades, business process improvement, and systems customization. In addition to core Maximo support, InterPro is also able to set up interfaces with many popular third-party systems.

    16. JFC & Associates


    JFC & Associates

    JFC and Associates is a market leader in Maximo consulting services and has been operating since 1991. With a focus on systems engineering, their primary offering is the CONNEX IoT for EAM package that integrates sensors and analytics capabilities into the Maximo platform. Users of this IoT service will also be able to use biometric sensors and proximity time clocks to further enhance their security and productivity.

    17. JLL Digital Solutions 


    JLL Digital Solutions 

    JLL Digital Solutions is a leader in IBM Maximo implementation, with a large staff of experts available to assist with any project. To achieve their quality of service, they integrate technology with performance management to help clients get the most value out of their systems. Additional services include a customizable training program and a mobile solution utilizing the EZMaxMobile solution.

    18. Maintenance Group, Inc. 

    Maintenance Group, Inc. 

    Maintenance Group Inc. has a team of consultants available to help manage new Maximo deployments and existing system upgrades. Their core services include data migration, system integration, and database reporting. They also have the ability to provide custom development projects in a number of popular programming languages, including Java, JSP, and Visual Basic.

    19. Maven



    Maven is a group of asset management consultants supporting clients in demanding industries such as life sciences and aviation. They have the expertise to match with nearly every aspect of the Maximo product lifecycle, including reporting, process alignment, and data management. Another major benefit of working with Maven is their systems integration knowledge, which can help create seamless connections between your programs.

    20. Ontracks



    Ontracks delivers complete enterprise IBM Maximo solutions using their extensive team of in-house experts. Each client has an opportunity to discuss the scope of their project with senior management at Ontracks during the consultation process of each engagement. They offer six major areas of Maximo support, including auditing, implementation services, and training workshops.

    21. Polaris Services

    Polaris Services

    Polaris Solutions is focused on offering clients complete support for the IBM Maximo platform and related services. Their professional offerings are divided into three major categories for project management, business process optimization, and technology. Some of the specific technical support areas include SAP integrations and J2EE development.

    22. Prometheus Group 


    Prometheus Group 

    Prometheus Group develops unique digital transformation solutions for each of its clients. With a deep background in process improvement and asset management, they are well suited to support companies with SAP, IBM Maximo, and Oracle EAM deployments. Through their services, they share best practices that include STO strategy development and workflow standardization.

    23. SRO Solutions


    SRO Solutions

    SRO Solutions is a recognized enterprise asset management consultancy with extensive experience using IBM Maximo. With a deep roster of experienced engineers, SRO can help fill gaps within any Maximo deployment plan and provide customized training and support. They are also experts with data migration and Maximo system upgrades, which can help reduce downtime by carefully managing any changes.

    24. Starboard Consulting


    Starboard Consulting

    Starboard Consulting is a technology consulting firm that is a certified IBM Maximo Implementer. They offer a large set of services for companies of all sizes that cover important phases such as implementation and system upgrade management. They also support a large collection of in-person and online training modules for Maximo implementation and end-user system tutorials.

    25. Total Resource Management


    Total Resource Management

    Total Resource Management is a leader in enterprise asset management consulting with a focus on cloud-based software deployments. They offer systems engineering services for maximizing the performance of entire IT infrastructures and complete support for IBM Maximo. Some additional Maximo-specific services include inventory classification, work life cycle management, and customized security configurations.

    Table of Contents

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